5 Mar 19, 5:48pm
IRD to share information with larger pool of jurisdictions to help crack down on tax evaders; More data not expected to bring in more tax revenue until IRD ups its capabilities
24 Jan 19, 9:38am
NZX & FMA seek industry input into a review of New Zealand's capital markets noting the NZ share market is 'underdeveloped relative to global peers'
5 Nov 18, 2:00pm
FMA & RBNZ report concludes bank conduct & culture problems not widespread in NZ, but highlights a culture of banks acting in their own, not customers', interests
19 Oct 18, 5:00am
Consortium of Auckland businesses pushes for the opportunity to manage the development of a waterfront stadium & redevelopment of Eden Park
18 Oct 18, 10:06am
Govt proposes law change to require overseas retailers selling goods to New Zealanders online to start paying GST; Change won't necessarily cost online shoppers more
17 Oct 18, 3:00pm
EY's Matthew Hanley argues the Government should consider the design of a potential digital equalisation tax
3 Oct 18, 10:13am
EY's Tim Benbow and David Snell say the Government's new R&D plan is a bold initiative
20 Sep 18, 11:46am
The Tax Working Group's interim report shows taxation of income from capital is ripe for reform & environmental taxation is central to the agenda, EY's David Snell says
12 Sep 18, 4:41pm
ICBC NZ and Bank of China NZ have upped their provisions on loans to embattled insurer CBL
18 May 18, 8:25am
EY's David Snell assesses Grant Robertson's first Budget and concludes there's much more to do to boost all-important productivity growth
2 May 18, 4:16pm
The 'Amazon tax' could easily come with an extra sting. In addition to GST, your purchase may also attract additional duty. Paul Smith wants this anomaly fixed, and fast
19 Apr 18, 3:01pm
A tax expert is praising the Government’s move to introduce a 12.5% R&D tax credit, saying it’s a deliberate step to incentivising innovation
19 Apr 18, 8:55am
From April 1 next year, a 12.5% tax credit on eligible expenditure will be available to business doing R&D in New Zealand; a business will be able to claim a tax credit for up to $120 million of R&D expenditure each year
9 Apr 18, 9:56am
The Chinese banks operating in New Zealand hit their first lending judder bar in the form of insurance company CBL, causing a potential capital issue for ICBC
6 Apr 18, 8:01am
Westpac's Karen Silk argues New Zealand's government and businesses, including the agriculture sector, stand to benefit from being proactive rather than reactive when dealing with climate change
3 Apr 18, 10:44am
The Privacy Commissioner on why he would like his agency to have similar powers to the Commerce Commission when it comes to penalising law breakers
15 Mar 18, 8:06am
EY's David Snell says the Government’s Tax Working Group asks some great questions, but misses others
9 Mar 18, 7:33am
Tax Working Group chairman Michael Cullen is signalling environmental taxes are on the agenda. EY’s David Snell welcomes this and says it could be a way to change people's behaviour
2 Mar 18, 11:38am
EY says it didn't know the Reserve Bank was investigating CBL when it gave the company's founder, Peter Harris, its NZ Entrepreneur of the Year award last year
23 Sep 17, 7:00pm
Election 2017: We bring you the key updates from the night's coverage; Comments are back on - share your thoughts here


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