Migration numbers continue to break all records, driven by strong growth from China, the UK and Australia

Migration numbers continue to break all records, driven by strong growth from China, the UK and Australia

Migration continues to hit new highs with a record net population gain from migration of 69,954 in the year to September, according to Statistics NZ.

That is up from the net gain of 61,234 in the year to September 2015, 45,414 in the year to September 2014, 15,174 in the year to September 2013 and a net loss of population of -3280 in the year to September 2012.

However there are significant changes in the composition of migrants, with more people coming from China, Australia and the UK, and fewer from India.

China has now firmly regained its top spot as the biggest source of new migrants with a net gain of 10,172 from that country in the year to September, compared with 8502 in the year to September 2015 and 7004 in the year to September 2014.

That was followed by India with a net gain of 9903 in the September year, down from 12,992 in the year to September 2015, but still up from 9070 in the year to September 2014.

There has also been a big lift in the numbers coming from Australia with a net gain of 1965 from across the Tasman in the year to September, compared with a net loss of 220 people to Australia in the previous 12 months.

There has also been a jump in migration from the UK, with a net gain of 5007 in the year to September, up from 3691 in the previous 12 months. 

The latest figures will put more public scrutiny on the Government's immigration policies because of the pressure high population growth puts on housing and a host of services ranging from health and education to transport and policing.

Those pressures will be felt most acutely in Auckland, with Statistics NZ figures showing a net gain of 32,768 migrants in the  Auckland region in the year to September, plus there was another 15,000 that did not state where they would settle, which meant Auckland's population gain from migration was probably around 40,000 in the year to September.

In the 12 months to September this country made a net loss of 2108 New Zealand citizens, with more New Zealanders relocating overseas that came back to live, while there was a net gain 72,062 citizens of other countries.

Of the 125,642 people who arrived in this country on a permanent or long term basis in the year to September, the biggest group (40,184) arrived on work visas, followed by 37,044 Australian and New Zealand citizens (who do not require visas), 25,597 on student visas and 16,049 on residency visas.

In a First Impressions newsletter on the figures Westpac senior economist Anne Boniface described September's migration inflows as huge.

"There was a net inflow of 6340 in the month - the largest monthly net inflow on record and a much stronger outturn than we had anticipated," she said.

Net long term migration

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Build a wall

... Fulton Hogan ? ... or give the contract to the Chinese ... apparently they've got some expertise in the wall construction industry ...

Even their ute is called Great Wall

we don't need a wall, we have a moat.
All we have to do is pull the draw bridge up.

Which then makes it a .............. wall :D

Get building consent first.

First you need a Resource Consent for your intention to build, then everyone can make submission to say if it's a good idea. Then apply for a Building Consent for the build

LOL, Nice one Onwards, love it.
Heaps of truth in that joke.


No wonder theres a housing shortage for Kiwis.
Be interesting if the Government or reporter did a factual, balanced survey on migrants - residents and citizens from 3 to 5 years ago to see what value they've brought to NZ. To see what they're up to - if it they're actually helping?


Don't hold your breath. I have asked the same question but apparently TPTB are not interested in finding out or suspect the answer and don't want us to know. BusinessNZ are (of course) banging the immigration drum - apparently enough is never enough for this lot http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=1173...
Meanwhile our young and low skilled are no longer required on the plantation and almost completely useless according to John Key and Bill English. Mind you there is not much incentive to get out there, get tained and get a job when the net gain is $1/hour - sometimes negative.
There is no doubt there is a large Kiwi underbelly with some real issues around work and structure in their lives generally - that doesn't mean we should just give up on them, sideline them and replace them with foreigners. We need to harden up on our wet welfare mentality, genuinely incentivise work and stop undermining our own with low quality immigration.

Why stop at only 3-5 yrs ago? I'd say go all the way.

Agreed, let’s go back to 1840 and send some of these Pakeha dole bludgers and land thieves back to their mother lands (e.g. England, Ireland and Scotland).

if we did that it would be wrong not to include the first wave of immigrants, self proclaimed "natives" who came with healthy appetites.

Discoverers are not immigrants. I presume you are alluding to the Moriori myth that they discovered NZ...

How about you get some knowledge in ya... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moriori

Using wiki unironically is hilarious

What's your source?....

Your racist daddy's drivel...

