8 Feb 19, 11:17am
ASB CEO Vittoria Shortt says 'huge agenda' of potential regulatory change could lead to price changes for bank customers & credit rationing
5 Feb 19, 8:04am
Aussie Royal Commission's final report lashes sales incentives & ex-BNZ boss Andrew Thorburn, brings bad news for mortgage brokers
30 Jan 19, 3:53pm
Analysts suggest ASB's parent CBA, expected to need more capital to meet new RBNZ requirements, will splash out A$3.5b in share buyback
29 Jan 19, 5:00am
ASB forced to follow parent Commonwealth Bank of Australia and release its interim financial results on Waitangi Day
21 Jan 19, 9:23am
Credit Suisse says potential for Royal Commission to recommend changes to mortgage broker remuneration could be lucrative for Aussie banks
17 Dec 18, 9:37am
The ANZ Banking Group says ANZ NZ would need up to NZ$8 bln of new capital to meet RBNZ's new bank capital proposals
22 Nov 18, 9:43am
ASB's parent Commonwealth Bank of Australia recommits to funding Heartland Group's Australian reverse mortgage business
18 Nov 18, 5:23pm
Surprise! For the first time ever we are now not paying more than the Aussies for one key fixed rate. We look at how New Zealand mortgage pricing compares with what Aussies pay for the same sort of loans
6 Nov 18, 10:36am
Fonterra offering an 'indicative margin' of 1.25% to 1.35% on the new seven-year bonds
5 Nov 18, 9:13am
Fonterra says it's considering a bond offer to raise up to $150 million that will be used 'for general corporate purposes'
27 Sep 18, 9:39am
Morgan Stanley analysts detail the possible scenarios that'll feature in the interim report from Australia's Royal Commission
8 Sep 18, 9:31am
David Chaston probes current bank margins to swap rates to check whether banks are using the latest falling interest rate environment to fatten their margins
30 Aug 18, 10:01am
ASIC reverse mortgage review to see NZ's Heartland Bank work to improve customers' understanding of the long-term implications of reverse mortgages
16 Aug 18, 1:05pm
Heartland Bank restructure will leave burgeoning Australian reverse mortgage business free of regulatory capital requirement rules on either side of the Tasman
8 Aug 18, 10:08am
The ASB profit machine marches on with June year net profit up 10% to $1.177 bln, net interest margin, return on equity & parent CBA's dividends all up
4 Aug 18, 10:01am
Heartland Bank eyes restructure to help enable ongoing secured funding for its fast growing Australian reverse mortgages business
31 Jul 18, 4:16pm
UBS economists suggest higher funding costs may be a new structural market feature for the Australian parents of New Zealand's big four banks
4 Jul 18, 11:54am
Aussie sharemarket investors no longer keen to see banks growing lending, especially investment property lending, strongly, analysts argue
30 May 18, 11:53am
NZ life insurance market consolidates as ANZ agrees to sell OnePath Life to Cigna for $700 million; Sale to see Cigna become NZ's third largest life insurer
1 May 18, 11:10am
ASB's parent Commonwealth Bank of Australia gives enforceable undertaking to APRA after prudential inquiry into the bank, has to hold A$1 bln of extra capital


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