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Parliament's register of pecuniary interests turns up everything from property ownership, to tickets to see pop star Adele, income from work as a celebrity dancer & a strange alcohol drinking flask

Parliament's register of pecuniary interests turns up everything from property ownership, to tickets to see pop star Adele, income from work as a celebrity dancer & a strange alcohol drinking flask
Amy Adams by Jacky Carpenter.

National Party MPs dominate the Parliament's property ownership list, according to the 2018 register of pecuniary interests which was made public on Tuesday.

By law, MPs are required to make an annual return of all their pecuniary and other specified personal interests.

These include properties, company directorships and controlling interests, gifts and superannuation schemes they're members of.

Adams, MP for Selwyn and National's finance spokesperson, owns three residential properties in Cromwell, West Melton and Wellington. She has another two in Templeton and Temuka and owns two areas of bare land in Darfield and Te Kauwhata, as well as a farm property in Aylesbury. Her eight disclosed real property interests are unchanged from last year.

Otaki MP Nathan Guy is second on the list, with seven real property interests, but interests in 15 other commercial properties, up two from last year.

Four of his properties are farmland, dwellings and buildings north of Levin, where he also owns a family home.

Although the only real property he owns, or jointly owns is a family home in Whangaehu, Labour MP for Tai Hauauru Adrian Rurawhe has interests in 26 Maori land blocks in the Aotea District and 11 blocks in the Takitimu District.

Other MPs with multiple properties include Nationals’ Parmjeet Parmar (seven), Gerry Brownlee (six), Nicky Wagner (six) and Anne Tolley, who owns and jointly owns four properties plus six shops in Napier.

National’s Ian McKelvie has declared ownership of four real properties but an NZ Herald report in 2013 said he had properties spread across 53 legal titles owned by “various entities,” totalling $68.4 million based on 2013 capital valuations.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern owns one property, and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters owns two houses and land in Northland.

Of the 120 MPs in Parliament, just five don’t own property – Barroch Ball (NZ First), Marama Davidson (Greens), Kieran McAnulty (Labour), David Seymour (ACT), and Chloe Swarbrick (Greens).

Gifts and company interests

As to be expected, Ardern received the most gifts last year, many of which were from overseas dignitaries.

The register also shows she was given tickets to see pop star Adele last year by Regional Facilities Auckland.

And it’s not just the Prime Minister who is a fan of the Grammy Award-winning artist.

Five other MPs, including Jonathan Coleman, Steven Joyce, Nikki Kaye (who got two tickets) Louisa Wall and Judith Collins all declared the tickets as gifts.

Collins was busy too, declaring 10 separate sets of tickets to events ranging from All Blacks games to boxing matches.

National Leader Simon Bridges declared no gifts.

MPs also have to declare all other forms of employment under law. Although very few have incomes from other jobs, Seymour declared income from Media Works for his work as a “celebrity dancer,” for his appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

In terms of gifts, National's Chris Finlayson declared; "An alcohol drinking flask in the form of what seems to be a sheep or a goat (quite difficult to identify the species) made of a form of dark or green-coloured material, possibly bronze or iron – [from a] visiting delegation from the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China."

Former Speaker of the House, National’s David Carter, declared interests in 11 companies or businesses, including Heartland Bank, Silver Fern Farms and Alliance Group.

Nathan Guy declared interests in six other companies, five of which involved in commercial property development and National’s Barbara Kuriger has interests in seven farming related businesses.

Read the full Register of Pecuniary and Other Specified Interests of Members of Parliament here.

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This just shows that National Party MP’s are far better investors and better with money than the coalition MP’s, which we already knew!
The jealousy element from the coalition has been showing since before the election!


Just goes to show NZ really had the foxes guarding the housing crisis hen house. No wonder they did not live up to their campaign trail rhetoric.


Yes, funnily enough they seem to be heavily invested in a market that they had influence over (property). Vested interests abound.

The smart money would probably follow the man who has made the most money in markets (John Key) - and he's reduced his exposure significantly right?


John Key abruptly quit his job and fled the country for his mansion in Hawaii. I can't imagine why.

Oh wait, yes... Yes, I can.

Smart enough to hold US dollars in anticipation of an abrupt decline in NZD.

I guess talking about the current Govt would mean acknowledging their terrible track record and massive campaign promises and back-tracks, so definitely keep focusing on the PM who hasn't been PM for over a year.

@gv27 ... Well said , at least National never promised everyone a free or almost free home , Labour did .

So Labour is making really good use of those reverse gears like those legendary Italian Tanks with one forward gear and six reverse gears

Well said , at least National never promised everyone a free or almost free home , Labour did .

I appreciate the need to vent at least once or twice a day, but might be a good idea to avoid outright falsehoods.


