15 Mar 18, 2:27pm
National’s new finance spokeswoman Amy Adams says the IRD “don’t support [the bright line test] going to five years” – but a spokesman for the department says her comments are “not strictly true”
9 Mar 18, 3:55pm
ASB's parent Commonwealth Bank of Australia loses opportunity for 'certain tax deductions' in New Zealand from its PERLS capital notes issues
6 Mar 18, 2:00pm
An impact statement from Treasury and the IRD has revealed compliance with the current 2-year bright-line test is below 50% and this is likely to continue when the test extends to five years
2 Mar 18, 12:55pm
Terry Baucher on Google, tractors, tax evasion, cashless society, taxing CO2 emissions, the Swiss cryptocurrency town, really big tax cuts, sugar tax, Nigeria's census & more
22 Feb 18, 3:23pm
David Hargreaves sees trouble ahead with the extension of the so-called 'bright line' test on property transactions
17 Feb 18, 9:07am
Regulatory impact statement on extending the bright-line test reveals why the IRD would rather keep the current two-year test in place, while Treasury is up in the air on the matter
11 Jan 18, 2:06pm
The IRD says people should consider money made selling cryptocurrencies - bought with the intention of resale - as taxable, until it releases specific guidance on the matter
10 Dec 17, 6:31am
Terry Baucher with a parable about tax involving Metiria, Bill and Winston. Tax evasion, tax avoidance or just a simple mistake? 
16 Nov 17, 3:57pm
Revenue Minister Stuart Nash says Tax Working Group to be established with terms of reference released and members named by Christmas
8 Nov 17, 3:02pm
Guardians of NZ Super confirm the fund used Appleby, the law firm at the centre of the Paradise Papers release outlining widespread use of tax havens; NZ Super confident 'no negative commercial implications' for it
6 Nov 17, 6:23pm
IRD gets involved in Paradise Papers probe; Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to seek more information before commenting; John Key's lawyer reportedly mentioned in leak
5 Nov 17, 7:23am
Notorious property manager/developer Augustine Lau speaks out about why he's in the dog box with his overseas associates who are defaulting on their mortgages 
29 Sep 17, 11:05am
Terry Baucher argues any political party wanting a fairer, more productive New Zealand needs to address the issue of the taxation of capital
4 Sep 17, 9:40am
Terry Baucher says the growth of cryptocurrencies underlines the need for comprehensive tax reform in NZ especially in relation to capital
30 Aug 17, 12:28pm
EY's David Snell takes a look at the tax issues that have cropped up during the election campaign and points out political parties are ignoring the power of disruption
12 Aug 17, 6:02am
Terry Baucher questions whether the Government's adoption of the OECD inspired BEPS initiative will be undermined by a lack of IRD staff to enforce it
4 Aug 17, 1:53pm
Government includes banks' and insurers' regulatory capital within OECD inspired crackdown on tax avoidance by multinational companies
4 Aug 17, 5:02am
MBIE striving to diagnose whether a problem exists due to a lack of transparency on company and trust beneficial ownership
3 Aug 17, 5:21pm
Tax consultant Terry Baucher describes the Government's BEPS move as the tax equivalent of a pre-election law and order policy announcement 
18 Jul 17, 12:47pm
Labour proposes smacking multinationals that avoid paying tax with a penalty National doesn't want to go near


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