Jacinda Ardern

22 Mar 19, 5:06pm
Why Joe Public has more power than Jacinda Ardern when it comes to getting Mark Zuckerberg to change 
22 Mar 19, 10:00am
Gareth Vaughan on remembering the Christchurch mosque victims, Deutsche & Donald, Spank the Banker, a warning from Latvia and Europe's money laundering woes
21 Mar 19, 3:06pm
Government to pass law under urgency to ban military style semi-automatics and assault rifles; buyback scheme to cost $100m+; National and Federated Farmers supportive
21 Mar 19, 8:25am
Peter Dunne reflects on the tragic events in Christchurch on March 15
19 Mar 19, 3:24pm
Internet bosses join Prime Minister in pressuring social media platforms to take more responsibility for the content they host
18 Mar 19, 8:44pm
GCSB and SIS flag lack of intel on Christchurch attack, as Govt announces inquiry into what authorities knew or should've known
18 Mar 19, 6:28pm
Government decides in principle to reform gun laws; Will disclose details within the next week
14 Mar 19, 4:15pm
The New Zealand government plans to push on with its own digital services tax despite EU ructions
11 Mar 19, 5:40pm
PM Jacinda Ardern refuses to say whether she'd prefer tax reform to be revenue-neutral despite instructing the Tax Working Group to put revenue-neutral packages on the table
11 Mar 19, 12:49pm
Labour more discreet than NZ First in gauging public opinion on the introduction of a capital gains tax through an online poll
11 Mar 19, 9:42am
Chris Trotter says the Government's handling of the Tax Working Group has highlighted Grant Robertson's reliance on his mentor Michael Cullen
6 Mar 19, 1:51pm
Because honest emissions cuts are staggeringly hard to make, achieving carbon neutrality anytime soon is an empty ambition. But countries continue to make big promises and massage their numbers to give a false sense of progress
5 Mar 19, 12:30pm
Ardern assures any MMP threshold changes wouldn't take effect in 2020 election, despite Little hours earlier saying they could; Bridges says changes would need cross-party support
4 Mar 19, 6:33pm
Shipley to retire as China Construction Bank NZ Chair in wake of Mainzeal ruling; Ardern says Shipley's position on board of taxpayer-funded NZ China Council 'not a matter for Government'
2 Mar 19, 10:35am
Peter Dunne says the political party reactions to the Tax Working Group report were universally trite and banal. Yet it will all just come down to Winston Peters making up his mind
26 Feb 19, 10:08am
Where would a watered-down, politically palatable version of the Tax Working Group's recommendations leave us? Jenée Tibshraeny struggles to find the modelling
25 Feb 19, 7:59am
Chris Trotter says the Capital Gains Tax recommended by Cullen’s team is of such breadth and bite it can't have been intended seriously
23 Feb 19, 10:15am
Peter Dunne says the majority of Tax Working Group members have been used as stooges for a predetermined Labour Party policy outcome
19 Feb 19, 2:45pm
Trade Minister mulls invite to Belt and Road conference in China, while Chinese media reportedly falsely attributes praises of the initiative to former PM
18 Feb 19, 6:43pm
Labour overtakes National, NZ First become irrelevant and Bridges falls to Collins' level in latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll


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