Wonder what John Keys vested interests are? He’s now chair at ANZ, the mortgage monger that has and will probably continue to profit the most from his decisions around the property market. Probably had the job lined up for him 9 years ago.

Wonder if there are any whispers back to the old pals in blue to short sell ANZ no good boys, nor the banks....get yourself in a short position asap...

Totally vested interests. A joke

On the other hand, look how little Winnie has to show for all of those years with his snout in the public trough. And we are surprised he spends tax payer money like a lush out on the town seven nights a week?

There will be trusts and other entities holding things for him (and likely all the rest)

I doubt this list captures all of their "interests"

There is no point being the richest guy in the cemetery, you can't take it with you.

That’s a very one dimensional view. To me wealth is stored potential, and whatever potential is left when you die is passed on to your blood to use. For me it’s about self reliance and thinking long term. It’s not about accumulating for the sake of it.

One hopes Rex Pat that your children make much better use of their inherited wealth than you are currently doing. From the amount of time you spend on this site you do not appear to have much of a life beyond of course mere breathing.

I expect my children will probably blow it all, as a dollar given has far less value than a dollar earned. Still, I'd rather they wasted it than have a Left Wing Government get their clutches on it.

@Rick Strauss .......... TALL POPPY

Easy to invest when you're the one making the policies.

Ah true to form there's TM2, a property "investor" defending the property "investor" party, what a surprise, apparently there's a wee bit of discontent down your way with National -

You might want to find another horse to back, as if those angry comments are anything to go by, National aren't going to see the light of day in your home town for a while.

Perhaps it shows that coalition MPs are mainly new (ie haven't had years to line their pockets) or that they're more interested in helping the country than helping themselves.

Hahaha you muppet, the national government are the ones that harvested the housing crisis to their benefit, and allowed all you specuvultures to join in...

Local knowledge, MPs Brownlee & Wagner, reveals real expertise and experience, one might suggest, with regard to the Christchurch property market? Idle speculation of course, but would any of the properties have been repaired, by EQC?


One can see why National dropped the ball re housing in New Zealand. Labour only has to build one home and they have done better than National did in nine years.

Labour will build them - National MP's will buy them..

You conveniently forget that NATIONAL never promised to build houses for everyone n their election policy, Labour did promise to do so .

National knew it could not be done , so did not lie to the electorate .

Labour lied to the gullible and the stupid who voted for them

Labour have yet to consent a single house ................ and thats after half a year

Forgetting the properties held by various Labour MPs when the last Labour Govt also did nothing about housing, are we? Also, especially ironic given that Labour's flagship Kiwibuild policy now offers the same pricing the Axis programme did for affordable housing. There have been dozens of homes delivered under this initiative, but it's not really convenient to talk about that, is it?

Kiwi build looks to be about $100,000 more expensive than the axis homes.

Depends on the luck of the draw; some Axis 3 beds go for $550K and some for $650K.

More importantly. Who draws these caricatures? They are quite horrific!

No picking on the artists now...

I know who I would be backing for financial leadership and it isn’t this COL!!

National provided financial leadership for the privileged. Labour is providing it for everyone including the underprivileged. Look to Labour having at least two terms.

Why do you people keep using the prefix "this" in your ramblings. Is that just how it was in your talking points memo? Or are there multiple COLs? Normally you would use "the" for the singular. Or maybe you're all too stupid to use proper grammar?

What do you expect from someone who has to resort to being a real estate agent to make a living. They are generally uneducated people or people who failed in their chosen line of work or business venture. Come to think of it a lot of our politicians in New Zealand come into this category.


'The privileged' including themselves of course. 6/7 properties etc.
Is there an expectation of MPs with strong vested interest in property stepping aside on decision making related to property?
Surely it's conflict of interest territory

Not conflict of interest at all!
Just investing in something safe and helping people with shelter

Not conflict of interest at all!
Just investing in something safe and helping people with shelter

How can MPs be part of objective decision making on housing policy or policy affecting housing when they have such a vested interest?
I can't see why that isn't a conflict of interest.
Especially when you own 6or 7 properties, you are clearly acting as a pretty serious professional landlord

Good point - at what time do MP's with investment properties be considered to be getting close to violating the Financial Markets Conduct Act?

Liquidity aside, surely an immigration minister with control over housing demand who starts selling or buying investment properties prior to an immigration announcement, might make some people at the FMA look twice, perhaps?

I actually think it is called "Insider Trading'.....and "Building a Monopoly."

It is the biggest lurk perk ever perpetuated in NZ.....No wonder we cannot beat the system, when it is bent to rule.

Seriously 6 properties is not that great a deal when you are earning good money.
Where else would you invest in that is safe in this day and age?
Would rather have people in power that have invested wisely than the lefties who own multiple bikes and smoke hooch!

