The Co-operative Bank

11 Dec 18, 5:00am
Credit card market 'a real area of customer harm', says The Co-operative Bank's CEO David Cunningham
7 Dec 18, 12:12pm
CEO David Cunningham says The Co-operative Bank is working on alternative incentive options for staff after FMA told banks 'thou shalt not have sales incentives'
6 Dec 18, 10:09am
Co-operative Bank CEO David Cunningham says sub-4% home loan rates unsustainable unless deposit rates fall about 50 basis points
4 Dec 18, 3:30pm
Co-op Bank, SBS, TSB, Heartland and Rabobank all deliver lending and deposit growth in the September quarter
21 Nov 18, 12:49pm
ASB, like BNZ and The Co-operative Bank, adopts facial recognition technology to enable new customers to apply for a bank account in 15 minutes without entering a branch 
12 Sep 18, 12:15pm
Credit rating agency has stable outlook for regional New Zealand banks despite pressures
28 Aug 18, 11:08am
Financial performance and lending growth steady across The Co-operative Bank, SBS, TSB, Heartland, and Rabobank during the June quarter
7 Mar 18, 11:26am
Small NZ owned banks again grow mortgage lending faster than the major banks
30 Nov 17, 8:24am
A 325% debt-to-disposable income ratio, loans to prop up dairy farms, NZ's net external liability position at its lowest level since the 1980s, 50% housing loan growth in just 2 years & more
8 Sep 17, 4:24pm
Strong lending growth continues at three NZ owned banks but profit takes a hit at two of them
8 Aug 17, 4:02pm
Led lower by Westpac banks cut advertising spending by 14% in the first-half of 2017, Nielsen figures show
11 Jul 17, 9:06am
The Co-operative Bank says CFO Gareth Fleming is leaving after 10 years at the bank; Fleming recently acted as CEO
11 Jul 17, 9:03am
The Co-operative Bank says it is excited to be offering a new way for its customers to pay online as quickly and easily as possible
23 Jun 17, 3:42pm
Total combined assets of SBS Bank, The Co-operative Bank and TSB Bank push past $13 billion as strong residential mortgage lending growth continues
1 Jun 17, 9:47am
The RBNZ notes small banks have doubled their share of new mortgage commitments since 2014, and that rapid lending growth carries risk
28 Apr 17, 5:02pm
Latest KPMG quarterly FIPS highlights lower bank funding costs, rising returns on equity, margin pressure, profit growth and slower lending growth
29 Jan 17, 11:25am
SBS Bank slips into line with other banks, raising it at the same time it offers term deposit savers a new hot 9 month rate
24 Jan 17, 8:14pm
SBS Bank and the Co-operative Bank both raise mortgage rates again. The Co-operative Bank uniquely makes matching term deposit rate increases
20 Dec 16, 4:03pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday: ANZ raises mortgage & deposit rates, The Warehouse margins squeezed, 2 CEOs resign, Rakon gets cash injection
20 Dec 16, 1:17pm
CEO Bruce McLachlan leaving The Co-operative Bank for as yet unspecified 'leadership position with another New Zealand business'


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