Federated Farmers

13 Sep 18, 5:02pm
David Hargreaves thinks the struggling Fonterra dairy co-operative will need a close eye keeping on it as it endeavours to get its wobbly milk cart back on the trail
13 Sep 18, 9:13am
Fonterra holds milk price forecast at $6.75; forecasts earnings per share of 25c-35c this year; to review investments including Beingmate; full year loss of $196 million reported
5 Jun 18, 9:49am
Federated Farmers' member survey shows farmer satisfaction with banks holding at about 80% positive, but sharemilker satisfaction is down sharply
30 May 18, 8:58am
In a second open letter to the Minister of Agriculture, Keith Woodford highlights some ‘coalface’ issues that MPI is really struggling with, right now
28 May 18, 9:36pm
Keith Woodford says the Government is underestimating the animal and human welfare issues in its MPB plan, along with underestimating the complexity of the compensation claims
25 May 18, 4:52pm
Mycoplasma bovis: do we need to go so fast and should the North and South Islands be managed separately?
21 May 18, 11:47am
Finance Minister Grant Robertson is tasking Treasury and MPI with investigating establishing a fund to 'get ahead' of biosecurity threats
21 May 18, 8:49am
Keith Woodford explains how crucial decisions are pending re Mycoplasma bovis and Government must recognise its own limitations
13 May 18, 8:40pm
Keith Woodford explains why M. bovis eradication is no longer realistic and how industry now needs to take control from Government
18 Apr 18, 11:30am
A more activist approach to climate change drawing in agriculture will produce some winners in the sector, but as the only country proposing GHG liabilities for livestock, change is coming
11 Apr 18, 7:45pm
Lamb and mutton schedules hold as processors forced to use saleyards to get the volumes they need as farmers appear to value building flocks. Deer weaner sales positive
4 Apr 18, 9:10am
Unusually, farmers and meat processors doing well at the same time. Beef prices slip. Deer prices get boost from pet food market
22 Mar 18, 9:07am
Apart from beef, prices are holding up during time of usual softness. Public concerns rise over land erosion; action needed before regulators step in
16 Mar 18, 10:19am
Unusual seasonal factors keep animals on the farm, creating shortages and higher prices especially at saleyards. Wool gets another welcome lift
16 Mar 18, 10:04am
Dairy Report: Irrigation in the South Island insulated dairy farms from drought this year allowing maintained production. North Island makes a fast recovery
9 Mar 18, 8:30am
Dairy Report: Surprises in the detail of the last dairy auction. Fonterra head-scratcher. Scale of MPB challenge clearer. Competition hots up for sexed semen
1 Mar 18, 3:10pm
The legacy of the mycoplasma bovis outbreak may be upgraded on-farm bio-hazard risk prevention, the way herds are managed, and the way farm systems are structured
1 Mar 18, 9:39am
Good summer and autumn pasture growth brings higher facial eczema risks. Wool rises. Beef prices holding. Deer industry checking waterway impacts
21 Feb 18, 5:12pm
Disquiet over Fonterra's China policies, payables policy. Farmer confidence takes a hit as debt, regulatory uncertainty, and MPB concerns pile up. MPI risks $100 mln in taxpayer compensation
21 Feb 18, 10:19am
Red meat farmers may be telling Federated Farmers they are losing optimism but most of the market signals are impressively positive


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