Using wiki unironically is hilarious

Can't see any such survey getting off the ground. Our dripping wet Race Relations Commissioner has come out and said we can't even discuss the impact of immigration. Phrases like "immigrant students taking Kiwis jobs" are deeply racist and now verbotten according to Susan Devoy.
That's right folks, (presumably) because these "students" are predominantly Indian just mentioning them as part of a general discussion is now racist. That doesn't even make any sense and that fool of a woman should be stood down immediately on the grounds of insanity.

Dame Susan Devoy: Kiwis 'racist' towards foreign students

"[They are] being told to go home, perhaps being abused at the bus stop, people making fun of their names and all of these things.

I wonder if it is the "pale, male and stale" guys doing this? Of course not as we generally have company cars and wouldn't be seen dead at a bus stop.

It seems that population growth and it's consequences is continuing to shape up to be the defining issue for the coming election season. Lets hope for a reasoned and sensible debate that doesn't get sidetracked by name-calling.

* double post by accident *


Who didn't see this coming ?


Last year Germany welcomed 1.1 million people alone but millions more have flooded into the country over the past five years.
Now foreign nationals who have lived in the country have expressed their concerns about the impact it is having on their standard of living.
ne woman who identified herself as a National Democratic Party voter said: “Today’s refugees get social housing, welfare payments. And this, and that, and this. Why?
“I’m a foreigner myself.”
While another woman who wore a bright hijab said: “It’s become a little… terrible around here. Not like it used to be.”
”Too many people came to Neukölln. When they come they have to earn a living.

Maybe we should think/talk about and stop this before this story is in the Herald ?


“I’ve had my market here for 20 years.
"It used to be good people around here that bought my goods.
"But now, no one buys anything any more…
"The Germans all moved away.
“Now there’s only refugees and foreigners here.”

Being the 3rd biggest arms seller in the world, there is a fair amount of guilt associated with the German situation. I spent some time with some Germans this year who expressed this view to me.

For the record, a family of 4 refugees gets 1800 euro a month. Thats right, beneficiaries here are underpaid.

The rates is about the same (including the accomadation supplement) and would be more when you factor in all the extras (state house etc...).

See http://www.workandincome.govt.nz/products/benefit-rates/benefit-rates-ap...

Yep we need to close borders now and stop being so PC.


anothee gimmie for Labour...the whole situation is absurd, flooding the country with migrants in the middle of the biggest housing crisis in living memory


I can just picture some "career politicians" and members of the "Business" Round Table et al sitting around in some closed off room in the Beehive, discussing immigration policies for NZ ....it would go something like this:

1. We have to keep wages DOWN - increased immigration - CHECK
2. We must keep the demand for real estate UP - increased immigration - CHECK
3. We can not seem to be upsetting China - increased immigration, coupled with no taxes - CHECK
4. We need more income, as the local economy can't keep up - increased immigration - CHECK
5. We need to keep these "dodgy" educational business's going - increased immigration - CHECK
6. We must keep demand up for consumer goods - increased immigration - CHECK
7. We must keep the gap between rich and poor local Kiwis growing - increased immigration - CHECK

I read something from George Orwell:

TRUTH ...it's the new hate speech...
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"

So my question to you is, of the 7 points above, who disagrees with any of them and why ?

none from me, yet it seems JK is heading for a 4th term.

also we need more fake growth -check

So true philthy ! ...make that one no, 8

... 1965 migrants from Australia ... shouldn't we chuck them into a detention centre on some far flung off-shore island first ?

Yeah, Waiheke and Great Barrier and Little Barrier

... I was thinking of the Auckland Islands ... there's already some huts down there ... seals ... flax bushes .... all the luxuries that a new Australian migrant deserves ...

Aren’t those Islands pest-free GBH?

Aussies can't go there if that is the case.

.... ha ha ha ... yes , I should've thought of that ...

And imagine the incessant complaints to WINZ about the smell , the belching and flatulence , the rutting on the beaches in broad daylight , the fights over females ... ... the seals could only take just so much of the Australians' bad behavior ...

Some island.. still got building there, it was built for that purpose

south island fits the bill.

Whoa !!!!!

Just hold on there all of you .

The current arrivals are likely to be people who have been approved already maybe as long ago as last year .

