90 seconds at 9 am with BNZ: Job growth strengthens in Aust, US; record GM profit; Oil up, gold down; China targets lower growth; Greeks resist delays

Here's David Chaston's summary of the key news overnight in 90 seconds at 9 am in association with Bank of New Zealand, and today the news is all about jobs.

In Australia, they added the most jobs in fourteen months in January and their unemployment rate unexpectedly declined.

In the US, the drop in first time jobless claims was the lowest since 2008.

And there was a surprise rise in the number of US building permits. This relatively good news and the news that car maker GM had a record 2011 result, despite its European operations, is helping propel the Dow back over 12,900.

Oil is up over US$102, and gold is on a downward trend, briefly dropping to US1,705 overnight.

The World Gold Council issued its Q4 report revealing demand was soft for the precious metal in Q4. It also said China is likely to overtake India as the biggest market for the commodity.

China announced it will set its lowest growth target for the coming year, its lowest since 2004

And finally in Europe, it is now the Greeks complaining and resisting delay. But the Germans say a decision will be made about whether to fund the Greek austerity plan “one way or the other” by February 20 despite rumours about waiting until after the Greeks have elections.



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Jolly good show....headlines with a happy tint..."happy days are here again we can borrow heaps and play again and the bad times are all gone ...sing along now...happy days are here again...blah blah   blah        blah dah blah dah....."

Mr Borrows: "I find it very difficult to accept that somebody is forced into prostitution in order to study." herald
But gosh...isn't it almost the same as selling off national assets in order to splurge on pipedreams said to lead to growth?

Chaston says "the drop in first time jobless claims was the lowest since 2008"
That "statement" is just plain wrong.

Sky TVs profits rise 3.8%.....ooooops no sorry....it's just another repeat repeat repeat......