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We launch a new tool to help you work out how long your retirement savings plan will cover your life after work

We launch a new tool to help you work out how long your retirement savings plan will cover your life after work

Will you have enough income or funding in retirement?

We have launched a new tool to help work this out.

Use this calculator to help you estimate whether your current savings plan will be sufficient to fund the lifestyle you would like when you are retired.

When you are retired you can not only use the earnings of your nestegg, but you can also decumulate - that is, spend your capital. But once that is gone, only NZ Super will be available to live on.

This tool should only be used for a rough estimate. The further away your retirement is from now, the more general the results will be. And the more options you will have to fix any shortfall.

This tool is still in beta mode. If you have any queries, please use our Feedback form to let us know.

It sits in our Calculator section. You should bookmark this link.

Retirement Calculator
Planned Retirement Age
Income (after tax)
Expenses While Working
Expenses After Retirement
Current Savings
Rate of Return (before tax)
NZ Superannuation
KiwiSaver Enrolled
Current KiwiSaver Balance
Employee Contribution
Rate of Return (before tax)
Management Fee
Admin Fee
You will have enough funds to live to the age of .
This calculator only computes up to a maximum age of 120.
Calculation Details

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What happens when you remove the NZ Super contribution? I'm fully expecting that to be wound up by the time I get to retirement. I would suggest adding a "None" option in the pull down menu.

You have been listening to the financial advisers who have a vested interest in it being closed down.

I think it's reasonable to expect NZ Super to be subject to future political risks, like means testing, so I want to be able to see whether I'm saving enough to be able to retire without it.
I certainly hope NZ Super is here to stay, and that it remains universal.

If you are over 50 then Super should be unchanged.

I suggest rolling the management fee and admin fee together. It wouldn't let me set the admin fee to $0.

I put an amount into Kiwisaver but it only gives limited percentage options. The default will cover many people but not all.

I'm Self Employed so it would be good to see an option to Enter ZERO under "Employee Contribution"

Agreed. For those who have retired early and only put in $1040 each year.

The required contribution to receive the full member tax credit is $1,042.86

The difference between current income & current expenses - the calculator assumes you will save/invest this, in addition to your Kiwisaver.
Does make you realise how much your household spends currently.

As some one noted above, not sure who created the calculator but obviously they are not self employed, as self employed people don’t have the luxury of employer contributions. But the lowest I can select on the calculator is 3 percent. We need to be able to select zero. It seems to be more focused towards wage slaves who work for someone else. Whether someone owns their own home or just rents, and the capital you could release by selling that also makes a big difference and could be another option. Also other assets such as equities. It assumes that the only retirement vehicle people use is KiwiSaver.

I'm self employed but I don't see the issue. The company (which I own) pays me a salary and I pay 8% contribution and the company kicks in 3% ( employer contribution. So all stock standard Kiwisaver and no trouble with organising an 'employer contribution'.

Nice sermon.

Maybe he deosn't have a company. Maybe he's putting the minimum ($1040) in for tax rebate, and paying off other debt for the next X years

A bit simplistic,as well as optimistic. My personal evaluation suggests I am good to ~90, this calculator says 103. Are the annual expenses after retirement adjusted for inflation?

And ditto regards employment contributions. Fortunately it doesn't change my numbers...

How will the next GFC (which many say is certain to hit soon) impact on those funds being saved in Kiwisaver and such ?
Won't NZ Super have to continue in view of these periodical downtrends, market and speculators and greed driven ?

You comment concerns me SmoKey. I'm in favour of National Super, but you seem to have the view it appears from nowhere, unaffected by world conditions, when in fact it comes from the pockets of the battlers.

No allowance in it for joint income and expenses ? -why are all calcs on an individual basis? administratively its easier but this calculator flies in the face of reality when there are two people pooling savings and expenses and (not infrequently??) still together at retirement. . I'm not sure if doubling and dividing by 2 is going to mke sense in this tool.

Days to the General Election: 24
See Party Policies here. Party Lists here.