20 May 18, 10:05am
Two banks announce special term deposit offers, both for terms less than one year, and both with rates that compare well with an 18 month term
15 May 18, 12:41pm
Australasia's big banks have come to the end of a super cycle and face a difficult transition featuring a combination of operating headwinds and regulatory risks, analysts say
14 May 18, 3:07pm
The Finance Minister has spent weeks dampening Budget day expectations but experts say the healthy books will show the Government is on track to deliver its fiscal targets
10 May 18, 9:05am
ASB reduces two fixed home loan rates, taking its fixed three year offer to a market leading 4.79%. The Co-operative Bank also trims some rates
9 May 18, 12:39pm
Commerce Commission probes problems with ANZ loan calculator that undercharged interest to about 100,000 customers
7 May 18, 3:24pm
ANZ economists see immigration likely reducing to 40,000 a year by 2020 but say the migration outlook 'provides risks on both sides at the moment'
7 May 18, 7:19am
Although no one expects a change to the OCR, Thursday’s MPS will be the first for Governor Adrian Orr meaning even more tea-leaf reading than usual will go on during & after his press conference
4 May 18, 2:33pm
FMA & RBNZ tell banks the window for them to show consumers & regulators they can have full confidence in the NZ financial services industry is narrow with proactive leadership required
3 May 18, 9:36am
ANZ NZ understands why the OIO blocked its planned sale of UDC, CEO David Hisco says, and still aims to sell the finance company but isn't in a hurry
2 May 18, 10:51am
CEO David Hisco says ANZ NZ's lending appetite is 'pretty good for good projects' against a backdrop of reduced market share in home loans & business lending
2 May 18, 8:21am
ANZ NZ's message to its regulators in the wake of the Australian Royal Commission on Financial Services is 'come and have a look', CEO David Hisco says
1 May 18, 2:58pm
The scale of New Zealand’s infrastructure deficit is 'massive' and can't be fixed without billions of dollars of private capital – Jason Walls takes a look at how the Government plans to woo investors
1 May 18, 10:03am
ANZ NZ interim profit climbs 11% to NZ$964 mln as net interest margin rises. Loan impairments rise, revenue growth narrowly ahead of increase in expenses
30 Apr 18, 5:31pm
ANZ pulls out of its low one year home loan rate special, settling back into the middle of the pack. But it did reduce its highish two year rate, but to an undistinguished level
30 Apr 18, 9:33am
ANZ and IBM release proof of concept for blockchain product aimed at reducing the to-ing and fro-ing between insurers and brokers; Suncorp involved in testing technology
28 Apr 18, 10:55am
Whatever way you look at it, ANZ is winning larger mortgage market shares for both home loans and rural mortgages. But challenger banks are also doing better
24 Apr 18, 8:12am
David Hargreaves updates where ANZ has got to with its now tortuous attempt to offload its New Zealand finance arm
23 Apr 18, 2:50pm
The country's biggest bank is suggesting New Zealand’s 'urgent' need for infrastructure outweighs the Government’s 'arbitrary [debt] target'
23 Apr 18, 10:39am
Despite the revelations from Australia's Financial Services Royal Commission going from bad to worse, don't expect the local offshoots of Australia's big banks to face the same scrutiny in NZ
18 Apr 18, 4:24pm
ANZ economists say the cost of building a new house has become more attractive relative to the cost of buying an existing one


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