5 Dec 18, 12:20pm
Mauldin Economics' Patrick Watson argues globalization is slowly reversing meaning politicians should try to minimize the pain instead of adding to it
23 Nov 18, 10:00am
Siah Hwee Ang with the latest happenings across the Asia-Pacific, including the new NAFTA, the CPTPP, getting back the basics, ASEAN on the rise, India's widening trade deficit, China wants more imports and more
14 Nov 18, 11:06am
Patrick Watson suggests future historians will say the 2008–2009 crisis marked 'peak globalization' and we're now heading down the other side of the mountain
31 Oct 18, 11:55am
Threshold met for first round of CPTPP tariff cuts to come into effect on December 30; Kiwifruit, beef and wine producers to benefit the most
4 Oct 18, 4:00pm
Patrick Watson says businesses that depend on imports or exports can't plan ahead against the backdrop of a trade war which is why Trump's trade war won't work
21 Sep 18, 10:00am
Siah Hwee Ang looks at gains and losses from the China-US trade war, US wine hanging by a thread in China, India steps up to the plate, the end of 'made in China' & more
11 Aug 18, 9:34am
James McCormack thinks the US dispute with China will have to get worse before it can get any better
2 Aug 18, 12:31pm
While there may be bumps in the road at present, MFAT's key negotiator sees bright prospects for our primary products and the story they can tell. Non-tariff barriers are the greater threat, he says
2 Aug 18, 11:38am
Asad Jamal presents an alternative history that captures the long-term effects of American mercantilism
17 Jul 18, 9:13am
Guy Trafford sees MFAT's goals for a NZ-EU FTA coming with some tough consequences for local artisan producers and little chance of the EU giving up its subsidy advantages
14 Jul 18, 10:02am
Michael Pettis explains how tariffs work and their impacts. He shows what matters are the conditions under which such policies are made. The US cannot engage in beggar-thy-neighbour policies because it cannot run a trade surplus
11 Jul 18, 2:35pm
It has been three months since the Prime Minister wrote to US President Donald Trump asking for an exemption to new tariffs – so why has there been so little development?
3 Jul 18, 10:16am
Koichi Hamada defends economic openness, while calling for concerted action to address what is fueling opposition to it
3 Jul 18, 7:45am
Siah Hwee Ang says China has many cards up its sleeve with which to counter US trade moves
27 Jun 18, 9:38am
Columbia University's Shang-Jin Wei argues that US criticism of Chinese industrial policy is hypocritical and unfounded
27 Jun 18, 2:00am
Stephen Roach thinks current US trade, tax and spending policies constitute a classic case of imperial overreach
4 Jun 18, 1:14pm
Stephen Roach explains the political appeal of the Trump Administration's nonsensical approach to trade with China
29 May 18, 10:53am
China is handling US trade pressure better than Japan did in the 1980s. China’s response - increasing imports and accelerating domestic structural reforms - will support high-quality long-term growth
9 May 18, 8:34am
P.H. Yu argues that the survival of the existing international order depends on the West's willingness to reform it
4 May 18, 9:32am
Given free trade, migration & foreign direct investment promise far-reaching potential gains for all parties involved, Koichi Hamada asks will we allow ignorance & political opportunism to prevent us from realising them?


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