Covid update: The three new community cases are all linked to the Mount Roskill evangelical fellowship; two patients in ICU

Covid update: The three new community cases are all linked to the Mount Roskill evangelical fellowship; two patients in ICU

There are three new Covid-19 cases in the community, with all of them linked to the Mount Roskill evangelical fellowship 'mini cluster'.

Also, there were two new imported cases, bringing the total to five for Wednesday.

Two patients (one in Middlemore, one in Waikato) are in ICU, while there are five other people in hospital on wards.

The Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said the three community cases had already been identified as close contacts and so had been in self isolation.

The two imported cases, both at Rydges in Rotorua, were a woman in her 30s from Dubai and a child from Uzbekistan. Both cases were detected through a day three test.

Bloomfield said eight people, all community cases, had recovered, which meant there were now 129 active cases; 94 of these from in the community and 35 imported cases.

The total of confirmed cases for New Zealand is 1406.

There were 10,934 tests processed on Tuesday, bringing the total to 777,560.

Bloomfield said the source of the latest outbreak was still not known and he conceded it was possible it never would be, but he said officials were at the moment still "intent on finding" the source.

He said the Ministry had conducted "a rapid internal review" to understand how an incorrect message regarding Covid-19 testing was disseminated over the weekend, and to take steps to ensure this does not happen again.

"We have found that material developed was clinically accurate and signed out by subject matter experts, but an error was made as that information was converted into messaging for the public.

"It was not signed out by a senior responsible offer as a final step, which should have happened.

"We have put in place processes to prevent this happening again.

"We know this caused confusion and anxiety for people in Auckland and apologise for that. We also thank Aucklanders for their efforts during level 3, particularly around testing."

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Here is the problem.
And goes to the fact that Auckland has failed to get to Level2.

Health Minister Chris Hipkins says he is not comfortable with Aucklanders travelling to conferences in Queenstown and has called on the city's residents to "do the right thing".
It comes after the Otago Daily Times revealed a conference held in Queenstown which includes Aucklanders as guests — is going ahead despite calls from the Prime Minister for travelling Aucklanders to avoid mass gatherings.

The conference is within the rules, but has prompted concerns from a prominent epidemiologist.

Part time minister of health & PM need to say their because.

# terrible communications

i see three problems
one: they have no idea how the outbreak happened and what hole to plug
two: they are trying to stay positive and make the population feel more comfortable to keep the economy going
three: they have in depth details or where the new cases are and dates, are they already in isolation at home? is eveyone they have contacted and told to stay home for 14 days doing so, we know last time no and the cops did not check. they did share some of this today first time i can remember them saying those that tested positive were already isolating
so by coming out with those comments shows me they are still nervous they have not ring fenced this outbreak yet and they opened earlier to get the economy going.
to me this shows they have been to slow with bluetooth tracking and mask wearing otherwise we could be up and running with more confidence

What happens in the next few weeks could be make or break for the government and their handling of this. Whether they get back in IMO, is largely hinged on them eliminating the virus, and that it doesn't spread throughout NZ.

The economic tail of the PM direction is now being scoped.

NZ facing worst downturn in 160 years: central bank

One of the toughest COVID-19 lockdowns in the world will cost the New Zealand economy dearly and test the strength of its financial system.

And of course only New Zealand is adversely financially affected. Sheesh. Australia now in the midst of worst recession since the Great Depression.
There isn't really a way around this, it might as well be without the bloody virus.
There are troubling times ahead, none of it down to our particular government.

NZ is playing Russian Roulette with the number of positive cases arriving from the Sub-Continent

they need to slow down the flights from india and spread them apart and be very careful with them when they arrive, they are up to 80k of cases a day, more than any other country including the USA
and it blows apart nationals theory about making sure people have a negative test before getting on the plane

They also need to reduce the number per plane down to 30 per plane. Australia are apparently requiring this.

Yes NZ is playing Russian Roulette. The safe thing to do would to do what Australia are doing, and reducing incoming people right down. NZ is limiting incoming travellers, but not to the same degree. Per capital , the number returning to NZ is multitudes higher. In Oz, they only allow 30 people per plane trip too.
Also we need to require all travelers take a test before boarding the plane, and ideally they should also self isolate 14 days prior to the trip, and certainly not travel sick. We could fine any airline that brigs in a Covid infected person, and that may make them take more responsibility, rather than put the responsibility on the NZ public for each new incoming positive covid case, which as additional costs for tax payers

I think most airlines are not allowing sick people aboard.
We are being used as an escape hatch, I think, now, by people who got permanent residencies and to a lesser degree citizenships like confetti then swanned off to other parts of the world. I suspect if and when this is over they will be off again.

Well admitting they may go to Level 1 while there are still cases in AKL is basically admitting there is little chance of elimination now.

I recall the DG saying that level 1 won't likely occur. It will be more of a level 1.5. Level 1 leaves NZ very vulnerable and prone to level 3 and 4 lockdowns, if there is another hole at the border. We were caught with our pants down, especially around hardly any testing being down. That should be kept up to about 10000 a day from now on.