18 Jan 19, 1:26pm
The Spinoff's Maria Slade looks at a new study from which the evidence suggests the trucking industry is in a race to the bottom
5 Jul 18, 10:32am
Paul Buchanan points out New Zealand is facing a very tough choice between our security interests and our economic interests, and that choice may have to be made very soon
14 Sep 17, 1:56pm
Are we looking to the past for transport solutions for the future? Jen​ée Tibshraeny wades into the transport debate
17 Jun 17, 10:52am
Brian Easton analyses house prices relative to consumer prices over a long period. He says what makes recent house price changes so extraordinary is their occurrence during a time of general low inflation
5 Jun 17, 7:14am
Brian Easton suggests that rather than being obsessed with the public debt track, we need to pay more attention to the private debt track especially when it involves overseas borrowing
25 Mar 17, 8:35am
David Hall calls for an intergenerational conversation about fairness - it would be hard 'but even trying would be a good start'
5 Nov 16, 7:45am
Charles Crothers reports on the findings of recent surveys on how Aucklanders rate their City and whether the new structures deliver on their promises
15 Oct 16, 8:49am
Julienne Molineaux says the call for online voting will not solve the problem of civic engagement by itself, and it creates real security risks
28 Sep 16, 1:54pm
AUT Professor says the Government can't rely on the private sector to develop affordable housing in Auckland and will need to do it itself
18 Sep 16, 7:13am
Deborah Russell says that for all its technical attributes that make our tax system a model widely admired, it is not serving the broader economy or society well
10 Sep 16, 9:18am
John Tookey reviews the impact of productivity and design in housing affordability, argues cost is not price
7 Sep 16, 2:09pm
John Tookey says the only way to increase the total number of houses constructed on land made available is to compel its rapid development and use ahead of the free market
27 Aug 16, 8:28am
Donal Curtin wonders if some local industries are getting too concentrated and consumers getting too little choice, and asks if our competition authorities have become 'too blasé' about the impacts
27 Aug 16, 8:05am
Brian Easton examines the tax incentive mess we have got into with our housing policy, and suggests some ways to get out of it
6 Aug 16, 9:39am
Michael Reddell says reshaping our immigration policy would end Auckland house price inflation, lower our interest rates, and drop our exchange rate. And he says it would raise average incomes
23 Jul 16, 8:21am
Ranjana Gupta says a land tax would broaden the tax base, depress land speculation, reduce the burden of tax on income, and shift taxation more to wealth
16 Jul 16, 9:02am
Julie Ann Genter says, while the Paris agreement is not perfect, but it does constitute a global political mandate for action on climate change, and signals the end of the fossil fuel era sometime in the coming decades
28 Jun 16, 12:24pm
Michael Field reports on what is happening on the 'Kermadec fence' where high tech operations by Chinese boats are taking vast numbers of fish in our backyard
15 Jun 16, 10:38am
Grant Duncan calls for ACC to be extended as originally intended to cover major health issues not caused in employment. The reaching of full funding sustainability opens the option
18 Apr 16, 11:13am
British professor Guy Standing says the 'old' income distribution system has broken down irretrievably. He sees a growing group of workers facing inequality and insecurity


16 Apr 16, 10:39am
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