Agents don't mince their words describing a house that's a bit rough around the edges suggesting prospective buyers visiting wear biohazard suits

Agents don't mince their words describing a house that's a bit rough around the edges suggesting prospective buyers visiting wear biohazard suits is not usually in the business of giving out kudos for real estate advertising, but we think an ad we spied for a property in West Auckland deserves a special mention.

Real estate advertising is notorious for its excessive use of florid language and hackneyed phrases, but Tony Kelly and Grant Elliott's listing page on the City Sales website for a house on Daytona Rd in Henderson is notable for its searing honesty.

"It's dreadful," the banner headline proclaims above a photo highlighting the grace of the home's mouldy weatherboards and the charm of the gunk on its roof.

And to make sure the reader is in no doubt about the unique character of this rustic three bedroom house, the description goes on to list its many authentic features:

"Neglected, run-down ragamuffin needs urgent care," it says.

"Add generous proportions of elbow grease and the odd drop of blood, sweat and tears and you won't look back ," it adds, while aspiring first home buyers are advised to "bring your parents and a bio-hazard suit."

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Great work guys, well done.

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price $1,000,000 .... lol

Thats a million bucks easy, perfect for a P lab, do up not required.

Check out the listing description for this house !!! Got to love those agents.

Maybe I’m wrong but if I was selling on behalf on the MM I’d be cherry picking damn straight!

[ comment deleted because we don't allow silly smears or insults. Just not necessary. Debate the issues please. Ed ]

Do some spray and walk away,a new paint job then flashy home staging furniture and it will sell for 800K+

The location of the shed seems a little strange. Which property does it belong to?

Good point and good spotting

Photography has let it down I think.

I don't think they want to encourage closer inspection, perhaps for another absentee landlord to take ownership as is or a straight demo & new build.

This is financial news?

It doesn't really look that bad - a typical NZ rental. Waterblast the outside and give it a clean it would be better than a lot of places in west Auckland.

It doesn't really look that bad - a typical NZ rental.

Typical NZ rentals are awful. No noise insulation, almost no thermal insulation (walls and ceiling if you're lucky), single pane windows, mould problems, oven still has degrees in Fahrenheit, etc etc etc.

It's kind of like camping, except ludicrously expensive.

Just went to an Auction, for interest sake, and a property I previously wrote about on here was "Sold!". But here's the thing. It had an unconditional offer made and accepted on the place a week/10 days ago. - I know the vendors, and I will be highly interested to see the "Sold at Auction" figures. If it is included in them this week, what a sham the statistics are.

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