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Inland Revenue Department has called for 'expressions of interest' in developing its 'transformation programme'

Inland Revenue Department has called for 'expressions of interest' in developing its 'transformation programme'
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The Inland Revenue Department's kicked off a key phase in its "transformation programme" that might cost as much as $1.5 billion over the next 10 years.

Revenue Minister Todd McClay said he welcomed the start of the formal Expression of Interest process of the IRD's programme.

"This is the next step in transforming Inland Revenue into a more user-friendly agency that will allow New Zealanders to simply and efficiently manage their interactions through online services."

The expression of interest process is intended to procure service providers who will help Inland Revenue design the first stage of the Transformation Programme and also provide "high level validation" of future stages.

"The transformation is part of an all-of-Government approach to delivering a customer-focussed service through Better Public Services," McClay said.

"Inland Revenue is working hard to ensure these changes will deliver real benefits to New Zealanders."

He said that transformation was "going to take time" and throughout the process there would be opportunities for different New Zealand service providers with the right skills and experiences "to help us build and deliver this transformation programme".

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