22 Feb 19, 11:08am
CEO Steve Jurkovich says Kiwibank has selected a new technology partner and has 'a truck load to do in the next six months'
17 Nov 18, 10:02am
RBNZ, a payer of chunky dividends to the Government, wants to keep more of the money it generates to boost its prudential regulation department
12 Nov 18, 10:33am
Treasury to probe 'fundamental change' and growth required by Kiwibank to take on core government banking in 2023
21 Sep 18, 12:47pm
The Government's new direction for Housing New Zealand is to be formalised in legislation
27 Aug 18, 1:45pm
David Hargreaves argues that the Government's decision to end 'performance' pay for public service CEOs sends a poor signal that bodes ill for the country's productivity
24 Aug 18, 3:27pm
The University of Auckland's Jilnaught Wong congratulates Air NZ management and staff on a job well done, telling them to enjoy their bonuses
24 Aug 18, 10:24am
Kiwibank annual profit rebounds after last year's IT hit as net interest margin rises, disharmony between shareholders 'over a historical issue' bubbles to surface
22 Aug 18, 2:40pm
The Opposition says a new report painting a positive picture of government asset sell downs between 2011 & 2014 shows the current government should be more open to alternative funding avenues
21 Aug 18, 2:58pm
State Services Minister Chris Hipkins says the move will save taxpayers $4 million by 2022 – it comes just a day after the PM froze salary increases for MPs
7 Aug 18, 5:00am
Kiwibank's new boss Steve Jurkovich sets out 'to win in a uniquely kiwi way' as he takes the reins at the state owned bank
12 Jul 18, 11:14am
The changes continue to be made at Kiwibank following the reshuffle of shareholding
26 Apr 18, 10:41am
Steve Jurkovich, who oversaw strong growth of ASB's rural and corporate lending, to succeed Paul Brock as new Kiwibank CEO
12 Feb 18, 4:34pm
State Services Minister Chris Hipkins aims to give the remuneration system "more teeth"; says the public expects accountability and transparency
1 Sep 17, 10:00am
Big IT project impairment hits Kiwibank's profit hard as new look board influenced by new shareholders reviews strategy
23 Aug 17, 10:27am
Gareth Vaughan suggests Kiwibank's new CEO ought to be an external appointment to bring a fresh approach to the state owned bank
22 Aug 17, 1:42pm
Paul Brock, Kiwibank's CEO of seven years, resigning at end of the year
26 Jul 17, 5:15pm
Transpower sell-down claims: Credible, or bit of Winston mischief? Transpower says they met with UBS to discuss new technologies and the document was slipped in quietly - that's a common investment bank tactic
2 Jul 17, 8:41am
Has the Government's Welcome Home Loan scheme under-performed because of banks' relaxed credit policies?
19 May 17, 9:27am
Kiwibank AA rating affirmed but credit ratings agency sees capital ratios staying low relative to domestic and some international peers over the next 2 years
10 Apr 17, 11:03am
Martien Lubberink probes the latest development in the Kiwibank-RBNZ capital impasse & suggests this is a spectacular Kiwibank problem, but not more than that


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