Rents on Trade Me Property flat in Auckland and Christchurch, down in Wellington

Rents on Trade Me Property flat in Auckland and Christchurch, down in Wellington

Landlords will find little to cheer about in the latest dwelling rent figures from Trade Me Property.

The median asking rent for properties advertised on the website dropped to $430 a week in February from $435 in January, with rents dropping in Wellington and remaining flat in Auckland and Christchurch.

However February's national median asking rent of $430 a week was still up 4.9% compared to the same month last year.

The median asking rent in Auckland was $500 a week, unchanged form January but up 5.3% compared to February last year.

In the Wellington Region the median asking rent dropped from $450 a week in January to $440 a a week in February, up 4.8% compared to February last year.

In Christchurch the median asking rent has been unchanged for five months in a row at $420 a week, down 6.7% compared to February last year, suggesting the rental market in the city has stabilised.

However rents appear to be falling at a faster rate in the Canterbury towns outside of Christchurch, with the median rent for the whole Canterbury region down 8.9% compared to February last year.

The biggest annual increase in asking rents have occurred in the Bay of Plenty where they were up 17.6% in February compared to a year earlier, followed by Manawatu/Whanganui up 17%, Otago up 10% and Waikato up 9.1%. 

"February has seen rents settle after the January spike but it's still pretty difficult for renters at the moment," Trade Me's Head of Property Nigel Jeffries said.

"Rents are easily outstripping inflation, which was up just 0.1% in the final quarter of last year."

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Well I guess we've finally reached saturation point with rents and looking at the immigration figures that's not surprising, since those coming over on work visas we relatively low.

And when rents start to fall then so do the house prices.

People moving to p.n, New Zealands best lifestyle city. Oh and tauranga, nice beach or 2 there. If you can afford it.

PN best lifestyle city??? Sure if you like shopping in 1 Plaza or looking at hills

work life balance mate; better than being stuck in traffic for 25 days a year comuting to a job you hate just to try keep up with rediculous housing costs ; getting the kids to school and sports, palmy cant be beat, perfect size with big hospital, uni ; if time is what you value, palmy's a goldmine.

Nah mate, can't beat living in Auck's, the dirty streets are my favourite part.

All's good in landlord land...

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