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20 Dec 18, 9:40am
Can shoebox apartments provide many happy returns for investors in the New Year?
1 Nov 18, 4:54pm
Residential tenants moving house will no longer pay letting fees from December 12
15 Oct 18, 9:44am
Rental growth strong in Wellington, Queenstown, Rotorua, Napier and Whanganui, but weak in Auckland and Christchurch
5 Oct 18, 7:24am
Housing Minister Phil Twyford backs select committee recommendation for start of letting fee ban to be brought forward to December 12
12 Sep 18, 11:46am
Submissions being sought on proposed changes to standards for rental properties and the Residential Tenancies Act
22 Aug 18, 2:18pm
Investment Property Snapshot: With standard rental yields so low in Auckland, an apartment in a hotel could be worth a look for investors chasing rental income
18 Aug 18, 9:06am
Augustine Lau's ex-partner sentenced for ignoring enforcement orders issued over sewage and asbestos contamination at crowded rental properties 
11 Jul 18, 10:10am
The average rent has increased by $22 a week (+5.2%) in the last 12 months
31 May 18, 1:38pm
If the Government decides there needs to be more meth residue in a property for it to be considered contaminated, insurers won't have to cover the remediation costs of as many properties as they do now
24 Apr 18, 10:10am
Property Institute warns the Government's moves to 'ring fence' property tax losses will have a 'disastrous impact' on the market and significantly worsen the already existing rental accommodation shortage
29 Mar 18, 4:46pm
David Hargreaves says while the move to ring-fence' investors' losses on rental properties for tax purposes appears logical we must be cautious about assuming that all the consequences will be good ones
29 Mar 18, 11:31am
IRD releases 'ring-fencing' paper; Revenue Minister encourages feedback on proposal to ensure investors can't offset losses on property investments against other income
31 Jan 18, 2:27pm
Average rents in Auckland increased by 4.2% to 4.3% last year compared to 5% or 6% in previous years, leaving some landlords out of pocket
11 Jul 17, 10:28am
Government shares out $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund among five councils - mostly in the top half of the North Island
17 May 17, 2:37pm
Generation Rent Investment Guide Episode 1: What you need to know about LVRs, KiwiSaver and liability before joining forces with others to buy property
2 May 17, 1:36pm
Residential property is a market of two halves for investors, with falling prices pushing up yields in Auckland, and strongly rising prices forcing yields down in Wellington
24 Feb 17, 2:12pm
Queenstown rents up 26.7% compared to a year ago with increases in parts of Wellington also in double digits, Auckland not far behind, Christchurch rents declining
13 Feb 17, 2:43pm
Yields starting to rise on residential investment properties in Auckland as rents rise and capital gains start to dry up
1 Feb 17, 3:51pm
Government says its Housing Infrastructure Fund has received indicative proposals for $1.79 billion of infrastructure; Ministers say few of the proposals so far would increase the development speed of proposed projects
16 Jan 17, 1:22pm
Asking rents on Trade Me Property rose strongly in Wellington last year but showed only modest gains in Auckland and declined in Christchurch


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