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Harcourts sold 74% of their Auckland auction properties last week, 67% in Hamilton, 63% in Christchurch

Harcourts sold 74% of their Auckland auction properties last week, 67% in Hamilton, 63% in Christchurch
This unit at Manurewa in South Auckland sold for $476,000.

Harcourts sold 34 of their 46 Auckland auction properties last week giving a sales rate of 74%.

In Hamilton and Wellington the sales rate was 67% and in Christchurch it was 63%.

in Auckland prices ranged from $476,000 for a home unit in Manurewa (pictured) to $1.8 million for a house in Remuera.

In Hamilton prices ranged from $262,000 to $1.25 million, and in Christchurch prices ranged from $271,000 to $905,000.

See below for the full results:

Residential auction results for Harcourts Wellington:

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Borrow borrow borrow like there is no tomorrow. It's only the first home buyers that are feeling the sorrow.
The wealthy among us are the landed gentry. When we put out our hands there's cash aplenty.
As we drive the wedge deeper between haves and have nots, the Governor is sleeping while the PM plays golf.
I'm counting my fortune. It's winners take all. We look down from above at that growing class called the poor.


Why have you edited your comment so many times? I already read it: "Pride comes before the fall for those who are gloating".

doublegz - I didn't think my comment added anything to what Machiavelli has written, so I removed it.

Health Is Better Than Wealth. :

This is an old proverb. It means that it is always better to be healthy than wealthy. A man may be immensely rich. He may have all the luxuries one can dream of. But if he has a grave disease like cancer or something, all his wealth becomes useless. He will not be able to enjoy comforts. He will be slowly crawling inch by inch towards death. Apart from that he has to suffer the mental agony arising from his realization. He will be as good as dead. But if a man is health even if he has no wealth, he can be happy. As he is healthy, he can always work and earn his daily bread. He can lead a happy and contented life with what he has. As he is healthy, there will be no diseases to bother him. He may not be able to spend lavishly or afford luxuries. Therefore it is true to say that health is better than wealth.

Yes, happiness always comes first - it's a no brainer.

Health + wealth is the best.

Health + Wealth = A large DGZ property with a large lawn to play cricket and a swimming pool :-)

To each his own DGZ. We left our DGZ home a few years ago (still own it) and have never looked back. It's a quarter acre, pavlova paradise slice of dirt in the wild west for me! Fishing in the forgotten harbour on the weekend reinforced my view. I'd happily own a few more DGZ properties though ;)

I wouldn't trade superior intellect for happiness. Not sure if that is a no brainer or not ;-)

You have to be in possession of something before you trade it.

(Sorry I couldn't resist!. Love your work though ZS.)

Maybe I should have written, "I will trade some of my happiness for a superior intellect"!
Happiness being a rather vague thing.

These days you need wealth to be able to pay for the drugs that can beat cancer.

The Zachary Index is out on the above Auckland auction results.
Average sale price of 38.47% over CV for 32 houses.
I included the one which sold for below CV and the two Bassett Road properties that seemed to have abnormal results below what I would have expected. Without those three the percentage over CV for 29 houses was 45.26%

Days to the General Election: 27
See Party Policies here. Party Lists here.