18 Jul 18, 2:16pm
Goldman Sachs' predicting a February OCR increase makes the investment bank the market hawk, with most other forecasters picking a hike in the second half of 2019
17 Jul 18, 11:16am
Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation came in at 1.5% in the year to June 2018, up 0.4% on the quarter before led by higher housing costs and fuel prices
12 Jul 18, 11:14am
The changes continue to be made at Kiwibank following the reshuffle of shareholding
9 Jul 18, 5:31pm
TSB sets its fighting rate at 4.35% for eighteen months fixed, the lowest of any bank for this term except HSBC Premier
3 Jul 18, 3:25pm
Economists say another batch of low business confidence figures are a concern for future economic growth and it’s time for the RBNZ to pay attention
16 Jun 18, 9:35am
Kiwibank chief economist Jarrod Kerr looks into the 2019 crystal ball and sees a weaker NZ dollar, but higher OCR, mortgage and deposit rates
14 Jun 18, 9:25am
New Zealand's second largest home loan lender shifts its key carded rate offers lower for the three most popular fixed terms
8 Jun 18, 2:20pm
Kiwibank aims its winter mortgage special offer at a two year term, claiming a 16 bps advantage over its four Aussie bank rivals
5 Jun 18, 12:31pm
New Zealand's big five banks lift net interest margins in the March quarter as the Dashboard gives & takes
1 Jun 18, 10:00am
Kiwibank chief economist Jarrod Kerr on the Top 10 risks to the Kiwi economy; weak income growth, trade war, agriculture risks, the Springbok induced 2008 global financial crisis & more
11 May 18, 6:26am
The new Governor’s approach to the central bank’s communication was on full display on Thursday, turning the heads of journalists, MPs and economists
10 May 18, 9:05am
ASB reduces two fixed home loan rates, taking its fixed three year offer to a market leading 4.79%. The Co-operative Bank also trims some rates
Steve Jurkovich
2 May 18, 11:59am
Gareth Vaughan expects incoming CEO Steve Jurkovich to bring a new approach to Kiwibank, and fit in well with the state owned bank's NZ Super Fund and ACC shareholders
30 Apr 18, 5:31pm
ANZ pulls out of its low one year home loan rate special, settling back into the middle of the pack. But it did reduce its highish two year rate, but to an undistinguished level
26 Apr 18, 10:41am
Steve Jurkovich, who oversaw strong growth of ASB's rural and corporate lending, to succeed Paul Brock as new Kiwibank CEO
20 Apr 18, 4:36pm
State-owned mortgage lender changes its point of attack, offering market leading fixed home loan rates for terms of three years and longer
16 Apr 18, 4:01pm
The market consensus is for CPI inflation to fall to 1.1% year-on-year when the data is released on Thursday but most bank economists say that figure is higher than they are expecting
13 Apr 18, 5:29pm
New Zealand's largest home loan lender launches a limited time one year 'special' that undercuts all its main rivals
13 Apr 18, 9:18am
Both ASB and BNZ announce lower two year fixed home loan rates, although ASB does raise two shorter term rates
12 Apr 18, 9:59am
ASB seeking more information after last equal placing in Consumer NZ bank customer satisfaction survey


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