Real Estate

13 Nov 18, 10:13am
The highest sales rate was for properties that were auctioned on site, with almost half changing hands
13 Nov 18, 7:50am
David Hargreaves says the new wave of competition between banks for mortgage business may prove to be short lived but it should certainly provide some life for the housing market leading up to Christmas
12 Nov 18, 5:00am
ASB survey shows fewer people expecting house prices to rise, more think it's a good time to buy
10 Nov 18, 9:50am
More properties taken to auction in Auckland but Christchurch has a higher sales rate
6 Nov 18, 11:51am
Westpac NZ's David McLean is seeing increased competition between the banks as the spring housing market springs to life
6 Nov 18, 10:06am
The auction sales rate was unusually low for properties in central Auckland suburbs such as Remuera, Mt Eden and Glendowie
5 Nov 18, 10:42am
Barfoot & Thompson's October sales point to a reasonably busy summer housing market in Auckland
4 Nov 18, 6:02am
John Bolton says although there are economic clouds aplenty on the horizon our property market is well placed to weather the storm
3 Nov 18, 10:00am
October's residential auction results look a reasonably positive indicator for the coming summer selling season
2 Nov 18, 1:26pm
Buyers were active at the latest Auckland apartment auctions but they were cautious on price and few units were sold under the hammer
1 Nov 18, 12:52pm
DCReport's David Cay Johnston details a human rights group's call for an investigation into an alleged money laundering scheme involving Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani
1 Nov 18, 5:02am says the Auckland market is now favouring buyers for the first time since 2011- QV says average values falling
31 Oct 18, 3:32pm
Latest Reserve Bank monthly figures show declines in the rate of annual borrowing growth across the personal, housing, business and agricultural sectors
31 Oct 18, 5:00am
Sales rate at Barfoot & Thompson's auctions stayed steady on a third after the introduction of foreign buyer restrictions on residential property
30 Oct 18, 12:09pm
Residential property purchases by overseas buyers were declining before the overseas buyer restrictions were introduced
30 Oct 18, 11:34am
ANZ economists believe the RBNZ will further relax the mortgage lending restrictions next month, though not by much; they see a 'neutral level' of low deposit loans being about 15%-20% of banks' lending
27 Oct 18, 9:31am
Sales rates rising at Bayleys' auctions in Auckland and Eves' auctions in Tauranga
26 Oct 18, 1:49pm
Barfoot & Thompson looks to WeChat to improve engagement with Chinese customers
26 Oct 18, 11:04am
Falling interest rates, easing house prices and rising incomes have improved the lot of typical first home buyers in Auckland by nearly $90 a week since March 2017
24 Oct 18, 9:37am
Nearly 250 properties offered at Barfoot & Thompson's latest auctions with sales on a third and most selling for more than their rating valuations


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