20 Oct 17, 10:10am
Prime Minister's Scholarship recipient Lena Hesselgrave on digital payments in Asia, investing in the ‘New China’ and why night markets are the future of eating out
20 Oct 17, 7:36am
US jobless claims drop; China growth on target; Hong Kong stocks tumble; Spain imposes grip on Catalonia; AU jobless rate falls unexpectedly; UST 10yr yield at 2.33%; oil and gold little changed; NZ$1 = 70.2 US¢, TWI-5 = 72.8
19 Oct 17, 11:42am
Despite little change in prices, Indian demand is rising again, China demand stays high, and freight rates are up. The lower NZD has improved returns especially from Australia
19 Oct 17, 7:26am
Fed Beige Book positive; Trump reveals Fed shortlist; US homebuilding sags; Rio Tinto charged with fraud; Canada factory output jumps; OECD warns on pensions; UST 10yr yield at 2.34%; oil and gold unchanged; NZ$1 = 71.5 US¢, TWI-5 = 74.2
18 Oct 17, 7:34am
Dairy prices slip -1%; Dow hits 23,000; US factory output recovers; Canada tightens mortgage rules; China ODI slumps -42%; S&P pans 'baby steps'; UST 10yr yield at 2.30%; oil slips, gold slumps; NZ$1 = 71.7 US¢, TWI-5 = 74.4
17 Oct 17, 7:39am
US factories rise; BEPS gets supercharged; regional tensions fester; China inflation quandary; Singapore home sales fall; Vend wins in AU; UST 10yr yield at 2.30%; oil and gold up; NZ$1 = 71.8 US¢, TWI-5 = 74.4
16 Oct 17, 11:18am
David Chaston with 10 more things you need to know about developments around and involving China
16 Oct 17, 8:26am
Roger J Kerr says local US dollar exporting companies have been actively positioning their hedge books ahead of the decision on a new government
16 Oct 17, 7:21am
Yellen says Fed on track; US inflation tame; PBoC claims control; US retail sales strong, confidence surges; Aussie double-dipping; UST 10yr yield at 2.28%; oil and gold up; NZ$1 = 71.8 US¢, TWI-5 = 74.3
14 Oct 17, 7:55am
China's massive international infrastructure project will benefit the world much like the post-WWII Marshal Plan did for Europe, says Shang-Jin Wei. And the costs are not high for China, although the returns might be
14 Oct 17, 7:24am
The ANZ's not wanting to answer questions about its now protracted sales process for UDC Finance - but it will have to soon
13 Oct 17, 7:38am
EU factory output up strongly; US QE wind-down 'going well'; US PPI up; Fed warns on China debt; China car sales strong, services deficit jumps; UST 10yr yield at 2.33%; oil down, gold up; NZ$1 = 71.3 US¢, TWI-5 = 73.9
12 Oct 17, 8:13am
Westpac admits to trialling deposit machines at centre of CBA scandal; Fed minutes reveal inflation uncertainty; Euro spikes as Catalonia holds off independence declaration; UST 10yr yield at 2.34%; oil stable, gold down; NZ$1 = 70.8 US¢, TWI-5 = 73.4
11 Oct 17, 7:28am
NZ Govt decision delayed; IMF upgrades China, downgrades US; US business loan growth slowing fast; Japan metals scandal; Catalan blinks; UST 10yr yield at 2.34%; oil and gold up; NZ$1 = 70.8 US¢, TWI-5 = 73.4
10 Oct 17, 11:29am
David Hargreaves suggests the Australian masters of the ANZ may not have done the venerable New Zealand finance company UDC any favours by snatching at the highest price available for selling it
10 Oct 17, 7:33am
IMF sees growth spurt; China services sag badly; China fx reserves hold US$3 tln level; German factories buzzing; Thaler wins economics Nobel; UST 10yr yield at 2.36%; oil unchanged, gold up; NZ$1 = 70.7 US¢, TWI-5 = 73.6
9 Oct 17, 9:38am
Roger J Kerr says the Kiwi dollar could go up or down depending on the composition of the future government
9 Oct 17, 7:31am
US payrolls fall, but wages rise strongly; Deutsche Bank CEO snubs HNA; Aussie analysts can't find China effect in house prices; Catalonia crisis intensifies; UST 10yr yield at 2.36%; oil drops, gold unchanged; NZ$1 = 70.9 US¢, TWI-5 = 73.9
6 Oct 17, 10:02am
Siah Hwee Ang with the latest happenings across the Asia-Pacific including a new couple, an old & odd couple, arbitration of the Belt and Road, the Kra Canal proposal, capping population & more 
6 Oct 17, 7:36am
Air travel grows strongly; US targets payday lending; US and Canadian trade deficits grow; "Prepare for hard Brexit"; Aussies on diet in August; UST 10yr yield at 2.35%; oil up, gold unchanged; NZ$1 = 71.2 US¢, TWI-5 = 74.2


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