Barfoot and Thompson reports average rents fell NZ$13/week to NZ$421/week in April, but still 5.7% up from year ago

Barfoot and Thompson reports average rents fell NZ$13/week to NZ$421/week in April, but still 5.7% up from year ago

Auckland's biggest real estate and rental management chain, Barfoot and Thompson, has reported its average weekly rent fell NZ$13 a week to NZ$421 in April from a record March.

But it reported the average was still NZ$ 23 or 5.7% above where it was a year ago.

“The decline from March’s all time high of $434 was anticipated, as demand for property normally quietens in April,” said Barfoot and Thompson Managing Director Peter Thompson Managing Director of Barfoot and Thompson.

Earlier this week Barfoot and Thompson reported a fall in sales volumes and prices for property sales in April from March.

See our earlier article here.

Rents and house prices are firmer in central Auckland than in the fringes and in provincial regions.

See national median rents below.

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Yipee -kay.yeah Ratmunster and your sidekick!

here's some confusion for you to rationlise as being the best thing since Vogels sliced their bread ??

well floating rates haven't gone up 5.7% Mr Rob Of The North have they? so it's even better than it was when we called it and said the game was back on.

looks like you're gunna have to do some more mahi up in those far north hillsides and buy your way into the property market with those 'of the north' sticky greenback dollars - but hey if that doesn't work out you can get caught and live rent free courtesy of the corrections department...

stop sipping out of the top if someone tells you your glass is half full. unless that's where you get all that hot air from...

you and i can not change the game, we can only choose to be a spectator or a participant in the game of life... businesses included

President of Property

"Oddly no media interest in falling rents"

yeah, funny that!

Its because the media are part of the "real estate spruiking game"   

like ya style there, Pres...judgin by your rhetoric it sounds like you might've been suckin' on the old maori-pyjamas from up north anyway.....get down, fat cat...ya leaving your fur on my nice shiny trousers!!

We have a rental property that is leased to Housing New Zealand and the weekly rent has just been increased from $465 to $490, about 5.4%. One data point doesn't prove anything, but we are happy with the increase.

And why are we not having the used car salesman to provide some balance and also provide some perspective to the comments.

Balanced reporting; yeah right


Wasn't it only last month that hundreds of people were supposed to be lining up to rent houses in Auckland?

Yep our HNZ houses have increased from $410 pw to $440 very happy with the extra bucks.



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