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24 Oct 18, 2:38pm
Ron Pol reflects on effectiveness issues revealed by the UK’s leaked AML/CFT evaluation & shares new visualisations of the ratings methodology that will be used to assess NZ’s regime
24 May 18, 10:36am
Ron Pol details his research revealing that anti-money laundering rules are almost completely ineffective
2 Sep 17, 6:02am
Ron Pol sheds light on the legal profession & money laundering and argues anti-money laundering is manageable for law firms
5 Jul 16, 2:00pm
Ron Pol concedes defeat and leaves parting gift of policy suggestions beyond the Shewan report
28 Jun 16, 10:30am
Ron Pol cheers John Shewan's report on foreign trust disclosure, says with him exercising the nuclear option the government's choices are now stark
16 Jun 16, 1:38pm
Ron Pol explores barriers and opportunities facing the Shewan ‘review’ of NZ foreign trusts
8 May 16, 9:37pm
Ron Pol compares one part of NZ's foreign trusts regime to a criminal getaway car manufacturing industry and asks whether the PM will take action or double-down on offshore trusts
11 Apr 16, 11:19am
Ron Pol says 'tax haven' misses the point: New Zealand’s reputation offers a competitive advantage, and opportunity
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