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Survey suggests 18% of New Zealanders may have changed travel plans due to coronavirus and 69% are worried it will hit the economy over the next 6 to 12 months

Survey suggests 18% of New Zealanders may have changed travel plans due to coronavirus and 69% are worried it will hit the economy over the next 6 to 12 months

Against the backdrop of the New Zealand share market falling heavily on Friday, a survey suggests nearly one in five New Zealanders have cancelled or changed travel plans because of the coronavirus outbreak and the Government says NZ has five confirmed coronavirus cases for a sixth consecutive day.

At the time of writing the NZX 5O index is down almost 8% off the back of big drops in international markets overnight. The Ministry of Health says for the sixth consecutive day, there are "no additional confirmed or probable cases" of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in New Zealand.

"Our case numbers remain unchanged. New Zealand has five confirmed cases based on positive test results and two probable cases. The two patients who had been in hospital – one confirmed case and one probable case, have both been discharged home and are recovering at home with daily checks by health staff," the Ministry of Health says.

Meanwhile a survey of 858 people between March 6 and 11 by online research agency Opinion Compare, the research arm of NZ Compare, shows 73% of New Zealanders don’t think coronavirus has affected them personally. However 69% are worried it’s going to affect the status of the economy in the next 6 to 12 months. Opinion Compare also says 18% of those surveyed have cancelled or changed travel plans.

Among those who do feel personally affected by coronavirus, they are most fearful of passing it onto their elderly relatives or their children, how it will affect themselves, or family members with autoimmune disease, having to cancel travel plans, and job losses or being unable to work because of the virus.

"Despite worries about the economy and the fears of those affected, the majority of respondents haven’t changed or delayed any major life decisions like buying a house or car, changing job, or investing in property or shares. However, 18% have cancelled or changed their travel plans," Opinion Compare says.

"Over half (53%) believe the Government is accurately reporting the severity of Coronavirus. Interestingly, only 10% have taken to stockpiling essentials and 85% believe the media has contributed to the hysteria around stockpiling."

And 60% feel the business they work for or own has been affected by Coronavirus, while 20% see supply chain issues, and 13% say wellbeing of staff is down.

"Interestingly there are a few businesses that say they are busier than ever due to their competitors having stock issues. Planning for Coronavirus seems to be taking up a lot of staff time for many and those who work in education seem most affected with students not coming from overseas."

"Procedures and special measures that have been taken on by businesses are reminders about general OH&S/hygiene policies with hand sanitisers readily available in all businesses. Some businesses are also getting ready for more staff to potentially work from home by providing laptops or remote access etc. Businesses have also cancelled international travel for staff and non-essential domestic travel," says Opinion Compare.

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video conferencing is now replacing face to face meetings meaning less uber rides, less flights and less "refreshments" and if this becomes the norm over the next 6 months it may be hard for businesses to justify reverting to these unnecessary expenses...

good for the environment but at a cost to all those other businesses and ultimately jobs

Oh no. Think of the GDP.

There are some benefits to all the Shutdowns....

China and others smog count down and no fly zones around the world and the work from home brigade means that we have got the pollution levels down, without a fight.

If we can keep this up and stop producing endless rubbish and tat and live a simple life, reduce the Working Week and keep all Politician, Business Meetings, Church Services etc... from travelling to and Polluting the World at our expense, we can save a bob or two, save production of tat, save a Pollie and a Banker from meeting and put all our New Money into Hospitals, Water Works, Bike Tracks and other simple means of Transporting ourselves from A to B and sail happily around on our Wooden Ships, fishing for Plastic Bags and other pollutants. Plus stop milking and polluting the planet, till the cows come home...and put water on our cereal, for a start. I ain't a vegetarian, but I could be.

The New World Order may never allow this, as they like a good fight, a Fantastically Expensive Army, Navy and Air-force, Governments to argue the Points... at your expense, but we could live quite sensibly, no fighting, no killings, no carnage, until...Death us Do Part.


Looking on the bright side it's time to get that veggie patch going in the garden. Here's a planting calendar for NZ.

Put in a few raised veggie gardens when we bought our place, thanks for the calendar we were just kinda sucking it and seeing how things grow.

I'm sure you'll get pleasing results, it's hard to go wrong with our climate. The tricky bit is the ground preparation and keeping the slugs and snails at bay. I did find the "No Dig" gardening approach a lot easier and it's worth looking at Charles Dowding's online advice for useful tips. :)
Link to his free online advice:

Travelling at the moment. Enjoying the less crowded airports and on disembarking to not be jostled by the usual suspects in their urgent haste to be the person who waits the longest at the baggage carousel.


so we've conducted less than 400 tests... that's some alarming numbers to be honest...

That's 80 tests per million.

Guessing are still not testing for community outbreak, only where contact with confirmed people or travel is involved?

correct, you are just guessing.
They are also testing where serious respiratory conditions consistent with coronavirus are present in someone with no known travel/infection vector.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up.

I see that Jacinda is considering OVER THE WEEKEND closing the borders to people from Europe.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Shut them RIGHT NOW (and from AUSTRALIA). If WE REMAIN VIRUS-DEATH-FREE we can parlay that information to the world to enhance NZ's status as a very healthy country indeed, and hopely expand our trade and generally dine out on this fact. If we even have but one death the reverse will happen.

