21 Mar 19, 7:45am
Brad Olsen of Infometrics says it’s increasingly difficult to make heads or tails of Statistics NZ's new migration numbers, and even harder to trust them
17 Mar 19, 9:00am
Andrew Coleman on the effects of the world’s population-centre moving towards the Indian Ocean
25 Feb 19, 2:30pm
Amid ongoing debate about immigration, is it time New Zealanders took the debate broader and settled on a population policy?
1 Oct 18, 2:20pm
ANZ economists expect slower but still substantial population growth through migration, but say if there is a more rapid slowdown, economic growth could slow markedly
1 Sep 18, 10:41am
Our changing migration patterns: Net migration numbers are falling back from their recent highs but migration is still increasing in some areas and declining in others
22 Aug 18, 11:48am
Murray Grimwood, aka interest.co.nz commenter Power Down Kiwi, pleads with the NZ media to ask the big questions in a changing world with finite resources & a burgeoning population
14 Aug 18, 11:07am
New Zealand has added the equivalent of the population of the Waikato region since 2013 with net migration the main driver, Statistics NZ says
2 Aug 18, 2:39pm
David Hargreaves says while the figures show just a trickle of Kiwis now heading to Australia, history tells us the trickle tends to very quickly become a torrent
20 Jul 18, 11:43am
Lowest migration gain for month of June since 2014 as population loss to Australia starts to trickle up
11 Jun 18, 3:45pm
David Hargreaves says the country is in urgent need of a clear approach to its migration policy
30 Apr 18, 5:11pm
Treasury assumes annual net migration will fall from +68,000 in the year to March to +25,000 in the year ending June 2022 & assesses the implication for the economy
9 Feb 18, 10:02am
Siah Hwee Ang with the latest happenings across the Asia-Pacific, including the return of the TPP, One Belt, One Road, one court, Trump tariffs, fake goods, the US borrows from China and more  
6 Oct 17, 10:02am
Siah Hwee Ang with the latest happenings across the Asia-Pacific including a new couple, an old & odd couple, arbitration of the Belt and Road, the Kra Canal proposal, capping population & more 
14 Sep 17, 5:02am
David Chaston was in China recently and offers ten perspectives on a rising power that will increasingly dominate how we see our place in the world
25 Aug 17, 10:02am
Mieke Welvaert of Infometrics on the Top 10 things to know about migration
30 Jun 17, 10:02am
Siah Hwee Ang on China and the US addressing their beef, the growing global population, Asia's cost challenges, the return of the conglomerate, protectionism vs 'what's appropriate', Japan steps on to the Belt Road...gingerly, and more
4 May 17, 10:32am
Gareth Morgan on why we should vote for The Opportunities Party when he wants to get his policies implemented but doesn't want to join the parliamentary 'zoo' 
20 Feb 17, 9:35am
NZ Initiative’s Jason Krupp says low interest rates and high population growth are not to blame for spiralling house prices - try red tape
7 Feb 17, 9:13am
NZ Initiative’s Jason Krupp argues we need an apples-for-houses comparison on immigration
10 Jan 17, 2:23pm
David Chaston explores how migrants and older workers are keeping NZ Super sustainable


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