20 Dec 17, 1:21pm
Housing Minister says 2500 Christchurch state houses due to be sold by mid next year will now be retained
19 Dec 17, 1:47pm
Housing Minister announces establishment of interim unit within MBIE to start work on 100,000 affordable homes programme
17 Dec 17, 6:02am
The misuse of NZ companies, Part III. Backdoor access via the UK - a classic cross jurisdictional regulatory arbitrage play
6 Dec 17, 1:45pm
Govt to further probe petrol prices and beef up Commerce Commission powers by enabling the consumer watchdog to undertake broad market studies
24 Nov 17, 5:02am
Returning to the basic concept of a company, collecting verified information, regulators focusing on policy effectiveness rather than box ticking & other ways to tackle the misuse of NZ companies
22 Nov 17, 5:32pm
Six years after then Commerce Minister Simon Power detailed extensive problems with NZ shell companies, the problem persists. So what can be done about this?
18 Nov 17, 7:08am
Although the surge in tourism has brought lower spenders, especially from China, visitors from the USA are opening their wallets wider. Top spending Germans cutting back a little
13 Nov 17, 1:27pm
Auckland University researchers say beams of timber stuck onto the backs of unreinforced masonry façades could be a cheap and simple way to stop them collapsing in an earthquake. Laura McQuillan investigates
11 Nov 17, 8:21am
NZ's 4 Australian owned banks dominate our banking industry and increased combined annual profit by $601 mln. Against this backdrop Gareth Vaughan outlines three steps to boost competition
7 Nov 17, 2:12pm
Westpac NZ 'not too fazed' by new government's desire to get Kiwibank up to speed to take government banking business off Westpac, CEO David McLean says
18 Oct 17, 7:25am
FMA fast-tracks access to robo-advice at a rate slower than expected; Prioritises greater oversight at the expense of more red tape
9 Oct 17, 12:06pm
New Zealand companies and NZ trust & company service provider embroiled in high level Slovakian financial scandal
7 Oct 17, 6:02am
Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean pushing for open banking in NZ as part of greater retail payments competition. Notes regulation limiting merchant fees, open access to bank data common overseas
22 Sep 17, 6:02am
The FMA issues warnings about NZ's troublesome Financial Service Providers Register in Chinese, Malay and Arabic & admits it's easier to get on it than be removed from it
18 Sep 17, 12:16pm
Ardern calls out National over Auckland fuel crisis, attacks govt for setting up working group to look at fuel security over action; Deputy PM Bennett notes pipeline not owned by govt; Damage done over "months or years"; 2012 report contained warnings
31 Aug 17, 11:57am
NZ financial service provider Worldclear and local banks caught up in the activities of curious Singapore company Summit International
11 Aug 17, 9:32am
Consumer credit contract providers celebrate successfully lobbying the Government to exempt them from new financial advice regulation 
8 Aug 17, 7:33am
Steadier path to later & higher Auckland house building peak could be better for first home buyers, construction industry and high school leavers looking to enter the trades, PM English says
7 Aug 17, 2:55pm
David Hargreaves says the Auckland housing market has gone cold at exactly the wrong time. And does the sudden focus by politicians on our largest city's infrastructure imply a sense of defeat on housing?
4 Aug 17, 5:02am
MBIE striving to diagnose whether a problem exists due to a lack of transparency on company and trust beneficial ownership


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