David Hisco

1 Nov 18, 11:57am
ANZ Banking Group CEO Shayne Elliott describes group's NZ simplification as a 'total win-win' and something the group wants to replicate in Australia
1 Nov 18, 11:53am
ANZ NZ CEO David Hisco eyes growth opportunities for the to be retained UDC, expects work list of things to do from FMA & RBNZ report on bank conduct & culture
1 Nov 18, 5:00am
Winston Peters cites ANZ attributing its $1.99 billion profit partially to the strong economy, as the Govt comes under attack for business confidence remaining in a slump
31 Oct 18, 10:18am
Two and a half years after putting NZ finance subsidiary UDC on the block, ANZ says it's 'putting on hold' all sale discussions
31 Oct 18, 9:50am
ANZ NZ profit surges $206m to $1.986b, or about $809 per customer. Calls off UDC sale. Group cuts staff incentive payments by A$124m in wake of Royal Commission
30 Oct 18, 4:46pm
Could it be that NZ's big 4 banks have all posted annual profit of at least $1 billion just as the FMA & RBNZ's report on their conduct & culture is released?
30 May 18, 11:53am
NZ life insurance market consolidates as ANZ agrees to sell OnePath Life to Cigna for $700 million; Sale to see Cigna become NZ's third largest life insurer
4 May 18, 2:33pm
FMA & RBNZ tell banks the window for them to show consumers & regulators they can have full confidence in the NZ financial services industry is narrow with proactive leadership required
3 May 18, 9:36am
ANZ NZ understands why the OIO blocked its planned sale of UDC, CEO David Hisco says, and still aims to sell the finance company but isn't in a hurry
2 May 18, 10:51am
CEO David Hisco says ANZ NZ's lending appetite is 'pretty good for good projects' against a backdrop of reduced market share in home loans & business lending
2 May 18, 8:21am
ANZ NZ's message to its regulators in the wake of the Australian Royal Commission on Financial Services is 'come and have a look', CEO David Hisco says
1 May 18, 10:03am
ANZ NZ interim profit climbs 11% to NZ$964 mln as net interest margin rises. Loan impairments rise, revenue growth narrowly ahead of increase in expenses
24 Apr 18, 8:12am
David Hargreaves updates where ANZ has got to with its now tortuous attempt to offload its New Zealand finance arm
17 Apr 18, 11:28am
Recently released documents show why officials had "serious concerns" about the state of HNA, as they blocked the $660 million sale of UDC to the Chinese global conglomerate
20 Mar 18, 9:48am
Shares in ANZ NZ's finance company UDC may be sold to the public after OIO blocked its sale to opaque Chinese company
21 Dec 17, 1:09pm
David Hargreaves believes a sale of UDC Finance to a credible New Zealand financial institution might be the only noble way out for the ANZ after the collapse of its ill-thought-out attempt to sell the business to Chinese conglomerate HNA
21 Dec 17, 9:50am
OIO blocks takeover of ANZ subsidiary UDC Finance by controversial HNA Group because it can't work out who actually owns the Chinese conglomerate
12 Dec 17, 10:14am
ANZ becomes primary source of funding for UDC's lending business with investors collectively withdrawing over $550m during the past year
11 Dec 17, 2:01pm
New Zealand's Australian owned banks deliver their shareholders a stellar September quarter as Kiwibank wrestles with its core banking system impairment
14 Nov 17, 5:04pm
New Zealand's biggest home loan lender signals a more aggressive market position with two lower rate 'specials'. BNZ adjusts an out-of-line rate


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