Statistics NZ

23 Oct 18, 12:44pm
Falls in migration & rising building consents mean Auckland's housing shortage could be on the verge of receding, but there's still a big backlog of pent up demand to overcome
19 Oct 18, 11:32am
New Zealand's September net migration gain down 21% from September 2016 peak
28 Sep 18, 11:25am
Auckland's house building boom continues to ramp up reaching a record high in year to August
26 Sep 18, 1:02pm
August trade deficit driven to record high by rising costs of crude oil and diesel imports
21 Sep 18, 11:33am
Net migration down 12.2% in year to August compared to previous year and continuing to fall
16 Sep 18, 6:31am
A record $1.84 billion of housing alterations was consented in June year as big numbers of homeowners do up their houses
1 Sep 18, 10:41am
Our changing migration patterns: Net migration numbers are falling back from their recent highs but migration is still increasing in some areas and declining in others
30 Aug 18, 11:20am
New dwelling consents were at elevated levels in Auckland last month, but down in most other main centres
21 Aug 18, 11:23am
Annual New Zealand migration gain still at historically high levels but easing back compared to the last two years
14 Aug 18, 11:07am
New Zealand has added the equivalent of the population of the Waikato region since 2013 with net migration the main driver, Statistics NZ says
10 Aug 18, 11:45am
Falling construction costs rather than a reduction in size is the likely reason for a drop in the average value of new apartments consented in Auckland
31 Jul 18, 11:33am
New dwelling consents slipped in most parts of the country in June but rose strongly in Wellington
27 Jul 18, 11:40am
Overseas house buying activity mostly concentrated in Auckland, latest figures show
20 Jul 18, 11:43am
Lowest migration gain for month of June since 2014 as population loss to Australia starts to trickle up
6 Jul 18, 10:00am
Henry Lynch on the foreign buyer data debacle, how chatbots are channelling customers, the Australian banking sector, the FIFA’s World Cup strange connection to toilets, and the meaning of life
29 Jun 18, 11:25am
Surge in new dwelling consents in Auckland could be the beginning of the end for the region's housing shortage
22 Jun 18, 11:36am
Population growth from migration continues slowing with big drops in gains from China, India and the UK, Statistics NZ says
7 Jun 18, 11:39am
Overseas house buyer activity is concentrated in places like Auckland and Queenstown
5 Jun 18, 2:21pm
There's been a drop in the average size of new houses and townhouses being built in Auckland, which may help bring prices down
30 May 18, 11:21am
Good news for Aucklanders with the number of new dwelling consents up and average values falling, suggesting a shift towards more affordable new housing


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