I stand to be corrected but NZIS gives you about a year or possibly more to actually take up your residence from the date of granting a skilled or business visa

So , those who were approved up to 2 years ago are still coming and will continue to come , the delay has been things like selling their homes and possessions , selling their practices ( for professionals ) or their businesses , packing up their stuff , sorting out their taxes, switching off their accounts , paying off their accounts and closing them , etc etc

Turning this monster around is not going to be instant like switching off a light switch .

There could be another 100,000 arrivals under the old rules , but who knows , its seems the Government does not even know

Boatman. Interesting comments. Spoken to a couple recent immigrants from the U.K. One came on a family visa(due to existing family here) and they were given a year to arrive. The others, a couple on working visas (highly skilled incidentally) and they were given a specific month that they had to arrive. So people do seem to get variable time periods in which to arrive.

I am all for immigration but we need to focus on quality not quantity.

Any ideas how many people came in last year on the Investor Visa Scheme?

The power of exponential growth .... thats why the world is in trouble

2% growth per year equates to 2 x 2 = 4 times as large in 70 years (average lifespan)
3% growth per year equates to 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 times as large in 70 years (average lifespan)
4% growth per year equates to 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16 times as large in 70 years (average lifespan)

Yet the Europeans and the Japanese had solved the problem of population growth.

... plastics in the environment are helping too ... the effect of BPA and similar chemical compounds have caused the levels of male testosterone to halve over the last 50 years ...

At that rate , in another 50 we'll have absolutely none left at all ... .. the dawn of " the Estrogen Age " ...

they have temporarily solved the problem - its called debt binge & collapse.

We get busy discussing about how many people flow across the border. Time instead to have the more important argument about what the desirable long term total should be. I think it should be say 2 million, but I would settle for five million as an upper limit.

A little bit late for 2 million target, no argument though.
5 million is the default setting.

Five million in 3-5 years. We'll shoot past that limit. I suspect population growth (driven by inwards migration) will continue in NZ until the place is no better than anywhere else (i.e. much worse than now). I'm hopeful, but not optimistic, that the populace will opt for a different future rather than the status quo...

Are you talking about in NZ or Auckland? 5 million in Auckland sounds about right to me.

Numbers increasing from U.K. Possibly the Brexit effect?

Considering the lag time from applying to getting access to NZ it is much more likely to be a pre-Brexit effect. People were keen to get out of the UK because they observed that Europe had let down its shields. Post Brexit numbers may actually decrease.
After all, when you think about it, coming to NZ is a form of exiting Europe. Makes me laugh when expats criticize the British for voting Brexit when they have already voted with their feet to leave Europe themselves.

We have two new staff from the UK who applied for their visas post-Brexit decision, the referendum was nearly 4 months ago. When I moved over here, I didn't have to give up my European Union passport and I still have the right to travel freely and work in any EU country, for another couple of years at least.

I don't see any contradiction in wishing the UK had remained a member of the EU and me wanting to live elsewhere at the moment, and I certainly didn't emigrate because of the EU.

You want the best of both worlds I guess. Why did you emigrate?
Also did those two apply for visas because of the Brexit decision?
Also...what sort of visas do they have?

I emigrated for a change of scenery, and as a healthcare worker I saw limited prospects in the NHS with funding and pay freezes for the foreseeable future. I also have friends and family living in Europe who might be affected by any split, it's not purely selfish.

I'm sure Brexit wasn't their only consideration, but talking to my liberal friends still living there the atmosphere seems to have turned pretty nasty pretty quickly and I know several who are looking to get out.

I recall discussing with a couple of Brits - young couple with two school age children- back in the early mid 2000's on the reasons for them upping sticks and moving to the other side of the world. "Too many bloody immigrants" was their response. Strangely they couldn't see the irony but a lot of Poms fully believe we're still a British colony. For folk of my father's generation (WW2 veteran, battle of Britain etc.) the entry into the EEC was very disappointing, treachery even. Despite all that we still have a strong bond I believe and I am very pleased that the Brits had the very good sense to get out of that unfolding nightmare that is the EU. It won't be at all easy - in much the same way we had some massive adjustments to make following the loss of commonwealth preference. There's a huge world to trade with, if we can do it down here I'm sure the Brits can.

Rack 'em in! Please lord let there be tradies among these human gifts. Maybe now all those cheeky builders/gas fitters, electriclans and shake down artists will get back to me with reasonable quotes. Now that they have some healthy competition.

