China delivers message to its diaspora in NZ: The Xinjiang 'deradicalization' programme has been a 'great success', Taiwanese independence attempts are 'doomed to fail', the US/Chinese trade agreement won't harm NZ/China trade relations

China delivers message to its diaspora in NZ: The Xinjiang 'deradicalization' programme has been a 'great success', Taiwanese independence attempts are 'doomed to fail', the US/Chinese trade agreement won't harm NZ/China trade relations
Part of the 'Human rights in Xinjiang - development and progress' display.

The Chinese government has used lunar new year celebrations to remind the Chinese community in New Zealand of the “great success” of its “counter-terrorism and deradicalization” programme in Xinjiang.

The Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand, Wu Xi, told the mostly Chinese audience gathered at a reception at Te Papa on Tuesday, “The rights and interests of minority ethnic groups, women, children, seniors and the disabled have all become better protected…

“Not a single terrorist attack has occurred over the past three years.”

The Chinese government has been accused of detaining and essentially attempting to brainwash millions of Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region.

The Chinese embassy, which hosted the event, lined a large section of the Te Papa function room walls with a “picture exhibition” entitled, “Human rights in Xinjiang - development and progress”.

The exhibition included photos and accompanying blurbs of people “carrying out sports activities in modern residential communities in Xinjiang” and “students of the Xinjiang Islamic Institute” studying the Koran.

It also included photos of “model individuals” being commended for “ethnic unity and progress”.

Different story at Auckland event attended by more NZ politicians 

The exhibition wasn’t displayed at Chinese lunar new year celebrations in Auckland last weekend, where Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges and Auckland Mayor Phil Goff were among the politicians in attendance and engaged in photo opportunities.

Wu Xi didn’t mention China’s “deradicalization” programme in her speech delivered at the Auckland event, according to a copy of the speech published on the embassy’s website. Nor did she touch on thorny issues like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Huawei in Auckland as she did in Wellington.

The Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio was the only politician at the Wellington event. Bridges and Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters were among those invited, but were out of town, so couldn’t attend. asked both Peters and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade whether they were aware the Wellington event would include the controversial human rights exhibition. Both said no.

In her speech in Wellington, Wu Xi, went on to say: “The Chinese government is committed to peaceful reunification and "one country, two systems".

“No matter how the situation in Taiwan may evolve, the Chinese government will stay committed to the one-China principle and stand firmly opposed to “Taiwan Independence”, “two Chinas” or “one China, one Taiwan”.

“We will absolutely not tolerate any form of “Taiwan Independence”. Any attempts of “Taiwan Independence” are doomed to fail.

“Our model in Hong Kong and Macao has proven that "one country, two systems" is the best institutional arrangement for maintaining long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macao, the best solution for dealing with the legacy and questions of history, and the best system for achieving the reunification of China.”

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, who opposes closer ties with China, recently won a second term in an election dominated by the island's relationship with China. Tsai received more than 57% of the vote, a record 8.2 million votes, well ahead of rival Han Kuo-yu.

US/China trade agreement won’t negatively affect NZ exporters

Wu Xi also talked up trade opportunities between China and its “New Zealand friends”.

“As China becomes more closely integrated with the rest of the world, we remain a golden opportunity for investors around the world,” she said.

“Recently, China and the United States signed a ‘phase one’ economic and trade agreement. It is in everyone’s interest to stop the trade war.

“Curbing the escalation of the trade war will stabilize the expectations of the international market, which is in the interests of China, the United States and the whole world.

“I reassure my New Zealand friends that the agreement will not bring about negative impacts on other trading partners of China. Our enormous domestic market welcomes foreign enterprises.

“The bilateral relationship between China and New Zealand was successful in the past year. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made her first official visit to China. Our leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

“We have concluded negotiations to upgrade our bilateral FTA. We are now exploring exciting opportunities for cooperation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

“Our two-way trade has exceeded NZ$30 billion. New Zealand companies secured big contracts at the 2nd China International Import Expo and as a result, they will export more to China.

