Adrian Orr

13 Mar 19, 4:27pm
Update from Stephen Sedgwick says Aussie banks weaning themselves off reliance on pay incentives linked to sales in retail banking
27 Feb 19, 4:07pm
Gareth Vaughan says NZ's 4 Aussie owned banks may have a hard row to hoe in getting the RBNZ's proposals for them to hold significantly more capital rolled back
20 Feb 19, 5:00am
RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr says delivering good customer outcomes and removing sales incentives shouldn't be rocket science for banks
18 Feb 19, 1:02pm
Governor Adrian Orr says the RBNZ's proposals to increase banks' capital come from the perspective of society's risk appetite, not banks' risk appetite
14 Feb 19, 1:49pm
Robertson defends the independence of the RBNZ as more details on the new committee he'll appoint to set the OCR are revealed
13 Feb 19, 5:29pm
Even though the RBNZ didn't announce any significant changes in monetary policy, currency and interest rate markets jumped. That says more about traders getting assumptions wrong than the RBNZ
13 Feb 19, 4:47pm
RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr says central bank has 'historically low level' of house price inflation projected; says investor perceptions 'are being tested at the moment'
13 Feb 19, 2:57pm
RBNZ: Monetary policy could be used to stimulate economy as proposed bank capital rules are bedded in, but economic effects of these rules should be minimal
13 Feb 19, 2:31pm
Live-streamed video from the February 2019 RBNZ Monetary Policy Statement press conference with Governor Adrian Orr
13 Feb 19, 2:08pm
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; No change to rates seen before 2021; Next move 'up or down'
12 Feb 19, 5:22pm
Proposed requirements for banks to hold more capital won't cause KiwiBuild catastrophe or economic slowdown, according to Twyford and Robertson
8 Feb 19, 11:17am
ASB CEO Vittoria Shortt says 'huge agenda' of potential regulatory change could lead to price changes for bank customers & credit rationing
7 Feb 19, 5:00am
The Reserve Bank's first major set piece of the year will be all-change as the central bank prepares for the imminent introduction of a formal committee-based interest rate setting structure
1 Feb 19, 7:57am
Climate Change Minister James Shaw says insurers are 'acting very responsibly' & working with the Govt on who pays for climate change
29 Jan 19, 1:00pm
RBNZ and FMA talk tough on poor conduct and culture of $2.57 billion life insurance sector, but avoid explicitly telling insurers to put an end to commission payments
22 Jan 19, 5:00am
Against the backdrop of the RBNZ's review of bank capital requirements, Gareth Vaughan explains how bank capital rules were liberalised for NZ's big 4 banks in 2008
16 Jan 19, 9:23am
Westpac economists challenge their ANZ counterparts, downplaying the effect higher proposed bank capital requirements will have on interest rates
14 Jan 19, 3:00pm
FMA's Simone Robbers and Harbour Asset Management's Christian Hawkesby shifting to RBNZ assistant governor roles
23 Dec 18, 7:02am
The 2018 Interesties featuring Adrian Orr, Jacinda Ardern, Nouriel Roubini, Donald Trump, Winston Peters, Simon Bridges, Co-op Money, Bitcoin, @TranslateRealDT, Boatman, KiwiBuild & more
17 Dec 18, 5:14pm
Gareth Vaughan details how the RBNZ's proposals for NZ banks to hold more capital are a victory for the smaller NZ owned banks over their much bigger Aussie owned rivals


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