Six figure salaries sprinkled generously in IT sector, engineering and sales, according to employment recruitment firm Seek, which reports a 30% increase

Six figure salaries sprinkled generously in IT sector, engineering and sales, according to employment recruitment firm Seek, which reports a 30% increase

By Amanda Morrall

Amid layoffs, talk of a double-dip recession and Kiwis fleeing the country in droves, jobs advertised in New Zealand paying six figure sums are flourishing.

At least that is the finding of a leading employment recruiter which today reported a 30% annual increase in job postings with attached salaries of NZ$100,000 or more.

SEEK New Zealand, in a release issued today, described the increase as "significant'' and said the high paying jobs were spread across a wide range of industries.

General manager Janet Faulding said the booty of top end jobs was sufficient enough to warrant a dedicated spot on their website for job seekers looking to tap golden opportunities.

IT and Technology jobs were among the highest paying by sector, following closely by engineering, accounting, sales and health care.

The lion's share of these well remunerated positions were based on Auckland, which had double the number of $100K plus postings relative to other regions. In the past 12 months, jobs paying $100k or more had grown 25% alone in Auckland.

Earthquake ravaged Canterbury, however, took the cake for the sharpest annual increase in the high-end jobs.

Since August, 2010, the region has seen a 125% increase in jobs paying $100K or better.

Faulding said it reflected a strong demand for skilled workers in the area and was consistent with the continued growth in new job ads, particularly in insurance and construction.

Wellington was another stand-out not in overall terms but in high-paying jobs specific to Government and Defence.

Those two sectors combined saw roles ascribed with $100K paycheques increase by 98%.

In terms of securing those roles, May proved an auspicious month for job seekers, according to Faulding.

“May has proven to be a peak month for top job listings, not only was it a top month in 2010, but we noted a 17% increase on last year’s stellar performance.''

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Yup...state sector splurge ongoing isn't it..... " in high-paying jobs specific to Government and Defence."....

Probably a fair bit of that Wolly. I wonder if some outfits are finally having to stump up some to fill vacancies against the continuous stream of kiwis heading to Oz?

I find it somewhat farcical that some pointy heads should receive salaries higher in US$ terms than Obama....nope farcical doesn't do it.....utterly  insane...yeah that does it.