“The 2019 “China-New Zealand Year of Tourism” successfully expanded bilateral tourism cooperation, as well as people to people exchanges…

“Also notable was our cooperation in international and regional organisations. Both China and New Zealand uphold the world trading system. We remain firmly committed to working together on climate change…

“China and New Zealand have jointly created so many historic firsts in our bilateral relationship. Looking back, none of these firsts involved easy decisions…   

“We shall carry on this legacy to tap the great potential of our relationship, to enhance mutual understanding and trust, and to handle issues where we have different views with respect and equality.

“I am confident by working together we will maintain our ties as a "front-runner" in relations between China and developed countries.”

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Thank God we are a democracy where we can say whatever we like. Screw you China. When is a NZ government going to stand up to them. Ooohh we're so scared they won't buy our stuff, wailing and gnashing of teeth. NZ has two main industries - agriculture and tourism - we can sell these anywhere in the world, we don't need the Chinese, time to wake up to their domineering behaviours. National pride is healthy, nationalist pride is not.

well said.

Unfortunately, we have all our economic eggs in one basket - China

You are so brainwashed by main stream western media.

If you dare to screw China, all Chinese will screw you back.

By the way, happy Chinese new year which is 25 Jan and it will be the year of Rat.


"If you dare to screw China, all Chinese will screw you back."

To be fair that is pretty laughable. Historically China hasn't really screwed anyone other than their own people.

They screwed America in Korea and Vietnam. I personally think it would be extremely dangerous to write them off.

To be fair, both were proxies rather than open confrontation between USA and China.

Re: Korea. I wouldn't say they really screwed anyone in Korea other than the poor North Koreans. The US back South is a highly successful and prosperous nation.

I believe China has the intent, commitment, and individual manpower to undertake various schemes. But lack the quality (Workmanship/Materials/Technology/R&D) to execute them successfully. Most of their "Cutting edge" hardware/software are inferior copies of those from other nations.

Re: Vietnam. Vietnam & China have never historically been allies. Vietnam relied more on Soviet assistance more than anything from China during the war

Xingmowang has the unfortunate gift of making China sound like a racially-based nationalist state. A master race currently acquiring lebensraum?

What history, never been living the whole of your life say in ASEAN countries? African etc.? - Check how they screwed/consumed everything.. everything is manipulated by using money.. mostly entering the base of? land/RE.. then to everywhere, lastly try to influence govt. via military coup/sponsor.. mostly failed though, but nice try.. The 350millions of super Chinese Richest? indeed screwing the rest of their 1.3billions, you're correct on that.. produce $ for the Chinese upper society but those super richest? floating around the world to squeeze each country RE invasion, the only thing they can't enter for each of those countries are the host Nation military/police recruitment systems. Politics/party? easy, look at Nat Co.


Screw you X

How many orphanages have been opened in New Zealand during the last century? Compare with ""The regional government had evidently begun to prepare for the planned separation of parents and children at the start of 2017, when it budgeted to build or expand at least 45 orphanages, referred to as children’s ‘welfare centres’ or ‘protection centres.’ All would be located in Khotän, Kashgar, Aqsu and Qizilsu, southern prefectures that would experience internment on the largest scale (Wang and Kang 2018). The government claims that children of detained parents are warmly cared for at special ‘schools’ (Hoshur 2019). ""

Year of the Rat.....GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND from the Rat.

When somebody treats you badly, it's a clear reflection of who they are, not you.
The same is said for Mob Regimes.

You're clearly been mistreated by Chinese Landlords, not much different from rest of us ;-), BUT what you do not realised is that half of NZ voters already been bought/own/voted for the rodent creature you've mentioned, you can easily spotted which party it is, from their stance careful wording on defending NZ slavery with them, no matter which points of topic you want to discuss. Power do corrupt, because it can always be bought.

How do Chinese name their babies?
They throw a pot around the room and whatever sound it makes that's the new baby's name.

Haha.... Worshiping Rats.. No wonder.

now now


Luckily we invite all Rats to come and live among us and celebrate with us the purchasing of our Lands, Minds and Bodies.

I think X marks the spot. Are you from the Media or from the China Cabinet per se.

Please supply True Name and address and Job Description and are you a "Permanent Resident", or just a co-respondent.

Does the Chinese New Year signify a Change, or is it just a rinse and repeat of the same old, same old.

