ANZ and National Bank now together on one core banking platform after weekend move apparently without major problems

ANZ and National Bank now together on one core banking platform after weekend move apparently without major problems

ANZ's big weekend move to National Bank's core 'Systematics' banking platform appears to have gone through without major problems.

Although, as the bank warned there would be ahead of the switch, there were interruptions to internet, phone and mobile phone banking services, the move - at least outwardly - appears to have been free of major drama.

ANZ tweeted overnight: "We’re done! All of our systems are back up and running. Thank you for your patience over the weekend." Here's the updates website the bank has been running.

ANZ CEO David Hisco said last week the plans were "pretty tight" and expectations high that things would proceed as planned, following thorough testing. Hisco says the National Bank platform was chosen ahead of the ANZ one for the two banks to merge to because it's more customer focused.

Coming nine years after the ANZ Banking Group bought the National Bank from Britain's Lloyds TSB, the move to one core banking system comes as ANZ moves to phase out the National Bank brand over two years. It's part of a "simplification programme" that has thus far cost NZ$246 million after tax.

National Bank's customer accounts have been rebranded "ANZ."

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My ANZ cheque and savings accounts have disappeared from the new ANZ internet banking. Not that I used them, but still...
Apart from that, I like the new improved online look - the old one was very 1990's.

It may not be done & dusted just yet -
RT : UPDATE: We're experiencing some issues with ANZ Internet Banking, we're investigating and will provide an update soon

Just used the new ANZ version of the National Banks old online banking website - apart from the branding it looks and works exactly the same.

Seems to be working just fine...

ANZ's latest tweet says it is ok now...

I had cheap airfares and a bank account in Belize all lined up in case there was suddenly $10,000,000 in my account, but no such luck... :-(

The interest on our homeloan appears to be calculating out to about 25% now. Errmm. Will see how this one plays out. Glad for good old fashioned paper statements at home to work back from.
follow up - interest accruing daily however balance yesterday was Friday's and today's balance shows 3 days from the weekend which apparently will be a one off with the changeover in systems so from now on will show the current, actual balance with no catch ups from missed days.

last night rung ANZ as my wifes business accounts are all up the *#@$. listened to 6 songs i.e. 18mins and gave up. 24/7 hmmm. the issue is i can't make a bill payment as the reference details field cannot be edited to put in particulars etc. previously this information was already setup for regular payments.
rung up Westpac which are my business bankers they answered the phone after pressing zero within a minute. so i congratulated them in front of my wife to rub it in.
my wife uses ANZ which i've been battling with to give me transactional history over years so i can crunch csv data. Westpac goes back to 1996 for me online which is good and bad but gives me the dataset i need to really delivery better business results.
there is a real difference in how we run our businesses i use internet banking all the time with westpac but with ANZ my wife and I are frustrated. the new layout addresses some of the issues customers what however still doesn't go far enough whats your thoughts.

Did ANZ outsource any of this upgrade to India?

who knows but i think my phone call went to far side of the moon. maybe staff cuts now as a result of merger?