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We are calling on readers to help keep free for everyone. If you know us, trust us and value what we do, can we ask you to Support us?

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We are calling on readers to help keep free for everyone. If you know us, trust us and value what we do, can we ask you to Support us?
We need you as a Supporter
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The news and resources we release are essentially made possible by our loyal band of Supporters.

To a significant extent we rely of this support and are grateful to the many people across the country who provide it on a regular basis.

Their pledges mean we can grow what we do and keep it essentially free for all readers. (If you are already one of them, this message is not for you.)

We would like you to join them with your Support.

2022 is turning out to be a challenging year as the pandemic pall is tiring and economic activity drags.

But to see your way through a chronic situation like this, you should be able to rely on trusted information sources.

We have been releasing expanded resources, like our auction results, like our Investing section, like new calculators and charts, like a smoother faster service.

And we want to do more, even as we are challenged by the big media companies trying to poach our talented journalists and analysts.

We are making a big effort not to be partisan, be fair and objective, and dig deeper into the issues with independent analysis.

If you know we are helpful and doing that, can I ask for your direct Support?

To keep things free, we do take advertising, but relying on advertising is fickle.

We work for you, so being supported by you makes sense to me.

You know us - what we do and the resources we make available to everyone. None of this is inexpensive. But we are keen to keep almost everything free.

We know most readers appreciate the open access but only a tiny fraction support us. That is where you come in.

We need a small band of readers who know this is worthwhile: holding banks, insurers, the real estate industry, government, regulators to account with coverage that isn't constrained by 'sponsorships', government journalism subsidies, or large advertisers.

We would love you to join us as a Supporter. If you do for at least $10/month or $100/year (or more) you get:

  • 100% ad-free website browsing
  • Satisfaction you are supporting an independent, home-grown professional and passionate news team.

In the future there will be more specialist tools that will empower investors, savers, and anyone with financial interests.

Keen? Here’s what to do

Just click the ‘Become a supporter’ button at the top of the page to start your support of $10 a month or $100 a year, and you’ll get the best, ad-free reading experience. Or click here. You can also specify the amount, or choose the one-time option if you prefer.

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Happy to support you.  Have done so for a couple of years now but your ads still bounce my screen around making both reading and commenting more difficult than it needs to be.  I'm not against adverts - nobody forces me to read them or to become pro-whatever is being sold. It is the screen jumping which I'm guessing is caused by adverts of different sizes being thrown at the screen while I'm reading or writing.

For example this fairly short comment has been broken 4 times by the screen jumping and leaving my cursor outside the comment box. Painful. (nb using Chrome browser).


I'm a supporter too, and will continue to be, but there is no ad free experience even while logged in. Might pay to have a chat with the devs.


This. I'm also a paid up supporter. Logged in via patron. Doesn't change the adverts at all. They can take up half the screen on samsung phone.


Log out, then log in using the Press Patron option. That usually sorts it out properly.