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Westpac sees credit losses of up to NZ$100 million from the Christchurch earthquake

Westpac sees credit losses of up to NZ$100 million from the Christchurch earthquake

Westpac New Zealand has become the first of the country's major banks to release specific figures on the financial impact it expects from the February 22 Christchurch earthquake saying it expects credit losses of between NZ$30 million and NZ$100 million.

The bank released a brief statement today on the likely financial impact of the earthquake on its first half year financial results for the period ending March 31, 2011. Westpac said the extent of the damage from the February earthquake was greater than that resulting from last September's earthquake in Christchurch.

"The precise financial impact is difficult to quantify accurately at this stage as, amongst other things, responses by local and central governments are still being developed and insurance recoveries are being worked through," Westpac said.

"Credit losses from the event are currently estimated to be between NZ$30 million to NZ$100 million. The impact will be reassessed as more information becomes available. This may result in changes to the estimates of loss and thus the provision required. The impact on Westpac’s Tier 1 capital position is not expected to be material as provisioning required can be absorbed within anticipated Westpac operating profit."

Meanwhile, Kiwibank CEO Paul Brock told in a Double Shot Interview last week that the earthquake would "undoubtedly" have an impact on provisioning levels across the banking sector. However, Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard told Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Select Committee that the likely extent of provisioning by banks for loans in the Christchurch area looks "handle-able."

(Updates add Paul Brock and Alan Bollard's comments).

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Nikkei down 8.5%....10%...12%...

She's pretty bad alright snarly, Hitachi are limit down - last bid at 331 from 411 - 19%, Tokyo Power trading stopped with latest offers down 25%.

The herald report that there is radiation spewing from the reactors and folk are not to leave there houses. I think I'd be on my way as far away as I can get.

Japan down from 128 million to ... - yeah great - ..... is it all too late ?

..and it makes me angry - we still talk about figures, % and charts, OCR, insurance and how nice all this bloody experts are - promising soo much for the people - all BS !

Sack the underperforming, arrogant and greedy - now - before it is to late !!

Those 'Japanese Houswives' might just want a great deal of money they have invested freed up in the coming months so good luck NZ

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Days to the General Election: 35
See Party Policies here. Party Lists here.