20 Apr 18, 4:36pm
State-owned mortgage lender changes its point of attack, offering market leading fixed home loan rates for terms of three years and longer
16 Apr 18, 4:01pm
The market consensus is for CPI inflation to fall to 1.1% year-on-year when the data is released on Thursday but most bank economists say that figure is higher than they are expecting
13 Apr 18, 5:29pm
New Zealand's largest home loan lender launches a limited time one year 'special' that undercuts all its main rivals
13 Apr 18, 9:18am
Both ASB and BNZ announce lower two year fixed home loan rates, although ASB does raise two shorter term rates
12 Apr 18, 9:59am
ASB seeking more information after last equal placing in Consumer NZ bank customer satisfaction survey
6 Apr 18, 11:29am
Consumer NZ survey finds TSB, Co-op Bank and Kiwibank customers are happy but ANZ and ASB customers are less so
3 Apr 18, 2:10pm
A key challenger bank reduces two key home loan rates as the real estate market winds down toward winter volumes. It also cuts some key savings account rates
23 Mar 18, 11:01am
Kiwibank reverts its 2-year 'special' to 4.65% but replaces its fighting position with a 1-year 4.29% fixed home loan rate, the lowest of all the majors for that term
20 Mar 18, 10:15am
BNZ raises 2-year mortgage rate back to the same level offered by its Aussie rivals after a 2-week campaign
19 Mar 18, 12:00pm
Acting RBNZ Governor Grant Spencer is widely tipped to sit on his hands at Thursday’s OCR review, with very little change expected in his statement
10 Mar 18, 11:07am
In a lacklustre real estate and mortgage market, another bank cuts a key rate to generate some momentum and snare some market share even as funding costs remain stable
5 Mar 18, 10:12am
Soft mortgage growth doesn't prevent key financial metrics at the major banks improving during the December quarter
27 Feb 18, 10:15am
Kiwibank's December quarter net interest margin rose, but so too did its cost to income ratio and cost of funds
23 Feb 18, 9:57am
Kiwibank interim profit drops $21 mln to $42 mln after IT impairment and higher expenses, no new permanent CEO yet
16 Feb 18, 1:48pm
TSB opens the low-rate competition to the two-year fixed term with a rate sharply lower than just about everyone else
15 Feb 18, 6:42pm
Mortgage rate competition gets fiercer around the fixed one year offer with ASB now offering 4.30% as a carded 'special', below rivals who cut rates earlier in the week
14 Feb 18, 8:22pm
Kiwibank matches the (almost) market-leading 4.35% one year home loan rate and adds their $2,000 cash-back offer to qualifying borrowers
6 Feb 18, 9:09am
No one is expecting the RBNZ to make any changes to interest rates in its review this week – but inflation, GDP and 'expansionary' fiscal policy will take centre stage
2 Feb 18, 10:11am
Annual bank advertising spending increases with ANZ, BNZ, TSB and ASB leading the way
2 Feb 18, 5:02am
A raft of economic issues, such as low business confidence and less govt roading investment, will see GDP growth begin to taper off early next year, according to Infometrics


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