19 Feb 18, 9:26am
Roger J Kerr says world markets are now clearly focusing on the long term economic determinants of the US dollar's value
15 Feb 18, 12:53pm
Here's a look at which financial services jobs are most likely to be replaced by sophisticated algorithms & light's shed on banks' role in China's shadow banking system
14 Feb 18, 2:27pm
Average log prices remain well above 3yr average with firm demand from China and is likely to improve, variable demand from India where improvement will come later in 2018
14 Feb 18, 12:27pm
With higher living standards, Chinese citizens will demand far more personal freedom and political accountability. The most fundamental challenge for Beijing is to govern while excluding electoral democracy
12 Feb 18, 10:58am
With Russia showing the way on how cyber tactics and subterfuge can upend democracies, China will surely be taking pages from the Kremlin's playbook says Kent Harrington
12 Feb 18, 8:13am
Roger J Kerr sees external factors turning against the New Zealand dollar
9 Feb 18, 10:02am
Siah Hwee Ang with the latest happenings across the Asia-Pacific, including the return of the TPP, One Belt, One Road, one court, Trump tariffs, fake goods, the US borrows from China and more  
5 Feb 18, 12:47pm
Roger J Kerr says the fresh global market 'risk-off' sentiment is negative for the New Zealand currency
4 Feb 18, 6:53am
ANZ Group's chief economist Richard Yetsenga argues technology's at least as big for the global economy as the epoch of China but the impacts are probably broader
30 Jan 18, 10:52am
Roger J Kerr says the weight of probability favours the NZ dollar retreating to the US71c to US72c range
25 Jan 18, 8:44am
Fonterra needs to give a fulsome explanation in its forthcoming interim results of just what is happening with its teetering investment in China's Beingmate
22 Jan 18, 4:29pm
Siah Hwee Ang says despite huge growth in Foreign Direct Investment in China, the statistics on FDI into China have not grown as fast as would be expected of a country that is continually rolling out the red carpet
22 Jan 18, 2:56pm
Fonterra says its Beingmate associate may lose over NZ$200 million for 2017; directors questioning Beingmate's financial management and reporting; Fonterra will 'consider financial implications' in its own forthcoming interim result
22 Jan 18, 12:18pm
Brad Potter of Nikko AM shares recollections of a recent trip to China and takes a close look at the country's efforts on pollution and the property bubble
22 Jan 18, 11:05am
Roger J Kerr questions the global sell-off of the American currency
19 Jan 18, 10:02am
Gareth Vaughan on the essence of a bubble, AI that's smarter than humans, a vile & racist man, trying to follow real estate money from China, the world's first narco-state & more
17 Jan 18, 4:18pm
David Hargreaves argues that after the fiasco of the failed sale of UDC to HNA the ANZ may be keen to now quickly offload its Kiwi finance company; Heartland Bank is still interested
17 Jan 18, 9:52am
Jacob Shapiro on the coming conflict between China and Japan, Persia rises, oil’s glass ceiling, shuffling deck chairs on Europe & NAFTA’s resilience
17 Jan 18, 9:37am
Fonterra partners with Alibaba's Hema Fresh to launch fresh milk product in China utilising the power of mobile data
15 Jan 18, 2:47pm
Siah Hwee Ang says while New Zealand is on summer break China has been churning out 2018 resolutions


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