21 Mar 19, 10:51am
Economy expands by 0.6% in December quarter surprising the Reserve Bank but not the market; Economists divided over whether slow growth will persist in 2019 
21 Mar 19, 9:49am
Mercer's David Scobie explains how referring to past performance has its uses when selecting investment products, but can be a comfort blanket with many holes
18 Mar 19, 1:50pm
ANZ economists say 'an immediate dip' in tourist arrivals can be expected in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attacks 'particularly from traditionally more risk-averse markets in Asia'
14 Mar 19, 1:40pm
GDP figures out next week widely expected to show an annual economic growth rate below 3% for the first time since late 2014
14 Mar 19, 9:52am
Ratings agency S&P Global says while the global economy is more leveraged that it was at the time of the GFC the likelihood of a widespread investor exodus is contained
5 Mar 19, 8:00am
David Hargreaves crunches some numbers on the growing proportion of first home buyers in an uncertain housing market
3 Mar 19, 6:02am
Grant Robertson's wellbeing budget, will it be a new way to measure our success as a country or just a public relations exercise? Or is it just a twist on the National Party’s social investment approach?
28 Feb 19, 1:10pm
ANZ's latest Business Outlook survey shows the recent improvement in levels of business confidence have stopped and a net 31% of survey respondents expect deteriorating conditions this year
25 Feb 19, 2:30pm
Amid ongoing debate about immigration, is it time New Zealanders took the debate broader and settled on a population policy?
16 Feb 19, 9:46am
GDP's successor will need to be compelling and tell a persuasive story, consistent with experience, of what is happening in our economies. Wellbeing may not be it, but wealth might be says Diane Coyle
15 Feb 19, 10:00am
Siah Hwee Ang on the latest happenings surrounding China, including the inevitable slowdown, a call for more investments and imports, keeping multinationals on their toes, the new e-commerce law and the new tech ambitions
8 Feb 19, 8:38am
Ardern warns of slowing global growth, talks up trade, and announces vocational training sector reform to help plug skills shortages in first major economic speech of 2019
7 Feb 19, 11:01am
Large September quarter drop in unemployment rate unwinds in December quarter a tad more than expected; Wages rise 1.9% over the year 
4 Feb 19, 8:25am
Mercer's David Scobie says financial markets have delivered investors a reality check
16 Jan 19, 11:43am
Surprising analysts, December retail sales end 2018 on a very weak note, even after removing the impact of falling petrol prices
16 Jan 19, 9:23am
Westpac economists challenge their ANZ counterparts, downplaying the effect higher proposed bank capital requirements will have on interest rates
20 Dec 18, 3:45pm
Slower than expected GDP growth, major bank capital changes, and a gloomy global outlook prompt ANZ economists to jump off the fence and forecast 3 OCR cuts by 2020
20 Dec 18, 11:11am
Economic growth slows more than expected; GDP growth falls to 0.3% in the September quarter, while annual growth falls to 3.0%
19 Dec 18, 12:03pm
Govt announces min. wage increase of $1.20 an hour to take effect on April 1; Indicates further $1.20 and $1.10 hikes in 2020 and 2021; Bridges says National would increase the min. wage by 50c a year
18 Dec 18, 4:58pm
Business confidence picks up to highest level since April according to ANZ survey; Tight credit conditions seen to be the loosest they've been in more than two years


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