29 Sep 17, 11:05am
Terry Baucher argues any political party wanting a fairer, more productive New Zealand needs to address the issue of the taxation of capital
4 Sep 17, 9:40am
Terry Baucher says the growth of cryptocurrencies underlines the need for comprehensive tax reform in NZ especially in relation to capital
30 Aug 17, 12:28pm
EY's David Snell takes a look at the tax issues that have cropped up during the election campaign and points out political parties are ignoring the power of disruption
12 Aug 17, 6:02am
Terry Baucher questions whether the Government's adoption of the OECD inspired BEPS initiative will be undermined by a lack of IRD staff to enforce it
4 Aug 17, 1:53pm
Government includes banks' and insurers' regulatory capital within OECD inspired crackdown on tax avoidance by multinational companies
4 Aug 17, 5:02am
MBIE striving to diagnose whether a problem exists due to a lack of transparency on company and trust beneficial ownership
3 Aug 17, 5:21pm
Tax consultant Terry Baucher describes the Government's BEPS move as the tax equivalent of a pre-election law and order policy announcement 
18 Jul 17, 12:47pm
Labour proposes smacking multinationals that avoid paying tax with a penalty National doesn't want to go near
10 Jun 17, 10:44am
The Green Party's James Shaw says foreign trust numbers reveal scale of problem National wanted to keep secret
7 Jun 17, 10:50am
ANZ seeking tax credit compensation for 51,000 KiwiSavers after bank discloses processing error that led to lower tax credits than savers should have received
22 May 17, 3:56pm
IRD 2017 average market livestock prices show increasing value this year: Dairy cattle and deer lead the way
11 May 17, 4:09pm
Terry Baucher on how a change in tax law caused the current housing crisis
10 May 17, 5:29pm
Terry Baucher on how the proliferation of KiwiSaver is making the need for a fully fledged capital gains tax all the more urgent  
10 Apr 17, 11:03am
Martien Lubberink probes the latest development in the Kiwibank-RBNZ capital impasse & suggests this is a spectacular Kiwibank problem, but not more than that
3 Apr 17, 1:34pm
Govt touts crime tax success as offender levy proceeds pushes through $25m mark since 2010
6 Mar 17, 10:33am
Revenue Minister Judith Collins says government yet to decide whether bank capital will be included in the crackdown on corporates' use of hybrid mismatches
5 Mar 17, 8:12pm
'Measured' approach proposed for closing multinationals' tax loopholes seen as too tough by big business consultant and too weak by retail lobby group
21 Feb 17, 9:50pm
ASB's Aussie parent details another PERLS debt issue by its NZ branch giving the trifecta of Tier 1 Capital, NZ tax deductibility & Australian franking credits
16 Feb 17, 1:15pm
Finance Minister says Government remains 'committed to reducing the tax burden'; talks of tolling Auckland roads; rules out regional fuel tax; says the age of eligibility for Super doesn't need to be raised
28 Dec 16, 9:31am
Terry Baucher reviews how the tax authorities have started to move against tax base erosion and profit shifting by multinationals


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