The ball is in your court JACINDA. ACT RIGHT NOW!!!!

So you want to brag to the world about NZ being a "very healthy country indeed" and at the same time tell them "get lost you're not welcome here". Great plan


Sounds like a great plan to me.

Yvil: Biologists tell us that of all the species that have ever existed on this earth, 99.9% are extinct.
They also tell us that "WOKES" are the next in line.

Have a good day (while it lasts).

So how many people have died from Covid 19 so far in NZ?

Here are the number of deaths in NZ per month per category:
Cancer 801
Smoking 417
Diabetes 67
Suicide 56
Road toll 29

Sorry mate, but thats a pretty ignorant comment. None of those death rates are viruses. Viruses spread exponentially.

Here is a video to get you up to speed on how a virus & particularly this virus is different to the road toll & diabetes.

So how many deaths in NZ from Covid19?

0.So far. How many deaths from those other things when ICUs become overwhelmed with Covid19? It's not just going to effect those who get sick with it directly, it will lower the ability for hospitals to respond to all medical issues, virus-related or not.

An epidemic will cut the road toll but increase the death toll from those needing medical treatment: cancer, smoking and diabetes. There will also be many more deaths from those who are ill but cannot find a hospital bed and a doctor (I'm thinking of my daughters infection a week after giving birth and my admittance years ago for stratospheric blood pressure)

There is no doubt that we will be hit very hard by the virus as our foolish government is asleep at the wheel. Preferring to react after the event as opposed to proactively and preventing disaster. Read Zuru's manger's comments .
Looks like we are headed to a Italy style disaster or worse, because arguably they have better hospitals. Our hospitals are chronically overloaded and there already people dying because they cannot get timely treatment, eg the Otago/Southland cancer problems. I pity the poor nurses. From what I saw on TV the other night all that they are being provided with is a glorified paper apron and a perspex face shield and gloves. In China and the countries that are making a good fist of dealing with it they have fully sealed overalls, positive pressure filtered air breathing face masks and gloves etc. Even with this the Chinese medical staff were badly effected. Ours don't stand a chance so our understaffed medical people will be in even shorter supply. The incompetence goes on and on and it is depressing to dwell on it.
You have to ask yourself, if as is almost certain, I will catch the virus, when would it be best to do so? Not too early as they will not be up to speed. Not too late, as the system will not be resourced to treat you. One thing I do know is that if and when I do catch it and recover, I will be volunteering to help in any way possible, as then I will have natural immunity. I will also be going out of my way to donate blood for the antibody rich plasma for treating patients.
If the government has any sense they will be planning how they can set up hospitals and treatment stations that are staffed with Medical people after they have recovered. Actually provided that they are only mildly effected, they could work while they are infectious. It would need a dedicated transport system so that staff could travel to work without contacting the general public.

If the govt had any sense it would start paying medical staff a danger money bonus. Every NZ Doctor and nurse is english speaking and therefore in great demand in countries with high pay rates. Neither myself, nor any family member nor any friend is employed by the NZ health service. But if our doctors earn more than top officials at Auckland Transport and Auckland Transport and our cabinet ministers I really don't care.

Yvil. Nice numbers.
Terrible comparison.
Question. Why is Italian health system imploding.

You're a big know it all aye. Let's see what happens to your 2 star Timaru motel when things really blow up, it'll be 2 for 2 when it comes to failing businesses wont it?

Nasty comment, what's bugging you so much? It seems you get irritated when other people are doing well… What is the first business that you insinuate "blew up" I wonder?


If the definition of doing well is owning a couple of properties and a Timaru motel that's hilarious

"general OH&S/hygiene policies with hand sanitisers readily available in all businesses"
Nice idea and I guess that somebody in Wellington gets to tick a box issuing that statement, but where can you buy hand sanitiser? Practically speaking, meaningless advise like most of the other hot air wafting out of Wellington.

Just in from Canada I wonder if Justin has it as well.

Man the lack of knowledge on this is simply appalling. Dont get excited about no new reported cases in 6 days get excited after 27 days because thats how long it takes to be 99% sure there are no other infections. Case case cluster cluster boom thats how this thing works its very very slow to start and then it overwhelms your hospital system in a matter of weeks. The instant you get another case then you reset the 27 day clock. So far containing this has been impossible in every country that gets it without the strictest lock down very early.

We should do Business As Usual, if we stop our plan.. means terrorist won, don't let them beat us, they just want to terror us into fear. Don't let them to get into our nerve ! - NOT much different to this Covid19 bug. Keep calm and carry on, if we stop the gatherings, music concerts, stop the borders etc - then this bug will win! - we should never cave in to scaremongering, fearsome pressure, world gossip about this. This is Not Us!, we are better than this. They are among us, They are us, we live with them - embrace them, bring on hand sanitiser.

The virus does not give a shit about meaningless political statements or pithy do-nothing sloganeering. Crowds will make it easier to spread in the community. There's no amount of platitudes that mitigate the fundamentals of virus transmission.