EY shines spotlight on 4 areas banks can focus on to grow revenue over the next decade

EY shines spotlight on 4 areas banks can focus on to grow revenue over the next decade

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and these fall into several themes:
1. Staff: all staff including customer facing (and brokers) and executive staff need attain professional ethics and civics qualifications (a professional body for bankers - such as accountants and medical ppl is established that maintains professional standards and development, this body industry funded and reportable to RBNZ).
where banks/ers are not accedited they place a surity with RBNZ (for instance Synlait minority shareholders would have a claim against the surity placed by/and the bankers to the company restructure that magically saw that equity value uplift just after the transaction.)
2. Public engagement: All banking businesses need display, update all corporate policy and standards for public notice - similar to political parties....
3. Industry wide consumer lending is recourse to the item the funds are spent on, the borrower has no further obligation beyond the named loan item.
4. Mortgage lending: 
Mortage insurance in favour of the borrower.
Banks unable to pay valuers, or borrowers lawyer.
Only loan documents stamped in NZ are recognised as having security interest, otherwise the assets deemed to be entirely equity funded.
4.1 Residential, owner occupiers unchanged...
4.2 Residential, buy to let, aside to the loan account the bank maintains a sinking fund account for the landlord that has first call on borrower/rental payments (loan account second call). if the property is sold, the sinking fund is included.
4.3 Farm (Agricultural/export production), where lending based upon/includes farmgate unit price, during term of the loan, those assumed farmgate prices are deemed to be obtained (think of it as a milk/lamb/kiwi loan).

Item 1, appendix  A:
Yet despite its rising popularity, some insiders are adamant the world of forex broking has been, and remains, a shifty business. Technology may have lowered trading costs but it has allowed many unsavoury practices to take place on a larger scale.

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