House prices

16 Oct 18, 12:25pm
Harcourts' September sales suggest a steady start to spring as national average selling price rises, sales volumes flat
16 Oct 18, 10:00am
Comparing auction selling prices to rating valuations suggests prices are relatively steady
15 Oct 18, 11:44am
We face the apparently contradictory situation in which inflation is strongly rising and yet the Reserve Bank will keep the possibility of interest rate cuts on the table
11 Oct 18, 1:47pm
There's some expectation the Reserve Bank might loosen mortgage lending restrictions next month - but the 'evidence' either supportive or against such a move is is not definitive
11 Oct 18, 9:45am
The number of homes sold last month was the lowest in September since 2011 but prices remained flat
10 Oct 18, 10:17am
The auction rooms are getting busier as the weather improves
9 Oct 18, 11:16am
David Hargreaves ponders where the turbulent forces of a falling dollar, rising fuel prices and falling business confidence may take us
3 Oct 18, 10:40am
Auckland house buyers should have plenty of choice this summer so sellers will need to be realistic on price
2 Oct 18, 9:57am
Prices ranged from $595,000 to $3.25 million at Barfoot & Thompson's latest Auckland auctions
1 Oct 18, 2:20pm
ANZ economists expect slower but still substantial population growth through migration, but say if there is a more rapid slowdown, economic growth could slow markedly
26 Sep 18, 3:38pm
Monthly mortgage figures show a decline in the share of new mortgages taken out by both first home buyers and investors
25 Sep 18, 11:29am
David Hargreaves reckons the direction of the housing market over the next few months will decide a lot of things, including who wins the next election
22 Sep 18, 5:00am
The spring weather is starting to warm up the bidding in the auction rooms
19 Sep 18, 4:06pm
Inland Revenue says any suggestion it has taken its eye off the ball when it comes to property investors is 'thoroughly misleading'
18 Sep 18, 10:59am
Barfoot & Thompson achieved sales on 37% of the properties at their latest auctions, with almost half of them selling for more than their rating valuations
17 Sep 18, 11:11am
Harcourts sold more homes in August but average prices were down in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. CEO picks 'an upturn shortly'
13 Sep 18, 9:49am
The first rays of spring are starting to warm the housing market with sales volumes up slightly and prices mostly steady
11 Sep 18, 11:17am
As the Government stumbles from one crisis to another, it's looking for the flagship KiwiBuild programme to inject some stability and lead it in a more positive direction; the stakes are high
10 Sep 18, 5:10pm
Sales rates were down at Barfoot & Thompson's latest auctions but the Pukekohe auction was the standout with a 50% sales rate


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