Statistics NZ

22 Jun 18, 11:36am
Population growth from migration continues slowing with big drops in gains from China, India and the UK, Statistics NZ says
7 Jun 18, 11:39am
Overseas house buyer activity is concentrated in places like Auckland and Queenstown
5 Jun 18, 2:21pm
There's been a drop in the average size of new houses and townhouses being built in Auckland, which may help bring prices down
30 May 18, 11:21am
Good news for Aucklanders with the number of new dwelling consents up and average values falling, suggesting a shift towards more affordable new housing
21 May 18, 11:27am
Rising numbers of non-New Zealanders are continuing to leave, pushing net migration down from high levels to an annual gain of 67,000 in April, down nearly 5000 from a year earlier
4 May 18, 12:25pm
Rodney Dickens doubts landlords' costs drive rents, suggesting it's more likely income growth does. But he finds there is confusion in the data with the biggest threat from inflation
2 May 18, 10:57am
New Zealand’s unemployment rate drops to 4.4%, in line with the Reserve Bank’s forecast
1 May 18, 11:09am
Statistics New Zealand says there were 2926 new homes consented nationally in March, up 5.3% on the same month a year earlier; Auckland had 1082 consents, up 14.9%
24 Apr 18, 11:05am
Immigration is continuing to drop from very high levels spurred by rising numbers of departing non-New Zealanders; over 3000 non-Kiwis left in March - a record for a March month
29 Mar 18, 11:17am
The number of new homes consented in February fell year-on-year and the annual growth rate is slowing
21 Mar 18, 1:22pm
Auckland region's annual GDP bigger than Wellington, Canterbury and Waikato's combined, Statistics NZ figures show
21 Mar 18, 11:24am
Migration gain continues its downward path with more non-New Zealand citizens returning home
15 Mar 18, 11:22am
New Zealand’s economy grew by a whisker under 3% last year as GDP data for the fourth quarter of 2017 came in under market expectations – the growth figure is more than 1% off 2016’s figure
2 Mar 18, 11:21am
Encouraging start to year with building consents up strongly in Auckland compared to a year ago
28 Feb 18, 11:22am
Annual net gain from migration down 1.6% to 70,147 in year to January
18 Feb 18, 7:02am
This government could find itself with a worse housing crisis on its plate than the one it inherited from National, Greg Ninness suggests
7 Feb 18, 11:06am
At 4.5%, New Zealand’s unemployment rate is at its lowest since December 2008 and there are some promising signs wage inflation is beginning to pick up some steam
2 Feb 18, 11:34am
New dwelling consents took a dip in December but were up 3.4% for the year
2 Feb 18, 11:28am
Net migration fell by nearly 7% in December 2017 compared to the same month the previous year; Annual net migration slipped to 70,000
12 Jan 18, 2:25pm
Statistics NZ completes its 3-yearly review of CPI components that monitor consumer inflation. Food and housing are weighted a little higher in this new review


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