25 Mar 19, 9:38am
Joanna Trezise says a Court of Appeal ruling in an FMA vs ANZ case gives useful clarification of the FMA’s step-in powers under the Financial Markets Authority Act
21 Mar 19, 10:51am
Economy expands by 0.6% in December quarter surprising the Reserve Bank but not the market; Economists divided over whether slow growth will persist in 2019 
20 Mar 19, 2:31pm
NZ's current account deficit slightly narrower than expected in December quarter; Late-2018 equity market wobbles contribute to NZ's net international liabilities jumping $11 billion 
18 Mar 19, 1:50pm
ANZ economists say 'an immediate dip' in tourist arrivals can be expected in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attacks 'particularly from traditionally more risk-averse markets in Asia'
13 Mar 19, 5:00am
RBNZ bank capital proposals appear quite sensible given the unique New Zealand banking market structure, Deutsche Bank analysts say
8 Mar 19, 10:34am
After defeat in the Court of Appeal, ANZ wants to take fight to prevent potential action by the FMA against the bank on behalf of collapsed 'Company X' investors to the Supreme Court
5 Mar 19, 9:52am
New Zealand's big five banks deliver a strong quarter's financial performance, but some banks would have work to do to meet RBNZ's capital proposals
1 Mar 19, 10:05am
UBS analysts suggest Aussie banks' response to RBNZ's proposals to increase bank capital will have economic impact on NZ 'larger than assumed by the RBNZ'
26 Feb 19, 4:30pm
ANZ says Fonterra dairy farmers should get $6.30/kg milk solids this season and $7.30/kg milk solids in 2019/20
26 Feb 19, 12:38pm
RBNZ digs its heels in on proposals to increase bank capital, Deputy Governor says RBNZ wants to reduce extent to which banks have been allowed to operate closer to the edge than other businesses
26 Feb 19, 11:31am
S&P sees stand-alone credit profile upside for big 4 NZ banks & their Aussie parents from RBNZ capital plans
20 Feb 19, 11:03am
Three more banks cut term deposit rates as offers bunch up in a tighter range. UDC exits. ANZ is the latest to trim its rate card following Westpac and the Cooperative Bank
14 Feb 19, 11:33am
New Zealand has a healthy wine industry on the back of profitability for wineries of all sizes, strengthening balance sheets and a healthy propensity for innovation
13 Feb 19, 9:36am
New Zealand banks are making hay while the sun shines but KPMG argues they're heading into some of their most challenging times ever
12 Feb 19, 9:43am
ANZ NZ to stop offering Mastercard credit cards in April as it goes exclusive with rival Visa
7 Feb 19, 11:01am
Large September quarter drop in unemployment rate unwinds in December quarter a tad more than expected; Wages rise 1.9% over the year 
4 Feb 19, 2:56pm
ANZ NZ prices five-year covered bond issue at 33 basis points over euro swap rate
2 Feb 19, 10:02am
The KiwiSaver results are in for the December 2018 quarter and we review how high market volatility affected our retirement savings accounts, with a detailed look at Default funds
1 Feb 19, 9:55am
BNZ, ANZ and ASB drive annual bank advertising spending up 26% to highest level since 2013
30 Jan 19, 5:00am
Craig Sims, the executive who oversaw ANZ's culling of the National Bank brand and IT merger, joins ASB


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