Yours Truly, The Long Suffering..President Xi. Lawd of all I survey.

Really are you sure, actions speak louder than words: Three Chinese warships make surprise entrance into Sydney | Nine News Australia

"If you dare to screw China, all Chinese will screw you back."

Would you include Chinese New Zealanders in that statement?

don't count me in


Brainwashing can work wonders.
As far as Taiwan goes, those are seriously threatening words, and not ones that we would have heard before China basically gained control of the world's economy and armed themselves to the teeth.
I would like us to turn our backs on them completely, they are becoming very scary. Kowtowing to them will get nobody anywhere.

Interestingly you used one of the few Chinese words used in the English Language.

Kowtow - to be overly subservient .

And another one which I think is equally appropriate is:

gung-ho - unthinkingly enthusiastic and eager, especially about taking part in fighting or warfare.


Bridges/ Parker both singing in tune with China.
Who to vote for?

I almost disrespect Parker more, because his party at least alludes to human rights as being a central concern.

Well done NZ for letting the truth be spoken out in such a place with national significance!

China's success in dealing with national terrorism originated from extreme religious thoughts supported by external imperialism separation force ought to become the role model for other country with similar problems now and in the future.

Well done China!


China is determined to have an empire - Xinjiang, Tibet, HK, Taiwan - and maintaining an empire always requires morally terrible actions, like imprisoning innocent people in Xinjiang and kidnapping booksellers.
That's why European countries gave theirs up eventually. Pride in the size of your empire is not worth the cost to your conscience. Maybe China will realise this eventually.

I seriously doubt that was the reason for the fall of our empires. More like cost vs reward.


Gobbels would have employed you for sure.


xingmowang, do you never stop to ask yourself why there is not a single nation or self-governing state on earth that has any wish to live under the CCP's system? Not one. Taiwan and Hong Kong - being closest to the CCP's purview - least of all. Or, another question, if the system is so great, why the migration, why the shifting of wealth out of the country? The fact is, the CCP's China is a model of human disgrace. We have had others - Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany. And now the CCP's China. Shame on Te Papa for hosting such tyrannical propaganda.

Easy to say that workingman, but when the time to acknowledge where the money come from? on the recent RE surges 2010-now, do you think any single Nat co. party member, media owned by Chinese (eg. NZHerald), individual broadcaster (eg. M/Hosking) dare to open comment as such? - Off course they/we are all knew about it - BUT just shuush, please when your rotten garage shed had already been bought 2x 3x 4x the original price.

Did someone switch on the CCP Parody Bot's bad taste algorithm?

I am calling complete and utter bullsh*t on that, no way would there be that many people with terrorist intents. They have just been and had their religion beaten out of them, and this is coming from an atheist.
As for Taiwan and even Hong Kong maybe, they don't want your totalitarian rubbish, so leave them alone to self determine as they have every RIGHT to you!
Lord Haw Haw you are

So xingmowang do you think it's ok for China to continue to sell the body organs of those so called religious people? Harvesting them whist they are still alive and sell them to the West? That appears to be still going on! That's barbaric!!! How can you justify that? Everyone knows about it here in the Western society.
Article The Guardian: China is harvesting organs from detainees, tribunal concludes

Well done NZ for supporting the freedom of expression which doesn't exist in the People's Republic, even when such expression is not aligned with the common values of Aotearoa.

Not so well done for China tho. The Party has misjudged ethnic Chinese's refusal to bend to authoritarianism in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. If they think they can convince ethnic Chinese living in NZ to accept it by doing this, they are making a big mistake again. Sure someone like X will bend, but the majority will tell the Party to fk off.

Good to hear mate.

Yes! This is the most positive thing I have read in weeks.


China is little more than a veiled modern Nazi Germany.

Rule by Propaganda & fear

Wrong sorry, the young nats and alt right are the nazis and need to go to re-education camps seeing as they probably never even went to school.


Mediocre troll.

The young nats are just budding communists though. I imagine Bridges probably hosts seminars at young Nat meetings where he teaches 'how to tutorials' for sucking up to the CCP. See his recent China trip where he did an excellent job of expressing his support and own commitment for the CCP.

