There was competitive bidding on most of the apartments on offer at the main Auckland apartment auctions, but no bids for a leasehold unit in the CBD

There was competitive bidding on most of the apartments on offer at the main Auckland apartment auctions, but no bids for a leasehold unit in the CBD
A two bedroom unit in the Volt building (above) sold for $370,000.

There was a good level of bidding at this week's main Auckland apartment auctions with half of the properties offered selling under the hammer.

At City Sales just one apartment was up for grabs, a two bedroom unit in the City Zone complex on Liverpool St.

There were multiple bidders for it and it sold under the hammer, so the auction was short and sweet.

At Ray White City Apartments eight units were on offer, five of them in the CBD plus one each in Takapuna, Flat Bush and Mt Wellington.

The apartment in Flat Bush had remediation issues, but there were several potential buyers prepared to take a punt on it and bidding was competitive which saw it sell under the hammer, although it remediation issues were reflected in the price.

Two other apartments sold under the hammer and there was competitive bidding on another two that were passed in, another attracted just a single bid and was passed in and two attracted no bids, including a leasehold unit in the Scene Three building on Beach Road.

Details and photographs of all of the properties offered at both auctions and the prices achieved on those that sold, are available on our Residential Auction Results page.

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You know its very close to the collapse when even the mainstream media talk like this ! I can here those famous words of John Wheeler - 2018 the year of the crash.


Noted that auction clearance rates for Auckland have been tracking higher over the last few weeks.


I could be wrong but when I had a quick look at the last weeks auction results there was a much bigger proportion of properties at under $1 million than there normally is. Maybe there’s more properties in the lower price brackets turning up at auction which is great for FHBs and we are seeing auction clearance rates tickle upwards a little bit.

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I do think you are being a little premature saying that clearance rates are tracking higher though, I think over all volumes are still in the mid 30s where they have been for the last year

Happy spring house hunting for you :)

I will be holding off for now

"......... just ONE apartment was up for grabs.......multiple bidders...sold under the hammer".

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You're going to love this home, and you're going to love this area.

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