Your singapore noodles will be cheaper, if you were a teacher you would have more pupils, Your tour guide will speak broken english, your drinks will be served by an exotic nationality.
Your building and electrical bill will surpass your legal bills before long.

sign of things to come as kiwis flee Auckland to live elsewhere
Traffic is building in Auckland early this afternoon as people begin leaving cities around the country for the long weekend break.
Traffic appears to be clear in other parts of the country, with fixed cameras showing free-flowing traffic in much of Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.
The worst delays in Auckland are for those heading south of the city, with queues along much of the Southern Motorway,

Rotorua Council only this week have launched a campaign to get people to move from Auckland to Rotorua. I understand other councils have done similar.

There's quite an infestation of recently arrived Jafa refugees here in the Bay of Islands and property going crazy.
Getting a house is suddenly a big problem for my three children that live in the area, these new arrivals seem to think that $600k is cheap but it's really difficult for our young folk as this is a low wage area. Thanks a lot John.

Hey Kiwidave. I'm one of those ex Aucklanders (not Auckland born and family are originally from Northland) who moved to the BOI a few months ago to escape the rat race. I noticed the property prices when I arrived and noticed how the local economy just doesn't support the prices. Agree that it's cheap for many cashed up retirees of which I am not one. Have since been made redundant and finding it tough to find another decent paying job. It takes two to tango though and most vendors just see the $$$.

Governments, both Labour and National haven't helped but they're not to blame. We the people and our everlasting quest for money and "wealth" are at the source of the issue.


Yeah auck is such a fantastic city that any opportunity the residents get the hell out of the god forsaken place. Pity our shortsighted pm cannot but see that in time there will be no escape......the rest of the country having embraced the cancer that comes with over population. The world renowned beauty that was the NZ culture and lifestyle is being savaged by this satan of a man.

He is the devil incarnate

Housing and Immigration, the bug bears of all prosperous and peaceful western countries for the last few years, due to the crisis in Middle East engineered and being sustained by the west. Payback is a bitch, truly.
Also because of the QE to save the west from the effects of GFC, which is having many unforeseen consequences, reinforcing the Law of Unintended Consequences.
Not easy to tackle this without some concerted agreement and action.
May be the the Great Satan is to be blamed after all ?

Sign of prosperity : National Government.

Think and Vote in comming election.

The nats are helping to build a blighted future every day.

and yet it looks like most NZers will still vote for the nats.
Most of the sentiment in these posts seems to be against the last 5 years of population growth.
Most of the sentiment seems to be saying enough is enough, no more people!
and yet National still has mandate for full steam ahead to permanently change the population demographics of our country.
They propose over 100 billion $ of infrastructure being built in the next 10 yrs to support this population growth. If you have 1 million taxpayers that is a cost of $100,000 each. $10,000 a year for each taxpayer for the next 10 years.
and the irony on the cake is that they will bring in more migrants to help build this infrastructure for the migrants.

And you know why they probably will vote that way Northland Hippy, because they all know that whether they have a problem with immigration or not, they understand the reason why the population was flooding out of NZ eight years ago, and now has a flood the other way....compared to the rest of the world the Nats have an economy that is out performing most, and the overall living standards for most being much better on average than other places ..simple equation

Much of our quality of life is related to our low density and the fact New Zealand was one of the last colonised land masses. People are fleeing countries where population pressures have created more competition for resources. The only thing exceptional about NZ is that we have yet to grossly overpopulate our land mass (although this appears to be the mission objective now in the name of 'economic growth'). You're kidding yourself if you think the government is doing anything other than shifting the burden to future generations and degrading what many cherish.

Bankers - they know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Absolutely. Every time Auckland or other NZ cities rank high in quality of life surveys they always state low population density as being a key factor. Same goes for most other cities that rank highly.
Your statement about shifting the burden to future generations is too true, yet seems to be modus operandi for modern societies, NZ included.

If you are looking for more details on immigration numbers go here:

International travel and migration data

Some good spreadsheets. Table 6 Permanent and long-term arrivals has a good breakdown of the figures that count.

Very interesting indeed. Thank you.

The original DGZ? Welcome back.
Table 5 is quite interesting too as it details the New Zealand-resident traveller departures and reveals the increasing number of Kiwis going on overseas trips. 2014 - 2244k, 2015 -2379k and 2016 - 2540k. A quarter of a million more holidays in 2016 compared to 2014. This would imply that Kiwis are becoming more affluent.

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