Tell that to recent Nat Co. supporters urgent visit to their master (JK & Simon) - no it's not visiting Putin, Trump, Boris etc. - google it.


Tragic and how can we let this occur in our
Free speech?

The cost of speech is rising almost as fast as house prices


... I thought it was very sad when the Dalai Lama visited NZ and then PM Jolly Kid refused to meet him ..

An opportunity to show the PRC that we are a sovereign nation , and that we can meet and greet whomever we wish ....

And the Dalai Lama is awesome

The Dalai Lama is awesome, pray for his long life.

C K Stead has called Te Papa NZ's version of Disney Land.

Te Papa is the model of progressivism, extolling the virtues of benevolent communism while denouncing the degenerate behavior of dirty dairy farmers.


Mediocre troll.

Progressing off a cliff

“Our model in Hong Kong and Macao has proven that "one country, two systems" is the best institutional arrangement for maintaining long-term prosperity and stability

Quite incredible that this has been said without ironic intent. Hong Kong is a poster child for the failure of this policy, and the very reason Taiwan's residents have rejected the possible rule of old men in Beijing in their recent election.

Recent development: Courageous Hong Kong police pepper spray a blind lawyer.

The CCP's conduct in Xinjiang:

Here is my LOL


Oh dear! Oh nickers in big knot.

The so-called rehabilitation centres in the Xinjiang region for the Uyghur Muslims to change the culture of these people are detention camps.
Why not introduce rehabilitation centres in NZ to change the culture of the mainland Chenise who are in NZ. maybe we can change their culture so they stop spitting, chew with their mouth closed, don't talk with mouth full of food, don't cheat in exams etc, etc.

Do you think China (Chenise Communist Party) would be happy with this approach?
Xingmowang...tell truth about China. I too know China!

Nope. you are not.

Watch this ( to see why education centres were built.

Either you live here in which case eff off back home if your homeland is superior.
Or else you are in China, still eff of because how NZ governs is it's own business.

I have a funny feeling he’s a NZ resident in Weily.

A National party member by chance??

Perhaps a donor / list seat holder?

The ambassador's bag boy?

Wait until you study more, further to understand that China is for Chinese, Chinese/NZ Nat Co. is for China - kind of hard to resist the power of money. Specially when you have less need for it, but being made to depend on it.

Other truth that Chinese CCP party are afraid of? - when most/all Nations on the planet, apart from them decided not to buy anymore from them.


Was there any reporting on China climate change actions? Can't see any.

The contrast here is James Shaw & Co slamming Australia, while saying nothing to China.

Nothing to China, a china building a massive number of coal powered power plants quick as.
Chinense New Year would have been a fantastic opportunity, fantastic platform for Shaw & Co.

Why is he dog hard on Australia and kitty soft on China? China climate.
Remembering he has China Fentanyl, FG body parts, HK and detention camps to discuss too.

Stop Press.
Shaw & Co have much advocacy and works to do in China to make the Chinense population eat less meat and dairy, especially teaching the children of china to eat less meat and dairy, restrict kids diets.

Shaw & co. Was a Chinese vege shop in Wellington many moons ago

Lets face reality......China,Russia and on a smaller scale,Iran can go anywhere,do anything they want.
Nobody will stop them or can stop them.


I for one welcome our new Capitalist with Chinese Characteristics overlords. I'd like to remind them that, as an aged but still nominally functioning supplicant, I can be helpful in rounding up other apostates, to toil in their underground re-education camps university campuses.

And of course it won't be reported to be a one celebration, two [different] speeches in China.


Thank God NZ doesn't have big immigration of people from China or an ex spy in one of the major parties and another MP with pro CCP links in the other main party. We are very lucky.


China is something else. The attempted brainwashing and manipulation of the entire Mongol people, establishment a massive surveillance state, filtering (attempted) of all the internet traffic, sophisticated state funded hacker work force, currency manipulation, mass production of meth for export, compromising sovereignty of smaller nations via debt/investment masquerade, construction of atoll based military bases in contested South China Seas while ignoring UN based protests, being OK with organ harvesting on a religious minority, constant global bullying of anyone raising independence of Taiwan, bullying people over freedom of speech statements (e.g. NBA and Hong Kong), "taking over" Tibet, and an economy with one of its foundations being IP theft. I'm sure there is more it you actually dig a little bit vs just reading headlines over the last five years.

