18 Jan 18, 9:53am
REINZ says national median house price rose 1.9% to $550,000 in past month; 5.8% increase for year; Auckland up 1.8% for year; national sales down 10.1% year-on-year for December month
11 Dec 17, 2:01pm
New Zealand's Australian owned banks deliver their shareholders a stellar September quarter as Kiwibank wrestles with its core banking system impairment
4 Dec 17, 10:40am
Kiwibank September quarter cost to income ratio blows out, net interest margin dips
1 Dec 17, 10:40am
CEO Paul Brock appears to have checked out of Kiwibank with general manager of sales and service Mark Stephen stepping in
24 Nov 17, 9:26am
Lower wholesale rates and low term deposit offers open small opportunities for banks to trim mortgage rates, but movement is not large, despite slow real estate markets
13 Nov 17, 11:35am
Five-and-a-half years into New Zealand's comprehensive credit reporting regime two of the big five banks are yet to embrace it
12 Nov 17, 5:41pm
We look at how New Zealand mortgage pricing compares with what Aussies pay for the same sort of loans. We find that competition is not working to get Kiwi's a better deal. The banks are getting the better deal in 2017
7 Nov 17, 2:12pm
Westpac NZ 'not too fazed' by new government's desire to get Kiwibank up to speed to take government banking business off Westpac, CEO David McLean says
7 Nov 17, 10:27am
Government considering adding employment target to the RBNZ's price stability objective, and introducing a committee decision-making model for monetary policy decisions; Opposition says employment objective 'redundant at best'  
4 Nov 17, 9:44am
Kiwibank economists say the withdrawal of global QE is expected to affect the economy the NZ economy indirectly via financial markets, both through rising longer-dated interest rates and a lower currency
2 Nov 17, 3:07pm
New Zealand's smaller banks make a case to the RBNZ for a level capital playing field with the big four
25 Oct 17, 10:27am
Kiwibank's economists probe whether the housing boom is turning to a bust or has just hit a temporary bump in the road
25 Oct 17, 10:09am
New government wants Kiwibank big enough to take on its business within 6 years but doesn't provide detail on how state owned bank will get there
19 Oct 17, 5:02am
Banking Ombudsman cases involving Kiwibank and Heartland Bank surge as cases featuring the 4 Australian owned banks drop
11 Oct 17, 9:38am
BNZ borrowers save $480m in interest over 10 years through offset mortgages; Mortgage brokers say first home buyers with wealthy parents generally not among these
7 Oct 17, 6:02am
Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean pushing for open banking in NZ as part of greater retail payments competition. Notes regulation limiting merchant fees, open access to bank data common overseas
3 Oct 17, 6:05am
ASB targets a low 4.39% one year rate opening up a significant advantage over its main rivals. Kiwibank avoids rate changes, offers a free Samoa holiday with every qualifying loan
28 Sep 17, 9:09am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; reiterates view that monetary policy will remain accommodative for a considerable period; notes recent construction sector weakness
26 Sep 17, 9:26am
As the National and Labour/Greens sides both court Winston Peters, here's a look at what he campaigned for in monetary policy and banking, insurance & KiwiSaver
26 Sep 17, 9:22am
New Zealand banks in no rush to follow Australian banks' example and cull ATM fees


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