16 Jan 19, 11:43am
Surprising analysts, December retail sales end 2018 on a very weak note, even after removing the impact of falling petrol prices
15 Jan 19, 11:05am
Business sentiment and demand pick up from low levels in December quarter, according to the NZIER; Weak profitability remains a problem
10 Jan 19, 11:28am
ANZ's Truckometer indexes are now clearly flashing warning lights about a slower growth path for the New Zealand economy
3 Jan 19, 9:46am
Yu Yongding argues that the Chinese government should pursue monetary and fiscal expansion to stabilise GDP growth and prevent the current slowdown from being excessively sharp
2 Jan 19, 7:31am
Koichi Hamada says that by ignoring trade history, and the fundamentals of game theory, the US President is driving 'trade diversion', all to the detriment of the United States
21 Dec 18, 3:52pm
Why critics of Grant Robertson's fiscal responsibility should remember the alternative is even more prudence
21 Dec 18, 9:24am
GCSB says it has established links between the Chinese Ministry of State Security and a global campaign of cyber-enabled commercial intellectual property theft
20 Dec 18, 3:45pm
Slower than expected GDP growth, major bank capital changes, and a gloomy global outlook prompt ANZ economists to jump off the fence and forecast 3 OCR cuts by 2020
20 Dec 18, 11:11am
Economic growth slows more than expected; GDP growth falls to 0.3% in the September quarter, while annual growth falls to 3.0%
19 Dec 18, 12:03pm
Govt announces min. wage increase of $1.20 an hour to take effect on April 1; Indicates further $1.20 and $1.10 hikes in 2020 and 2021; Bridges says National would increase the min. wage by 50c a year
18 Dec 18, 4:58pm
Business confidence picks up to highest level since April according to ANZ survey; Tight credit conditions seen to be the loosest they've been in more than two years
18 Dec 18, 9:48am
Migrants hoped to better plug regional and sector skills shortages under proposed changes to employer-assisted temporary work visas
17 Dec 18, 6:00pm
KPMG's annual FIPS for the non-banking sector reports that a number of participants in its survey have noted 'quite an impact' from the new lay-buy schemes; questions over non-regulation of such schemes
15 Dec 18, 10:31am
As algorithmic decision-making spreads across more policy areas, it is exposing social and economic inequities that were long hidden behind "official" data. Diana Coyle wants to use a new bias in favour of 'a more just society'
12 Dec 18, 12:52pm
Guardians of NZ Super's new chief investment officer is coming from the A$148 bln Future Fund in Australia
12 Dec 18, 7:52am
Capacity constraints, prudence and wellbeing set to feature in the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update and Budget Policy Statement on Thursday
10 Dec 18, 2:42pm
Falling manufacturing sales prompt BNZ to lower expectations of next week's GDP figures, while economists say economic growth figures could fall short of the Reserve Bank's expectations
10 Dec 18, 1:25pm
Small businesses lacking bargaining power front of mind for Government as it consults on strengthening protections against unfair commercial practices
7 Dec 18, 12:12pm
CEO David Cunningham says The Co-operative Bank is working on alternative incentive options for staff after FMA told banks 'thou shalt not have sales incentives'
7 Dec 18, 12:07pm
Aussie Royal Commission tipped to recommend remuneration overhaul as FMA gives views on how banks should pay mobile mortgage mangers & mortgage brokers in NZ


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