Are we really sure we want them having a larger say in NZ via mass immigration and land ownership/control....?

Edit. This is more a reflection of their Government. A lot of the Chinese kiwis I have met are really nice, cool, hardworking people.

Not "the entire Mongol people". Quite a few live in Russia and Mongolia.


I think everyone should read Dr Anne Marie Brady's above paper on China's intentions and strategy. Very purposeful and very scary.

Should be Dame Anne??

Did they provide details of the US lending that was used to build the "ovens" for their concentration camps? It isn't brainwashing, it's genocide.


This is a good example of the demonstration of the soft-power.

The party's propaganda machine takes advantage of the freedom of speech offered by this society. NZ does not criminalise any type of speech, although society has a strong moral compass to discourage certain types. Most western countries are like NZ. It is not much of a problem if China is like NZ where people can form civil groups freely and openly express their thoughts on almost everything including challenging the elected government. But we all know it is not a case, people can get jailed because they said something "bad" about the government on Twitter. Wanting to form a political party even it is to support the party? You are dreaming.

It is just a matter of time western countries coming down to address such calculated despicable move. Unfortunately, it may come with a cost of limiting the degree of freedom of speech. I bet the same propaganda machine will have another spin when it happens, and tell people how fake western freedom of speech and democracy is. The bottom line is they don't like the idea of allowing the citizens to have a constitutional democracy and will do anything to jeopardise it.

PM's name is Kow, Deputy PM Tow.

Where's the John Key 'HAVE SOME GUTS!' attitude from our politicians right now? I'm not a fan of the man, but at least he got fired up and showed some emotion rather than the typical dreary "I'm not agreeing that everything's a bit tragic right now but *insert false promise here* is in the fundamental steps of delivering change"
Where's the support for Taiwan? For Hong Kong? For Vietnam? Should the opinion of a few be tolerated with a 'thank you for visiting' and the feelings of thousands be ignored? We stood up to the US once and told them to keep their ships out of our waters. Sure, there were hurt feelings but did the world end? I have such little respect for the leaders of our country, and people wonder why youth don't vote.

It didn't take guts to fly soldiers into Afghanistan. Someone else's kids. No money at stake.
JK would never stand up to China, who prop up our economy (and buy, for example, Remuera mansions).


At the rate our politicians are selling out, I wouldn't mind seeing US ships on our shores

.. if the Tugger had some guts himself he'd have met the Dalai Lama when he was in Wellytin , NZ ...

Eh...John Key dragged his feet on anti-money laundering legislation effectively allowing inflows of funny money to buy up land and power in NZ. And allowed Jian Yang in his party. He has not helped NZ in being able to stand up to China.

the Chinese government are covering up how bad the outbreak is and this could lead to a lot of consquences for other countries.
North korea has already closed its border, how long before other countries do the same and will it lead to retaliation by the Chinese and maybe even being a pessimistic here a lot of countries tipped into recession

China Silences Critics Over Deadly Virus Outbreak
Beijing has responded faster to the new threat than it did with SARS, but it still silences and punishes those who veer from the official line, with potentially damaging consequences

Beijing has responded faster to the new threat than it did with SARS, but it still silences and punishes those who veer from the official line, with potentially damaging consequences

All nations act to silence inconvenient truths - I am still reeling in response to this outrage conducted by our allies.

The Huanan Seafood market in Wuhan in China is under investigation with officials believing the coronavirus originated from a wild animal that was sold at the venue.

So far the highly-contagious virus has killed 17 people and infected hundreds around Asia.

According to the South China Morning Post, the market's advertising board had live foxes, crocodiles, wolf puppies, salamanders, snakes, rats, peacocks, porcupines and koalas.

Praise the Revolution, feed the people(coronaviruses)


Hmm. Given that Te Papa is ultimately under the remit of the Minister of Arts, Culture And Heritage I thinking I'll make a pretty pointed complaint to the minister's office. That's Jacinda Ardern. Our PM is answerable for allowing fascist sentiment within a public, taxpayer funded space.


