17 Mar 19, 9:00am
Andrew Coleman on the effects of the world’s population-centre moving towards the Indian Ocean
9 Mar 19, 10:18am
Andrew Coleman on how the Tax Working Group produced a report that anything but looks to 'The Future of Tax'
11 Feb 19, 1:54pm
David Hargreaves ponders the unanswerable question of how much money is desirable for a comfortable retirement
12 Dec 18, 12:52pm
Guardians of NZ Super's new chief investment officer is coming from the A$148 bln Future Fund in Australia
2 Nov 18, 10:00am
The top 10 trends TOP's Geoff Simmons sees driving change in the public sphere
17 Oct 18, 11:08am
David Hargreaves says the NZ Super Fund's warning that we must not 'lose our nerve' in the face of short-term investment losses needs to be taken to heart by a nation still struggling to understand risk, reward and diversification
13 Oct 18, 10:16am
The NZ Super Fund's Matt Whineray on explaining the difference between volatility and risk, the Fund's focus on equities & not being forced to sell
11 Oct 18, 10:52am
Guardians of NZ Super say 'from peak to trough' the Fund would lose over half its value in a global financial crisis - but they estimate the losses could be recouped within 20 months
26 Jul 18, 10:14am
Geoff Simmons separates the 'fake' reasons from the good reasons for talking about government debt
20 Jul 18, 10:00am
Liz Kendall and Miles Workman look at the Top 10 things keeping ANZ economists up at night, which include expensive houses, underwhelming productivity, the cost of an ageing population, anxious businesses and more
19 Jul 18, 8:41am
David Hargreaves says the problem of KiwiSaver funds being effectively under-invested needs fixing quickly
13 Jul 18, 8:46am
Some 10 years after the finance company sector meltdown New Zealanders are still displaying an alarming naivety in the world of investment, David Hargreaves says
7 Jul 18, 9:30am
Is it fair that if you keep working when you're over 65 your employer doesn't have to contribute to your KiwiSaver account? Martin Hawes thinks not and wants a law change
23 Jun 18, 9:11am
A fresh approach to personal savings is the only way to stop our slide into inequality and low productivity, argues Robert MacCulloch
7 Jun 18, 8:22am
Peter Dunne argues that the Government is not prepared to confront lessons from the past and says that the idealism - not the failure - of the 1970s Labour administration is what is being remembered
22 Feb 18, 10:15am
Guardians of NZ Super say the Fund stood at $37.9 bln as at December and has returned 10.5%, after costs, since its inception in 2003
15 Dec 17, 10:02am
Benje Patterson looks at 10 ways to kickstart your financial health
10 Dec 17, 6:31am
Terry Baucher with a parable about tax involving Metiria, Bill and Winston. Tax evasion, tax avoidance or just a simple mistake? 
30 Nov 17, 2:38pm
Australian government announces Royal Commission into alleged misconduct of financial services providers pledging 'it won't be a never-ending lawyers’ picnic'
28 Sep 17, 11:32am
NZ Super Fund returns 20.7% in June year after costs and before tax. Now sits at $35 bln having added $5 bln. Pays $920 mln in tax


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