27 Nov 17, 4:43pm
RBNZ again floats idea of macro-prudential tools being in place permanently in response to submissions in what may ultimately be an exercise in futility on its part
16 Nov 17, 11:25am
Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford sets out the Government's case for the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill, National housing spokesman Michael Woodhouse responds
8 Nov 17, 11:30am
Average nationwide weekly rent up 5% compared to a year ago while average take home pay rises just 2.1%
3 Nov 17, 3:39pm
BNZ's Tony Alexander describes new government's ban on foreigners buying houses as 'clever', and says it 'aligns NZ with the foreign buying policies of almost all other countries'
30 Sep 17, 6:02am
Hannah McQueen says even though she loves property investing it's time the phenomenal gains from investment property were taxed through a Capital Gains Tax
31 Aug 17, 9:22am
Chief Human Rights Commissioner David Rutherford says we need to work together to ensure everyone in New Zealand has an adequate home to live in. 'We must leave nobody behind'
30 Aug 17, 7:36am
Shamubeel Eaqub says there is a failure to think long-term by both local and central government. Local authorities are not the only ones responsible for the housing crisis, but they can do a lot, he believes
29 Aug 17, 8:38am
Robert Whitaker says that in order to fix housing, we must fix renting
28 Aug 17, 11:26am
University of Otago's Andrew Coleman looks at the intergenerational effects of the tax system on New Zealand’s housing markets
27 Aug 17, 7:50am
Esther Woodbury calls for national planning standards that take into account the housing needs of disabled people
25 Aug 17, 9:38am
Alan Johnson says we must acknowledge that the value of state, or publicly-owned, housing is so much more than its balance sheet worth, and significant efforts must be put into increasing our publicly funded housing stock
24 Aug 17, 7:41am
Jess Berentson-Shaw says building a large not-for-profit rental sector would rebuild NZ's foundations and realise a vision where homes are at the heart of our wellbeing
23 Aug 17, 5:02am
With the NZ economy at a tipping point, John Tookey probes whether laissez-faire ideology or pragmatic intervention will win the housing affordability debate
22 Aug 17, 9:28am
University of Otago public health professor Philippa Howden-Chapman says we need an informed consensus about what good quality housing looks like in New Zealand and how we can be sure it is well built and maintained
21 Aug 17, 12:08pm
The PSA argues it's time for a bold reimagining of how we organise, plan and deliver housing in New Zealand
19 Aug 17, 6:02am
David Chaston probes how much realised capital gain is being made by landlords and by owner-occupiers, and how much windfall flows to them from their tax-free status
9 Aug 17, 8:57am
Aucklanders caught between high rent increases and low wage growth - high immigration likely to be a contributing factor
31 Jul 17, 3:00pm
Next year's census to ask ask people whether they live in a damp or mouldy house
26 Jul 17, 9:17am
Strong headwinds and dangerous cross currents make it increasingly difficult for investors to plot a straight course in our volatile housing market
24 Jul 17, 11:23am
Housing rents have plateaued in Auckland and are declining in Christchurch, rising in Wellington, regions starting to cool, says Trade Me Property


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