20 Mar 18, 11:33am
The Government commits to increasing EQC cover for buildings, extending the timeframe claims can be made within and enabling more data sharing
15 Mar 18, 9:55am
Rebecca Sellers puts the spotlight on the Government's long awaited review of insurance contract law
1 Mar 18, 7:18am
Tower settles dispute with Peak Re; Agreement for it to receive half the reinsurance it was after will see its profit take a $15.2 million hit after tax
23 Feb 18, 3:07pm
Government to appoint an independent ministerial adviser to help EQC settle claims more quickly
16 Nov 17, 9:41am
Insurance lawyer takes aim at litigious claimants who 'provide the insurance industry with ammunition, and judges with scepticism'
14 Nov 17, 9:58am
Tower's share price drops to record low of 64c as it unveils discounted share offer to address 'inherent uncertainty' via a $70m capital raise; Insurer reduces its annual loss to $8m
13 Sep 17, 7:31am
With a strong economy, modest insurance premium increases, and the EQC Act review set to benefit insurers, S&P says quakes and cyclones aren't deterring reinsurers from the NZ market
11 Sep 17, 11:31am
Insurance lawyer takes aim at Insurance Council for shooting down Labour's proposal to form a Canterbury quake tribunal
29 Aug 17, 5:06pm
Insurance brokers say higher EQC and fire service levies, as well as a changing market post-Kaikoura, could see the cost of insuring some buildings increase by more than 50%
26 Jun 17, 3:27pm
EQC Act reform to see private insurers receive claims on behalf of EQC; Private insurers urge Government to go all the way and let them assess and settle claims too
22 Jun 17, 11:26am
First NZ Capital suggests a 10% to 20% increase in homeowners' insurance premiums next year will spur them to shop around
13 Jun 17, 2:29pm
Andrew Hooker retells a horror story of how new Christchurch homeowners were left $200k out of pocket due to EQC errors made after the 2010/11 earthquakes & argues for a commission of enquiry
25 May 17, 3:28pm
EQC levy to be bumped up 33%; Hike for insured homeowners comes further to 39% fire service levy increase; Decision on EQC Act Review on the way 
25 May 17, 2:21pm
Terry Baucher says nearly everyone gets something in Steven Joyce's election year Budget, but he's surprised the threshold for the top tax rate of 33% remains unchanged at $70,000
29 Apr 17, 6:02am
EQC levies may be affected by changes to disaster fund set to be announced after drawn-out review, Joyce says; Flags changes to reinsurance excess, operational detail
18 Feb 17, 7:30am
Cameron Preston crunches the numbers to explore whether it is Tower or NZ's insurance system that is 'broken'
13 Feb 17, 12:19pm
Tower Chairman says the company would have a higher sale price if the EQC system wasn't 'broken'; Government says the law has nothing to do with the risk the insurer takes on
9 Feb 17, 11:26am
Tower shares in trading halt ahead of 'announcement'; Reports the insurer has received a take-private proposal from Fairfax Financial Holdings
6 Feb 17, 7:37am
A court document reveals Tower has $6 million at stake in its legal battle with EQC over land damage; Question marks remain over why there are still $51 million of EQC recoveries in dispute
28 Jan 17, 8:21am
How EQC has avoided being stung by rising land values; Cameron Preston has the back story to the legal action IAG and Tower have launched against EQC


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