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Sunday's 5.5 aftershock could delay insurance & rebuilding progress, PM Key says; It's all planning and demo work until aftershocks cease

Sunday's 5.5 aftershock could delay insurance & rebuilding progress, PM Key says; It's all planning and demo work until aftershocks cease

Sunday's 5.5 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch could delay insurance and rebuilding progress in the city as seismic activity needs to die down before those efforts properly get underway, Prime Minister John Key says.

The offshore quake at 8:34 pm on Sunday was the largest in the region since a 6.3 magnitude quake on June 13. It was classified as a new event for insurance purposes by the Earthquake Commission, meaning homeowners can lodge a new claim for any damage arising from the quake.

Speaking at his post-Cabinet press conference on Monday afternoon, Key said that prior to the quake, seismic activity had been calming down. However the latest quake could "slightly delay" the progress made.

"It probably supports the view that the government's been putting up, which is, there is ongoing seismic activity there. Until that actually stabilises, it becomes difficult to really mobilise the rebuilding effort. But we can use that time to do what we are doing, which is, extensive planning and obviously demolition of damaged buildings," Key said.

"It doesn't help the situation. When you've got these reasonable shocks, that tends to push things back," he said.

The government was continuing to work with insurance companies, and provide them with best geotechnical information possible.

"The pleasing thing prior to this point, because I understand there was a bit of seismic activity around that fault on the Saturday as well, was that prior to that, the decay curves had been looking better and the seismic activity was calming down," Key said.

Need to wait for aftershocks to really cease

In June, following the large aftershock on June 13, Fletcher Building CEO Jonathan Ling told in a Double Shot interview that rebuilding would not be able to take place until the aftershocks stemming from the large September and February quakes which hit the city had ceased.

"Every time you start to rebuild something and we have an aftershock, it has got to be inspected again and evaluated to see if there are cracks in foundations and all those sorts of things. The last thing anyone wants to do is rebuild twice or three, or four or five times," Ling told Gareth Vaughan.

"I think the reality is that the rebuild in proper won’t really start until the aftershocks really cease," Ling added.

In the Christchurch central business district (CBD) there were some 900 buildings that needed to be demolished before rebuilding there started.

"The aftershocks are not really hampering the demolition too much but there’s an awful lot of demolition to go on before the CBD rebuild will really start and I think that will take 9-12 months," Ling said.

Once the aftershocks eased off, Fletcher and others were ready to go. Ling said all the infrastructure and planning mechanisms were in place, and the rebuild would be "smooth" once it was able to really get going.

See the Double Shot interview with Jonathan Ling below:

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 Hugh – in the current worldwide economic, financial and political environment and our current national problems we have to admit - times are difficult.

But - I think the job is simply too big for small Key and some other (bigger) ministers. I also think there are some signs of cracks appearing in support of the leadership. With high demands and intensifying stress, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the government collapsing.

I think you are day dreaming.....they all know their re-election hangs on JK.....



Oh steven - I didn't know that. is there an election coming - without a possible collapse of government afterwards ? You better have some thoughts of - who will be the next National leader.

 In policies you are the brilliant leader today and the next day gone.

What is the value of argricultural land just outside the limits?  $5k?  $10K?

So 50k, a nice fat profit for those "lucky" enough to own such land....

The Govn should, if its serious buy it at a fair agricultural price, re-zone and hand it out in 1/4acre sections are that one loses, no one wins.


Let's get this straight about Steven;

$50K sections represent a "nice fat profit".

When Hugh suggests abolishing restrictive planning that causes the sections to be $200K instead of $50K, Steven opposes him tooth and nail.

DUH. This about sums up the misperceptions surrounding this issue - "greedy developers" are alleged to want the restrictions relaxed so they can "turn land into cash". But never mind about the "greedy speculators" making several hundred percent capital gains on their land banks. It is often the way with pig-ignorant lefties - their "solutions" are worse than the "problem", even by their own standards - not that left wing politics ever gets held to its own standards.

Actually, what Hugh means by $50K sections, is for the developer to get a modest profit once the costs of development have been factored in.

But by all means, argue that the "urban growth restraint" advocates should be advocating compulsory acquisition of land by the government, to keep prices affordable. Their reaction to such a proposal should at least reveal their true motivations. The fact that compulsory acquisition is never remotely on the agenda, shows up that the whole "urban growth restraint" thing is a corrupt racket.

Lets be honest seismic activity may last for another 5 years or longer, we may get another 6.1 or bigger within the next two years, how long can you wait to rebuild or get insurance, how long can businesses/investors wait? Mother nature will have the final say no doubt on what/where/when re building starts or not, and I would'nt be gambling on any growth forecasts against her.

Yes, thisis why I am really wondering about chchs CBDs future in it's current location. It is like rebuilding something on a moving target.

So; was happy to take a cash settlement from EQC with a 20% discount and was turned down. So, the goverement is short of money but unwilling to save any!

You have to wonder it's just so they can gouge as much as possible from the re-insurers; which will ultimately backfire on them... Greed!

Note: If the payment was for repairs (not in this case) then not having them done should go on your limb so a future seller can see the report of course.


I've got the answer - we should legislate that from now on, there are no aftershocks in Christchurch and it's against the law to say there are any. Perhaps we could do a deal with Google to block any results to suggest otherwise.

Our mates in China can help us with this too - they do it all the time

Had a good laugh at that, the Turitea wind farm has been approved right on the Wellington and Ohariu fault lines because the RMA process doesn't take natural disasters into account.


"East Hagley Park"

Speaking of insurance...have you heard the story about the Greek owned container ship that parked on top of a reef within rowing distance of a fush and chup shop...!

Yes, I heard that they were looking for a bail out.

Vote for the Greens , Sore Loser ! ...... Gummie's had a bright idea ( at long last ) ... a country-wide boycott of Labour & National . We all vote for the Greens . Bizarre , I know ..

.. but extreme times call for radical measures ...

How else can we teach Labour & National the mother-of-all lessons , which they each so richly deserve ...  The time is nigh .. . Tick Green !

T.I.N.A. ...... as Ruddy Les says .

That all sounds good GBH untill you picture Russel Norman holding protest flags screaming Falun Gong mantra during a state dinner for our Saviors and biggest lenders.......

Though it does conjur thoughts of would need be far more tropical to enjoy.

We're gonna give the Finance Ministers job to our own Iain Parker ..... no doubt , in his gentle and inimitable style , he'll tell the Chinese to feck off !

.. I'm hoping that as a part of his public credit plan he'll bring back the thruppence . I did so like that little coin , with its maori clubs design . Elegant . ...... good silver content too !

Xmas pudding stuff Gummy!

I've got a swag of em...still put them in the Xmas pud to this day...never been lucky enough to get her to swallow any yet...but ah hey ho...on we go.

I have a wee swag of 1950 mints...try finding those babies.

Down your longdrop know ...I know...everybody knows you hide your stash down your longdrop.......guh..dear me. 

I think Iain would be a great choice to head up an anti corruption unit....he understands the complexities of it all...and appears to me to have a solid moral ethic combined with a sense of justice about  things that go on.......but I fear the Elites would have to start eating each other to cover their tracks....and that wouldn't do at all now, would it..? ,not all I'm afraid.

Days to the General Election: 26
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