17 Feb 19, 12:02am
TSB pledges to match any advertised one-year home loan lending rate from NZ's big four Australian owned banks
18 Dec 18, 8:40am
The bank that led fixed mortgage rates lower ends its 'specials', reverting some key rates back to 3.99%. Almost all banks have now raised fixed rates in the past month
17 Dec 18, 8:37am
The end of the road approaches for sub-4% home loan rates as another two banks withdraw, leaving just one challenger bank with such offers
6 Dec 18, 8:39am
The last of the main banks retreats from a sub-4% home loan offer rate, just as wholesale rates tumble on the darkening international mood. But two smaller rivals still offer sub-4%
15 Nov 18, 9:26am
History is made with the weighted average one year fixed mortgage rate falling below 4% for the first time ever, bumped lower by Thursday's cut by TSB
12 Nov 18, 9:05am
ANZ follows up its new lower one year rate with a $3000 cash back incentive, with conditions that include promising to stay with them for three years
10 Nov 18, 9:00am
New Zealand's largest home loan lender challenges its main rivals with a sub-4% one year fixed mortgage rate - just as wholesale swap rates turn up
5 Nov 18, 9:49am
Kiwibank is the next one to chop a key home loan rate, reducing its one year fixed rate to 4.05% as the main banks follow the challenger banks lower
3 Nov 18, 11:17am
Three cuts from a rising challenger bank tighten the rate competition for home loans. While none of these reductions are market-leading, they reinforce the downward trend in mortgage rate offers
5 Oct 18, 10:04am
More home loan rate trimming this time by ASB. Its new 18-month rate now has a notable advantage against its main rivals and matches ANZ's new 1-year rate
3 Oct 18, 8:40am
Both TSB and Westpac move some key home loan rates lower, with TSB's eighteen month fixed rate a notable lower level. All rate offers now tightly bunched
28 Sep 18, 10:52am
TSB moves to match rivals with two new fixed rate home loan specials. Bank rate pricing tactics getting assessed as home buying volumes stay in an unexceptional zone
14 Sep 18, 10:29am
Three more banks lower their home loan rates but only to levels in the middle of the pack - and one of them lowers term deposit rates as well
11 Sep 18, 6:39pm
TSB takes a sharp pencil to home loan rates three years and longer. ANZ reduces most of its rates, but none market leading
1 Sep 18, 9:32am
ANZ follows some of its main rivals lower with -10 to -20 bps cuts to seven specific terms, and a +5 bps rise for one term
31 Aug 18, 10:28am
Some banks are trimming term deposit rates, others offering attractive 'specials'. But the immediate trend is for lower rate offers, hurt by diving wholesale swap rates
20 Aug 18, 10:40am
Banks continue to trim mortgage interest rates following 'dovish' statements from the Reserve Bank
7 Aug 18, 2:31pm
New carded rate offers from HSBC set them 10 to 30 basis points below any other home loan rival, making HSBC an attractive and unique comparator
9 Jul 18, 5:31pm
TSB sets its fighting rate at 4.35% for eighteen months fixed, the lowest of any bank for this term except HSBC Premier
13 Apr 18, 9:18am
Both ASB and BNZ announce lower two year fixed home loan rates, although ASB does raise two shorter term rates


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