Judith Collins

7 Jul 18, 10:01am
She is known for her skills as an Opposition MP and her political prowess, even earning the nickname Judith ‘Crusher’ Collins – but Jason Walls discovers she has never seemed so relaxed
20 Jun 18, 3:04pm
Opposition MPs upset the Treasury did not consult them before releasing a new living standards framework report to the public
28 May 18, 3:13pm
Salvation Army questions ability of government departments to handle the flagship house building plan; seeks establishment of group to deliver houses 'quickly and at affordable cost'
22 May 18, 4:05pm
Minister of Housing Phil Twyford says MBIE correctly diagnosed the weakness in the Treasury’s KiwiBuild forecast & they're the ones implementing the policy
15 May 18, 5:24pm
Parliament's register of pecuniary interests turns up everything from property ownership, to tickets to see pop star Adele, income from work as a celebrity dancer & a strange alcohol drinking flask
8 May 18, 12:40pm
Judith Collins, the Opposition’s RMA reform spokeswoman, wants the Government to consult with National before pushing ahead with any changes
5 Apr 18, 5:27pm
National’s Judith Collins says the likely small size of the dwellings in the new Unitec development housing area will put pressure on borrowers, as it means banks will require a larger deposit
25 Mar 18, 1:26pm
Housing and Urban Development Minister says 29 hectares of Unitec land at Mt Albert will be transferred to Crown ownership; between 3000 and 4000 homes to be constructed
21 Mar 18, 12:44pm
National’s housing spokeswoman Judith Collins challenges Housing Minister Phil Twyford over a lack of KiwiBuild homes so far
19 Mar 18, 4:07pm
The Government's decision to have a 'significant' portion of the Kiwibuild houses pre-fabricated is logical, but risky
12 Mar 18, 3:41pm
David Hargreaves fears the Government's desire to push through difficult-to-implement offshore housing buyer legislation may prove a distraction in tackling the most pressing housing shortage issues
12 Mar 18, 6:41am
National's new leader Simon Bridges has placed Judith Collins in his top 5 and given her the shadow housing portfolio, a role he says she asked for
27 Feb 18, 1:03pm
Tauranga MP Simon Bridges elected National Party leader; Says he'll present an 'ambitious and strong alternative government'; Paula Bennett retains position as deputy
24 Feb 18, 6:51am
Interest.co.nz spoke to each candidate and gauged how they planned to change the National Party if elected leader on Tuesday – there is a clear split in direction, says political reporter Jason Walls
23 Feb 18, 5:02am
She’s the only National leadership hopeful who has spent time in Opposition and plans to lean on that experience – but what policy changes does she have up her sleeve?
20 Feb 18, 9:46am
Former Finance Minister Steven Joyce has become the fifth and, most likely, final, National MP to enter National’s leadership race
19 Feb 18, 2:16pm
Selwyn MP Amy Adams was touted as one of the most competent Ministers in the last National Government – but does she have what it takes to lead her party into the 2020 election? Interest.co.nz questions the former Minister on her plans for National
15 Feb 18, 3:15pm
Jonathan Coleman says he won’t run against Collins, Bridges and Adams but says the best person to lead the Party is one of those three
14 Feb 18, 5:06pm
Don Brash on why Judith Collins is best placed to take on Jacinda Ardern; Michelle Boag on how the party's leadership change will be 'tidy'; and David Farrar on how National's new leader will create its brand
14 Feb 18, 9:03am
Judith Collins the first to throw her hat in the ring as a National Party leadership contender, followed by Simon Bridges and Amy Adams


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