Victoria's Secret bogus reward offers exposed; The 'problem' of too much money; Top 10 Happiest jobs; Is failure the Secret to Success?; Cheap as chips credit unions

Victoria's Secret bogus reward offers exposed; The 'problem' of too much money; Top 10 Happiest jobs; Is failure the Secret to Success?; Cheap as chips credit unions
Victoria's Secret offers a credit card.

1) Victoria's Secret thin credit card policies

One of my pet peeves is loyalty cards. It's not the free stuff I object to but all the unnecessary and quite often lame purchases you're incentivised to make in order to get the freebies.

Half the time, it's rubbish. Plus, I hate forking over personal information and also carting around all these cards that you inevitably can't find when it comes time to collect that carrot that's been dangled.

I was delighted to come across this item from exposing how shrewd retailers are at this game. The debt-intolerant writer exposes some of the lame offers and tactics employed by famed intimate garments maker Victoria's Secret.

I have an even better savings plan ladies. Get the blokes to pay.

2) Too much money?

Having too much money is hardly a "problem" however if you are a debt-free individual there are obvious challenges these days about where and how to invest it. writer details his own dilemma here.

3) Top 10 Happiest jobs

Modern psychology has it that job satisfaction is driven to a large degree by social interaction at the workplace.

By that measure, McDonald's should have the happiest workforce on the planet.

Curiously, McDonald's was not on the Christian Science Monitor's top 10 list of happiest jobs. Neither were journalists, although writers and artists made the cut mainly due to their autonomy.

Surprisingly, 65% of financial service sales agents reported to be blissed out on the job. Their happiness was attributed mainly to their salary.

I love my job - today.

4) Falling up

What does it take to get ahead, financially and otherwise? New research suggests that high-achievers who focus solely on the getting good grades at the best schools may in fact fizzle later on.  Mainly because they don't know how to cope with  the inevitable set backs and failures in life. This feature article from New York Times contributor Paul Tough looks at what one educator in the U.S. is doing to revolutionise learning in schools.

5) Credit union competitiveness

Credit unions have a long way to go yet to muscle in on the banks however mainstream acceptance is improving as people become more familiar with their offerings.

This Wall Street Journal article looks at some of the features that make credit unions an attractive and worthy alternative to banks.

See also this article by yours truly about how and why credit unions in  New Zealand are building their profile.

Here's Bernard Hickey talking to Brian Branch, CEO of the World Council of Credit Unions, about how credit unions fared through the Global Financial Crisis.


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I"m not worthy. Didn't even watch the game. Don't tell Murray!

What about Ali?

Murray Williams had a good game for Japan . And wasn't it a relief after the game that John Kirwan  ( the real JK ! ) didn't break down and cry during the TV interview ....... 7- 83 , I would have !

I thought they were really competitive during the Anthems.....never realised what a beauiful tune Kimigayo the point as well...such effecient people.

Yes I think they won the Anthem........ it was downhill from there.till the 70th minute... where for one single moment... a comeback seemed on the the 71st minute the dream phase was over and the nightmare returned.......

But you gotta give it to them, their gaining on if J.K . could just add a few more Kiwisans to the mix...think of the joy and prosperity........oh happy day.!!

Thanks so much for mentioning my post! I love the idea of getting a guy to pay for my Victoria's Secret purchases - if only I had a dating life to speak of... sigh. :)

Unfortunately I'm stuck paying for things myself, but I'll be darned if I'm going to spend extra money just to charge it to a credit card. Their prices are ridiculous anyway; I wish I didn't like their bras so much.

Hey, great you found us down under!

Great blog. Very cheeky expose of slinky credit card strategies.

Come visit us in NZ with your "Secret" savings. Surfer's paradise:)

Send me more links anytime:



If you gals looked anything like those models do , in the Victorias Secret lingerie , us guys would pay  ........ lawdy lawdy  we would pay & pay  ...

.... and worth every penny it would be .... oooooh , yeah !

Don't lose your gundergarments big spender.The wive might not be too happy.

.... there's an idea , an exclusive range of high priced men's gumdies .... we'll call the under-gumments... [ drum roll , ta da da da ..] ...

........... " Trevor's Secret " .

Meebee a Kiwi model with black-tee shirt , flannelette hat , and Skellerup gummy-boots too .... to set off his super-sexy black boxer gumdies ....

..... Claaaassssssy !

I'm seeing the potential.......youv'e just got that midas touch there GBH

Maybe they get tchy about "Secret"

Maybe............... Trevor's Stash

Trevor's Cache ! ..... hey Count , I'm getting this wobbly feeling that the Big Head is about to delete us ......

then Stop doing things to upset him...GBH....stay with the plan...where were we..?

 oh yes .......Trevor's Cache...! good gracious that's it ..! bloody brilliant.....and the voiceover

can say cache in that real slow inviting kind of way that get em thinking about...........stuff.

love the "wive"  bit he a polygamist...? was that the secret no one would tell me...?

 Quote from Mark Twain..... has Twain asked to cite a Scripture reference that forbids polygamy, and he responds with,

"No man can serve two masters."

 There is no wonder why artists are among the happiest people. I’m so happy early in the morning, until the day progresses to 90 seconds at 9am and all of a sudden the rest of world is catching up with me.

 I’m really worried - that I'm increasingly revolutionising my self into a vicious "anticapitalistic Bankster Swine".

Now your talking Walter.........! ....and no one would ever suspect you in a backpack complete with yodeling shorts and hat......

oh yeah this is coming together for sure...! 

 Yeah – next week I book a ticket to fly for a “Bangster swine” hunting trip to Zuerich. It seems they have a real pest over there, especially in the city centre and need some experienced hunters. I’m just the coordinator – organising the military style door to door operation.

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The assets I have hidden sum over US$2,000,000,0000 (TWO BILLION US DOLLARS). Please provide your banking coordinates so that I can affect a transfer of this sum to you. In exchange for helping me with this transaction, you will be entitled to a commission of $500,000,000 (FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS).

Thank you, and with most anticipation of your honorable reply,

Kweku Adoboli

P.S. -- I need only $750,000 in advance for you as a demonstration of your good faith (and for my bail money)