21 May 18, 11:27am
Rising numbers of non-New Zealanders are continuing to leave, pushing net migration down from high levels to an annual gain of 67,000 in April, down nearly 5000 from a year earlier
21 May 18, 9:25am
John Mauldin describes how he thinks we will get from the credit crisis he believes is coming in the next 12–18 months, to what he's terming the Great Reset
17 May 18, 2:01pm
More than half of new spending goes to rebuilding public services and almost half of that is focused on health – Treasury’s GDP forecasts are optimistic at 3% over the next three years
16 May 18, 10:59am
John Mauldin begins a delve into what he sees as a rapidly approaching train wreck; 'Something is on the tracks ahead and I don't see how we'll avoid hitting it'
10 May 18, 1:07pm
The Reserve Bank Governor has already won over the bank economists with his new style of upfront and simple communication
8 May 18, 7:25am
Mercer's David Scobie says inflation may be lying low at the moment - but it is lurking
4 May 18, 9:27am
Patrick Watson says free markets don't work well unless certain people lose - otherwise the entire system fails and everyone loses; which is happening right now
3 May 18, 12:26pm
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern introduces the ‘tripartite Future Work Forum’ with a goal to prepare NZ for the ‘rapidly changing nature of work’
30 Apr 18, 2:40pm
Siah Hwee Ang looks at the fraught relationship between China and India pointing out the economic strengths of the two countries are actually complementary
24 Apr 18, 11:05am
Immigration is continuing to drop from very high levels spurred by rising numbers of departing non-New Zealanders; over 3000 non-Kiwis left in March - a record for a March month
23 Apr 18, 2:50pm
The country's biggest bank is suggesting New Zealand’s 'urgent' need for infrastructure outweighs the Government’s 'arbitrary [debt] target'
18 Apr 18, 4:24pm
ANZ economists say the cost of building a new house has become more attractive relative to the cost of buying an existing one
14 Apr 18, 10:31am
Why we'd all be better off being more welcoming to migrants' elderly parents and improving the quality of education offered to international students
12 Apr 18, 11:38am
RBNZ Assistant Governor John McDermott says change to a dual mandate in Policy Targets Agreement will ensure the current flexibilty in the bank's approach endures
9 Apr 18, 1:55pm
ANZ economists say high house prices and associated high debt levels have seen consumer spending remain more subdued than might have been expected with the economy buoyant
21 Mar 18, 1:22pm
Auckland region's annual GDP bigger than Wellington, Canterbury and Waikato's combined, Statistics NZ figures show
21 Mar 18, 11:59am
How future governments' policies and spending priorities will be shaped by both wellbeing and GDP being factored into their decision-making
20 Mar 18, 11:45am
BNZ’s chief economist Tony Alexander says New Zealanders are too used to high growth and points out a myriad of potential economic issues he calls 'blind spots'
19 Mar 18, 11:13am
David Chaston explains why current economic growth is probably as good as it will get. There aren't many more workers who can participate & we need large, long-term business investment to change productivity
15 Mar 18, 11:22am
New Zealand’s economy grew by a whisker under 3% last year as GDP data for the fourth quarter of 2017 came in under market expectations – the growth figure is more than 1% off 2016’s figure


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