Morgan Foundation

15 Sep 17, 10:00am
Climate change advocate Paul Young on: Who broke the climate? Counting the cost of the weather, trying to balance the carbon emissions budget, why China is a big hope, NZ's inconvenient truth & more
31 May 17, 5:02am
Paul Young says higher carbon prices can make our tax system fairer and more progressive, while tackling the urgent crisis of climate change
5 Nov 16, 9:10am
The Morgan Foundation accuses the Government of choosing a process that will violate both the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement for how we meet our climate change commitments
4 Nov 16, 9:36am
High profile economist Gareth Morgan launching 'The Opportunities Party', says it's a rebellion against the politics of mediocrity & against the inertia of the established parties
29 Oct 16, 10:08am
Geoff Simmons says politicians need to face up to reality and discuss the future of our public pension systems
29 Oct 16, 9:18am
Geoff Simmons and Bernard Hickey review how interest rate targeting works and the options to change the current settings
22 Oct 16, 10:17am
Geoff Simmons investigates the claim that farm land prices could be cut by $40 bln as environmental limits bite
22 Oct 16, 10:02am
Gareth Morgan puts all the issues around inequality, housing and economic growth into perspective
15 Oct 16, 11:44am
Previous rough-as-guts interventions have undermined a now-serious need to expand forests to meet our emissions targets, says Geoff Simmons. The costs are now much higher
15 Oct 16, 9:51am
The Morgan Foundation's Jess Berentson-Shaw tackles the Minister of Corrections and Police's view that for every poor family that is stressed, there is public money available to assist them
15 Oct 16, 9:27am
Geoff Simmons and Bernard Hickey discuss the options New Zealand has in a zero interest rate world
8 Oct 16, 11:07am
Geoff Simmons notes that housing debt has hit record levels and yet policy ideas to prevent coming economic damage never deal with the tax loopholes that are driving the housing bubble
1 Oct 16, 9:17am
Geoff Simmons wants Auckland to just get on with the Unitary Plan, says there are no loss of 'rights' involved, the 'heritage' claims are a smokescreen, and the delays kneecap tomorrow's heritage
29 Sep 16, 8:26am
Geoff Simmons critiques Nigel Latta's view of what is wrong with our economy; claims Latta missed the biggest factor - the misdirection of capital into housing
18 Sep 16, 7:12am
The Morgan Foundation's Jess Berentson-Shaw looks in detail at the MBIE Child Poverty report to separate the trends and facts from the political claims made by others over it's data
10 Sep 16, 6:02am
Gareth Morgan looks at tax (again) and concludes we can’t get rich as a nation by selling houses and land to each other; we need to sell stuff to the world
3 Sep 16, 7:20am
Geoff Simmons outlines the options public policy officials have in tackling the speculative pressures building in Auckland's housing markets
13 Aug 16, 7:56am
Geoff Simmons says an FTT would leak like a sieve, penalise quite innocent and necessary trade, impede economic activity unnecessarily – all features of a bad tax
6 Aug 16, 10:50am
Gareth Morgan looks at how a proposed Comprehensive Capital Income Tax would affect individuals, and uses himself as one example
6 Aug 16, 9:24am
Gareth Morgan offers a way to afford NZ Super, a benefit that the Retirement Commissioner says won't be affordable in its current form in the future


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