Good point.I would do the same, but am a bit tired of contacting MPs and getting lame, 'nothing' responses.
And double standards. JA shows outrage around things like far-right speakers etc.
It's time we stood up to China, some things matter a bit more than GDP growth.

Good time to "ahem" China with the UK looking for new friends again as a major potential export market.

We can't read PMs mind, but this looks poor. Poor because management of relations and relationships.
Overlooking massive China people problems. Treatment of people.
While at the same time the COL slagging off elected Governments of USA, Australia and Great Britain (anti Boris anti brexit).
The repair bill will be massive!

Jacinda and co need to remember who our real mates are....


We ought to send Jacinda there in full costume to show empathy.

Simon's pulled strings to get it there. We have him on video going Hail CCP


The Chinese embassy, which hosted the event, lined a large section of the Te Papa function room walls with a “picture exhibition” entitled, “Human rights in Xinjiang - development and progress”.
Why was this allowed??
Do the Derg (CCP) have some strange power over Comrade Ardern???

I wonder if NZ could post an "exhibition" in Tiananmen Square with the names of the 120,000,000 dead at Mao's hands, complete with tank videos, proclaiming "success"(of a kind)..


The Chinese government has been accused of detaining and essentially attempting to brainwash millions of Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region.

Now they are trying to brainwash millions in NZ; starting with the Beehive??or has it already happened??

While the worlds media suffers Trump derangement syndrome we won’t hear much about the atrocities happening in other countries.

It’s the perfect time for corrupt countries to do their worst while the western world snowflakes are getting hurty feelings about Trump.

Trump is just as bad, and I will tell you for why, action against China and climate change as well requires for the rest of the world to act in some sort of concert, Trump's isolation of the US could well be disastrous for both, he is still the dangerous, narcissistic man-child he ever was.

PocketA. USA carbon emissions have been going down under Trump.
Trump signed up for the trees.

What type of concert action against China are you thinking of please be specific. Thanks.

I think you'll find that you're wrong about that Henry. The Trump administration is running in the opposite direction, advancing policies that would increase emissions, including freezing fuel economy standards for cars and trucks, rolling back the Clean Power Plan which limits emissions for existing power plants, and relaxing carbon dioxide emissions restrictions on new coal power plants. The Interior Department is still advancing fossil fuel extraction, including drilling in the Arctic.


The Te Papa exhibition says more about JA & Co than it does about China. We already knew China was corrupt. Now we know that CoL is too. Why are we so weak?

There has been awesome comments about China bad conduct. someone should bring this to attention of politicians. there is ground-swell developing to boycott Chinese goods. to fight back!

Yes Miss.
Worth remembering that many Chinese detest their government.

Considering the amount of mainland Chinese that decided the only way they'd get a true vote is to vote with their feet. And take as much as possible of their assets with them.

I like nationalism, and i like the principle of democratic self-determination.

I think people should have a right to determine their own destiny.

I don't think that nationhood is something that should be imposed on people without their consent.

Abandonment of the principles of democratic self-determination demonstrates little more than the hegemonist wrong thinking.

Easy to say this & that, but how could you resist the $ pour in to almost 100% of Nat Co.? - which in turn trickling down into simple biggest assets for most Nat voters.. RE - You hardly find a single Nat Co. or they supporters, ally parties that willing to give critics to it's master from the Mainland. Hence? more and more they've imported voters from there, now the basis is around half of the voters, rarely any Nat voters that gained a phantom valuation on their RE willing to say the opposite. Check those original Kiwi shed owners, that received huge amount of $, when the mainland Chinese buyers bid of each others.. in competition to launder their money. It doesn't happened in 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 2Ks, madness started 2010-now. Plenty distorted arguments about GFC1, Chch earthquake etc. - the truth? look where Nat Co. upper echelon pay a visit to re-assure it's master. When you deal with China worldwide the outcome is always the same... slow, stealth RE invasion ownership...drugged the Nations with $ and real drugs, provide benefit for a few local political echelon in every Nations - then everything else.. have to be for China or Chinese consumer.