House prices

24 Apr 18, 11:05am
Immigration is continuing to drop from very high levels spurred by rising numbers of departing non-New Zealanders; over 3000 non-Kiwis left in March - a record for a March month
24 Apr 18, 10:10am
Property Institute warns the Government's moves to 'ring fence' property tax losses will have a 'disastrous impact' on the market and significantly worsen the already existing rental accommodation shortage
23 Apr 18, 5:18pm
Tex Edwards cooks up a multi course recipe to improve housing affordability in New Zealand. With market failure more government involvement is required, he argues 
23 Apr 18, 10:42am
The Government's coming under pressure to make changes and exemptions in its legislation barring offshore buyers from owning existing New Zealand houses
18 Apr 18, 4:24pm
ANZ economists say the cost of building a new house has become more attractive relative to the cost of buying an existing one
18 Apr 18, 1:43pm
Harcourts' March sales volumes down 7.5% year-on-year as the summer selling season ended on a quieter note
17 Apr 18, 11:39am
Westpac report says the good times in the residential property market will "end very soon"
17 Apr 18, 9:39am
Auckland housing sales the lowest for the month of March since 2010
16 Apr 18, 5:03pm
As the new Government puts various supply and demand policies into place aimed at the housing market, David Hargreaves wonders if it has a clear plan of how it would like to see the market looking and behaving
16 Apr 18, 2:10pm
Bayleys auction rooms were busier last week as things returned to normal after a couple of short weeks
11 Apr 18, 2:10pm
David Hargreaves wonders whether the Reserve Bank would be best served by leaving tough deposit restrictions in place on housing investors for the time being
10 Apr 18, 9:48am
Sales rates at Barfoot & Thompson's auctions range from 14% in Manukau to 60% in Pukekohe
9 Apr 18, 1:55pm
ANZ economists say high house prices and associated high debt levels have seen consumer spending remain more subdued than might have been expected with the economy buoyant
4 Apr 18, 5:02am
The sales rates ranged from 28% to 34% at Barfoot & Thompson's most recent main auctions
3 Apr 18, 11:03am
Bayleys' auction rooms were more buoyant in the lead up to Easter
29 Mar 18, 4:46pm
David Hargreaves says while the move to ring-fence' investors' losses on rental properties for tax purposes appears logical we must be cautious about assuming that all the consequences will be good ones
29 Mar 18, 3:34pm
The sharp decline in the growth rates of mortgage borrowing seen in the past year has ended; the recent fast rise in consumer borrowing has slowed
29 Mar 18, 11:31am
IRD releases 'ring-fencing' paper; Revenue Minister encourages feedback on proposal to ensure investors can't offset losses on property investments against other income
28 Mar 18, 10:04am
The sales rate improved at Barfoot & Thompson's auctions last week but the full results of its North Shore auctions have not been released
27 Mar 18, 9:52am
Could Australia's banking Royal Commission be the catalyst for a credit crunch, and potentially a recession?


25 Mar 18, 1:26pm
19 Mar 18, 4:07pm
12 Mar 18, 3:41pm