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Help us keep free for all readers. If you know us, trust us, and value what we do, can we ask you to Support Us

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Help us keep free for all readers. If you know us, trust us, and value what we do, can we ask you to Support Us
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It's late April and time again for me to ask for your support. (If you already support us, thank you. This message is not for you.)

2022 is turning out to be a challenging year as the pandemic pall is tiring and economic activity drags.

But to see your way through a chronic situation like this, you should be able to rely on trusted information sources.

We are making a big effort not to be partisan, be fair and objective, and dig deeper into the issues with independent analysis.

If you know we are helpful and doing that, can I ask for your direct Support?

Relying on advertising is fickle.

We work for you, so being supported by you makes sense to me.

You know us - what we do and the resources we make available to everyone. None of this is inexpensive. But we are keen to keep almost all our resources free for all readers.

We know most readers accept the open access but only a tiny fraction support us. That is where you come in.

We need a small band of readers who know this is worthwhile: holding banks, insurers, the real estate industry, government, regulators to account with coverage that isn't constrained by 'sponsorships', government journalism subsidies, or large advertisers.

We would love you to join us as a Supporter. If you do for $10/month or $100/year (or more) you get:

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In the future there will be more specialist tools that will empower investors, savers, and anyone with financial interests.

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Removing ads alone is worth the subscription, but you guys do a great job that's always appreciated. 

I think Yvil mentioned it earlier, but what about a check mark, different colour name or similar next to subscribers comments? 


It is  jungle out there. Independent media needs all the help it can get..

'Pattrick Smellie of BusinessDesk [paywalled], that 55 per cent of New Zealanders regard the media as a divisive force, against 23 per cent who see it as unifying. The corresponding split globally is 46/35, meaning New Zealanders are far more likely than citizens of other countries to view their media as agents of polarisation.

This underlines a striking trend in recent years for the mainstream media in New Zealand to align themselves consciously and deliberately with causes that they must know alienate a large proportion of their readers, viewers and listeners. Call it slow-motion suicide.'


Why would you support someone that hates you and pumps out ideology?


I used to support this site.

But David, when you start censoring what people have to say re Covid, vaccinations etc. you lost my interest, pun intended.

I consider myself educated and well informed.  But apparently not as educated and well informed as you on the above topics.  So posts like mine and others who think similarly get removed.

So, you have aligned yourself with MSM and the government.  This is now just another place for non-thinkers.

I'll come along and have a read every now and then.  And even make the odd comment.  But I'm not 'attached' to this site any more.  I'm not 'involved' like I used to feel I was.  


I am deeply saddened by the lack of debate available on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. It is deeply disturbing, more and more evidence is coming out from various studies around the world, not to mention anecdotal evidence and it is all being quashed or smeared on mainstream media.

I know of so many personally who have experienced very negative side effects after having the vaccine, and that’s just me.  This is deeply concerning, and I regret having had the vaccination. 

All voices should be heard and on this topic openness and transparency should be a top priority to allay all fears. Unfortunately it appears to be very muddy indeed. 


I've noticed the ad distribution ramping up...which is fair enough but getting quite difficult to read when on mobile. if you've made one off support payments, do you get ads removed? 


Hey David and team,

I've been a subscriber for a  long time, and will continue to be.

Would LOVE if you can fix the issue that means you constantly get logged out across your devices.

Across mobile and desktop, I'm having to re-log in every day or two, and constantly being asked to subscribe to get rid of ads!