And there you have it, rather than investing in something productive for the country you chase 'easy and safe' money in a market that your own boys (National) have manipulated for easy gain.

Investment is meant to contain an element of risk, you're not meant to have the government holding you hand and steering the market to ensure a guaranteed gain. The smartest decision you made was being born when you were, congratulations on that excellent decision! Heck, almost all of the Boomers in Auckland are paper millionaires thanks to their 'great foresight' to own a house to live in.

At least your generation are now on their way out so hopefully the young will get a fair crack at things at some point. The Millennial's are lucky to own even one house these days so your comment smacks of the arrogance of someone who had things comparatively handed to them on a silver spoon.

It's a bit mean to pick on people with clear intellectual disabilities. You should know better.

What happens when we all own 6 properties? 83% of homes left vacant and worthless. A great business model for all our citizens to aspire to.

The nz system has been beaten by the global situation, china, USA, EU all spending money they dont have to increase property values "all over the world" not just NZ. I dont believe the National govt had any say in the matter. Anything they did to stop the increases would have been futile.

I agree with this, with the exception of the high immigration rate which the government could have influenced (with the risk of course of causing a recession - which might eventuate yet). Would take a bold leader to say, hey these expensive house prices, you know what, we can't do much at all to control price inflation....

I would absolutely respect the leader that would come out and say that - instead of the head in the sand, elephant in the room National party, or the good intentions of Labour (which many have already determined will struggle to make any impact).

Sometimes the best solution is a good old fashion crash and a recession.....

I agree. Nz needs a housing crash. 25-30% drop.
Would be nasty short term collateral,but so be it.
Do I think it will happen? Not likely, save for some black swan event


Pumping high immigration was something they could control. As is foreign home ownership

You look at what John Key did - has a house in Auckland. Pumps up immigration to max capacity during his time in office. Resigns, knows Labour might reverse immigration. Sells up home in Auckland. No way of proving intent, of course he'll say it was for economic reasons (or just making GDP look good) - lets hope there was no personal financial desire involved.

So he left and set the selling process before the elections even started advertising. That is a lot of lack of faith in his own party, or just getting out of the party before the cops arrive. Either way his actions do not bode well for the national future after National's past.

yeah, a guy who is worth $50m is going to mess with the whole country to try and make an extra $1m for himself on a house.

You realise how ridiculous that scenario you propose is? Or you didn't really think it through?

As is control of the tax structure (which heavily favors property).

"I dont believe the National govt had any say in the matter."

Seriously, do people not remember?

During Nationals term, at one stage 40% of home buyers in Auckland were foreign buyers (non citizens, non permanent residents). National could have removed this demand in a pen stroke, but the choose not to.

Your 40% statistic is totally made up with no reliable data source behind it.

Stop being dishonest.

If you look through the list of assets/interests most MPs of all shades seem to have a lot of property.
But one thing that caught my eye was the vast number of trusts they all seem to be beneficiaries of.
Begs two questions.
What properties are in the trusts?
Can you trust people who hide a lot of assets in trusts??

How on earth does people legally using different ownership structures with full visibility to the IRD constitute 'hiding'?

It doesn't.

Putting a property in a Trust is simply a wise thing to do ............ its not hiding anything .

The trustees simply hold the asset "in trust " for the beneficial owners , and its recorded as such

Funny how this article went through great lengths to list the Nat MPs with investment properties and didn't do the same for Labour MPs. It does raise questions of balance.

The author appears to be ably filling the shoes of Alex Tarrant, who left to work directly for the Labou party.

you can find it here
the most obvious conclusions you can draw is the older age group are more propertied up on all sides, a lot is listed under super schemes, and national MP's hold far far more investment property than any of the other parties.
but we all knew that or those of us that bothered looking and wanted to know
so we knew when they were in charge that is one of the reasons they dragged their feet to change the system. i mean why would one try to disadvantage oneself over others if you can
one of the biggest rorts is long term senior MP's owning rental properties in wellington and renting them to first term Mp's and getting parliament services to pay down the mortgage, then when you leave or retire selling up

Massive conflict of interest! its actually disgusting.

Anyone reading these comments would need no further proof that New Zealand really does have TALL POPPY SYNDROME .

Its overlaid with a culture of resentment toward anyone who is successful , just for good measure

There is no malice here towards those who own productive businesses, only towards those who have accumulated property for their own gain at the expense of others.

Exactly right, successful is flying a Jet, building a productive business or constructing a development. Not gearing up on 7 rental properties with cheap debt, tax advantages and because you can influence policy and effectively front run your investment. Tall poppy M A!

Days to the General Election: 27
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